Daddy is Watching Me! Part 2


Characters: Jenny, a teenage girl (18), Tom, her step-father, and Karen her mother. This is FICTION, that is to say NOT TRUE, it is meant to entertain, excite and titillate. All the characters and events are fictional. Nor dose it indicate interest or support for incest. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME TO YOUR YAHOO MESSENGER, BEFORE INTRODUCING YOURSELF, I. E. Let me know who you are, and why, I will refuse any add invite, and repeated ones will go on ignore. Don’t just assume that I have all day to chat to you.
Things had been very uncomfortable for days; there was an atmosphere in the house, a tension between Jenny and Tom. Karen hadn’t been able to pin it down to a particular reason, but something was wrong. She had married Tom four years ago, after having dated him for 2 years, and in all that time Jenny and Tom got on like a house on fire. But for the last two weeks, things had changed. Tom seemed to be avoiding Jenny and he seemed unable to remain in Jenny’s presence whenever she was in the room. As Karen finished the last touches before leaving for work, she decided that tonight, she would sit down and talk to Tom, and if necessary drag it out of him. Jenny usually went out on Friday nights, and Tom had the day off, she’d soften him up with a few glasses of wine over dinner. Then perhaps she could get to the bottom of things.


Done, she told herself, just check the time, 7:45, I’d better get a move on. Karen left the bathroom, as she reached the top of stairs, she glanced at Jenny’s door, it was open, and she could clearly see Jenny, asleep on her bed. For a moment she almost went to pull the door too, but she didn’t have time. Karen went down the stairs and into the Kitchen, where Tom was sitting reading the paper over a cup of tea. “Right must dash, I’ll see you tonight, and I’ll pick a bottle of wine on the way home. ” “Ok babe, shall I do some lamb cutlets tonight?” He stood up and kissed Karen on the cheek. “Hmmm, yes that’ll be nice, ok, better go, don’t let Jenny sleep late, she’s got college. ” “Ok, see you at 6ish. ” As Karen walked towards the door, she turned “I’ll try and get away early tonight, ring you to let you know if I can. ” She blew him a kiss as she closed the door behind herself.
Jenny heard the door shut, and opened her eyes, and listened. She could hear the faint sounds of movement downstairs. After a few minutes she pushed the bed covers off her body and lay there. It had been a frustrating few weeks since that night, a mix of anticipation and disappointed, mixed together with desperate longing and haunting guilt. Since that night she had left her bedroom door open, and each night lay there waiting, until she had to start masturbating.

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   One night in desperation she used the handle of a hair brush to fuck herself, imagining that he was there, watching, as she pumped the handle of the hair brush into her cunt. But he hadn’t returned, and when ever she was around, he’d make excuses to leave the room. Mum had noticed something was wrong, and that was the other big fear, and where most of the guilt came from. What would happen if mum found out?
Just then, she heard the sound of her step-father coming up the stairs. She adjusted her position and moved her legs and pretended to be asleep. She listened as he ascended the stairs. She shivered with excitement; she felt a tingling begin between her legs, as he reached the top of the stairs. Jenny knew that from there he would be able to clearly see her. He would see her, her skimpy t-shirt rucked up around her waist, see clearly that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Yes she thought, he’s stopped, she knew he was standing there looking at her, she clearly heard the sharp intake of breath. She heard him move towards the door, and then pause. She wanted to move her hand, to touch herself, but she didn’t want to scare him off, so she pretended to be asleep. Suddenly she heard the door closed and then a second later, she heard Tom walk to the bathroom. She almost cried out loud with frustration and disappointment. For a moment she considered having a play to work the frustration off, but no, her need had made both reckless and desperate.

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Tom had to get out of the house until Jenny had gone to college, but it wasn’t enough, and he knew it. Ever since that night, that terrible yet wonderful night, he had fought hard to put it from his mind. Now, having just seen it again, that sweet juicy pussy, all his lust and hidden desires had came flooding back. Until that night when he watched and then masturbated over Jenny, he had been able to suppress and divert his desire for his step-daughter. Knowing that she had her own hidden desires didn’t make it any easier or lessen the guilt. He was sure she was awake, just then, that she was teasing him, inviting him in, the little minx. For a moment he had almost given in, it would have been so easy, instead of pulling the door too and closing it, to have step into her room, stood over her again. He wanted her, he wanted to taste that sweet cunt, to drive his cock in, and to show her what happens to teasing sluts. Anger and lust welled up instead of him; his was cock hard and painful.
But he loved his wife, they had a great sex life, they played games a lot and even a bit of swinging. Karen was bi, and they often invite a girl home to play when Jenny out or staying over. But he knew it could not last, Karen had noticed things were awkward between Jenny and him. She would start asking questions and it would come out and that would be the end of it. Just then he heard Jenny’s bedroom door open. From where he as sitting he couldn’t see her, but he heard her soft foot steps coming down the hallway.

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   He held is breath, and then let it out again as he heard her go into the bathroom. He listened to the sound of the shower being turned on, and realised that the bath room door hadn’t been closed.
He knew he should have waited, he should have closed his bedroom door, and waited, it was what he’d intend to do. But when he reached the door, he could see the open bathroom door, and few more inches meant that he could see the mirror, and although it was steamed up, he could see Jenny’s reflection. She hadn’t pulled the shower curtain across. He could not stop himself, he step forward and looked into the bathroom.
She stood under the shower, soaping her slim, teen body, her back to him. If she had been facing he probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to stand there. But he did and when she glanced around and noticed that Tom was standing there watching, he couldn’t make himself move. She smiled at him and continued to wash soap off her body. She slowly turned, lifting her face up into the water. Jenny wanted him to touch her, to fuck her, she willed him to come and drag her out of the shower, to throw her to the floor and rape her. When she opened her eyes he was gone, again she felt both disappointed and frustrated. Perhaps she should find another man, somebody she could work out her desires on, but would it be the same?
When she came down stairs, she found the house empty, Tom had gone out. She been particularly daring in her dress, and was disappointed that he wasn’t there to see her.

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   She had put on a short pleated denim skirt, ankle socks, ankle boots, and a white vest top. She loved the way the top hugged her curves and showed her nipples clearly. Even though her breasts were not big, she knew they were well shaped and she loved the way guys looked at them. Fuck, she thought as pulled on her jacket; she was going to have to wank in the toilets when she got into to college, she couldn’t wait until she got to her friends afterwards.
When Karen had telephoned home she was surprised to hear no answer. Perhaps Tom had popped out for something. She tried his mobile, and was puzzled to find it was turned off. Odd she thought. Things where even stranger when she arrived home, the house was empty, no body was there. She knew Jenny was staying over, but Tom should be here, they were having a night in, and she loved the way he cooked lamb cutlets. As she put the wine into the fridge, she turned and noticed the envelope, on the worktop, propped up against the kettle. When she picked it up she could see her name on it, in Tom’s hand writing. Her blood ran cold. She stood there unable to open it, frozen in time.
Eventually she had opened and read it, and even in her wildest thoughts she had not anticipated what it contained.

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   He’d left her, left her because of his dark desires, left because he was afraid he could not longer hold them back, and so he’d taken himself away from temptation. She read it several times at first unbelieving, denying what her eyes were reading. She paced up and down, shocked and unfeeling at first, and then a flood gates burst, a whole multitude of emotions flooded through her, anger, both at Tom, anger at Jenny, at one point she was calling her own daughter a slut whore out loud. Then sadness, worry, what was Tom going to do, he sounded so desperate and sad, would he harm himself, oh God it’s all my fault! She broke down then and cried for what seemed like ages. Later, after the wine, after quite a few vodkas, she lay in bed thinking. Had she seen this, but ignored it? She thought about Jenny, she was quite a looker, and yes, now that she thought about it, she didn’t exactly dress down, in fact she dressed very sexily, so it was no wonder that Tom was attracted to her.
She needed to the use the bathroom. When she had finished she paused and looked at Jenny bedroom door. She walked down the hallway and knocked on it. Why she did so she couldn’t say, habit she supposed, because she knew Jenny was out. She pushed the door open, and walked in, turning the lights on. She stood there for a few minutes looking at the unmade bed. Things began to come back, like the bedroom door being open this morning, in fact now that she thought about it, hadn’t it been open every morning. She sat down on Jenny’s bed and the more she thought about it, the more she remembered. Last Saturday, when Jenny was lying on her front watching the telly, Tom had just left the room, and she’d look in and thought wasn’t that cute, just like she use to when she was a child.

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   But now she thought about it, the skirt had been short, and Tom, from the armchair would have had a good view. What had he been thinking, as he sat there. To Karen’s surprise she realised this was quite close to things she had thought about and fantasised herself. God, I’m getting turned on by this. Just then Karen noticed a book, one of those thick note books with the lock, on the bed open. It was Jenny’s diary.
Later, after Karen had read it, and read it again, had reached for her vibrator and read it again, she’d thought about how she was going to handle the situation and made her plans. In the morning she tried Tom’s mobile, it was on, but he didn’t answer, so she left a voice message, and for good measure, she text him, telling him to come home. Then she got dressed and went shopping.
Part 3 to follow soon, well actually when I get around to writing it….
Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it.
If you would like to read Part 1 or my other stories, you can find them on my home page: http://www. asstr. org/~shyblueeyes1968/
Here you will find my stories and my about me page that tell you all about me.
For all the sad loners who message me expecting me to be a lady, sorry guys, but I am Male.

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Please remember this is FICTION, not real, it dose not signify support, interest in or condone any real acts. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME TO YOUR YAHOO MESSENGER, BEFORE INTRODUCING YOURSELF, I. E. Let me know who you are, and why, I will refuse any add invite, and repeated ones will go on ignore. Don’t just assume that I have all day to chat to you. I get a lot of people messaging me, and I simply don’t have the time to chat to everybody, and in particular men. However if you are female I would love to hear from you. eMAIL: shyblueeyes1968@yahoo. co. uk Yahoo Messenger: shyblueeyes1968 If messaging me please let me know Sex and Age, please if you under the age 18, do not message me. Do not just add me, because I will probably reject it as spam.



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