Daddy Is The Only One For Me - 2


After my 17th birthday, our lives had changed dramatically. I had committed myself in love and body to the only man I’ll ever love - my dad. We changed our names and moved abroad to escape the confines of society, but i think the biggest change was the news that i was pregnant.

Dad and i had filled our days with each others company and ALOT of fucking. It seemed as if the only times we were apart were if we were in the toilet or having a bath/shower, but recently the lonely baths have become less and less frequent.

I made the decision not to finish college or go to university. I wanted my life to be about dad. I missed my period in the February but thought nothing of it due to my age. When it came to the beginning of April though, i was getting worried.

When the doctor said the fateful words 'Mrs Draconi, congratulations! You're pregnant!' i felt as if everything had caved in inside of me. I thought that 'how could i possibly have a baby?' 'What would people say?' but then i remembered, we were Mr and Mrs Draconi, newlyweds from the UK. No one would suspect at all.

I took this news and ran. I knew Dad would be so happy when i told him, but i also thought to make the announcement more of a 'reward' for 'extremely appreciated hard work'. I never got oral from my dad. It was always me blowing him and then a good fuck possibly with anal after.

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   So I decided I was going to get him to go down on me.

We always prepared dinner if either of us were out and today was no different. Dad and i talked about random stuff and mid conversation i lifted my foot to his crotch and began massaging him with my toes. He immediately stiffened and his breathing changed rapidly. He spluttered some noises and cleared his throat, forgetting what he was saying.

'I have some news' i said, still massaging his crotch through his trousers, 'but i think it'll be fun if you, let's say, 'work' to find it out'. Dad grinned and said 'anything you want, baby'.

We left the dinner on the table and went up to the bedroom. Our bed overlooks what seems to be the whole of Italy. The lights on an evening are so beautiful. Dad and i rarely leave the bedroom most nights.

I laid out on the bed and Dad climbed up to kiss me. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies. We both moaned slightly, showing the increase in lust we were both feeling. Dad went to massage my breasts but i stopped him, they had become really sensitive in the last few weeks and of course not wanting to lactate everywhere just yet.

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   That would've been a sure give away. He seemed puzzled but moved up to kiss me again. I said no. ‘Suck me daddy! Go down to my sweet baby pussy and suck me till I cum!’ Dad’s face was a little startled but it soon grew into a mischievous grin.

'STOP!' i said. He jumped. 'Daddies shouldn't go down there! But the more I think about it, Daddy, i am such a naughty naughty baby, I’m sure I’ll need a spanking for leading you on, won't i?' Dad kissed my navel and pulled me over his lap. 'You're a naughty daughter, you know? How can daddy resist such a radiant and beautiful body?' One strike. Two strikes. Three strikes and he stopped when my buttocks began to redden. Meanwhile, my pussy was on fire! I could feel myself beginning to drip.

I wanted him to just turn me over and give me a good fucking but that would be too easy. 'Daddy? Does your dick need sucking?' i asked. Without giving him a chance to answer i went down and put the tip of his cock in my mouth and began to suck lightly. He immediately shivered with pleasure.

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   'Well if you want anymore, you'll have to do me first' i said cheekily. He didn't seem as impressed by that because i know how much he loves his cock sucked but i cannot possibly count how many blows he has had in the last week let alone the time we've spent here. So I’m sure i can let this one ride, the prize at the end will be worth so much more.

Dad spread my legs and breathed in my scent. He liked to savour this moment before going down on me. His tongue slid into my pussy and trailed its way up to my clit where he flicked it. With my developing sensitivity i nearly hit the roof. His soft tongue lapped at my juices and slid ever so slowly into my pussy. I then wanted more.

I pushed my pussy further into his face so he could go faster and harder. Daddy knew this from experience and pushed harder. He moved up to my clit and sucked. This sent me over the edge. Waves of pleasure coursed through me fast. My pussy spasmed and mashed against my father’s face.

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   He stayed there licking up my cum.

‘That was a little fast, wasn’t it? You’re not usually that quick’ he said. ‘I know, Daddy. Look I have something to say, the news I was talking about. I’m pregnant, Daddy! I’m already 2. 5 months gone. We’re going to have a baby!’ Tears welled up in my father’s eyes. I had not seen Dad cry since my mother left when I was younger, so I knew he truly felt emotional about it. But I could tell it was in a good way.

‘This is one of the best days of my life, honey. The others was the day when your mother said she was having you and when you were born, honey lamb. ’I smiled. ‘Do you think the little one would like a visit from their father?’ ‘I’m sure, plus I can see you’re nursing one raging hard on down there! Sorry I just wanted to try you going down on me for a change. ’ ‘That’s ok, we’ll be doing it more and more when the baby’s due because we can’t fuck normally, you know. ’ My smile grew even bigger.

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Daddy moved down my body and kissed my stomach. He then moved up and kissed me again, more passionately this time, I could tell. He took hold of his hard on and guided it into my slit. The fire in my pussy returned. ‘Go harder, Daddy! If we only have little precious time to fuck like this then fuck me Daddy, FUCK ME TILL I CUM ALL OVER YOUR SWEET SWEET COCK!’

He needed no more encouragement. It felt as if Dad had started taking steroids. He immediately plunged into me. I was so wet from the oral before, his 9 inches slid in easily. He bottomed out and hit my cervix. I screamed in pain. He apologised realising that now I was suffering with sky high sensitivity. ‘Fuck me hard Daddy but not that far!’ I joked. He laughed. He thrusted slowly, not wanting to hurt me again, but his confidence soon grew and we were back in a heavy rhythm. I felt his cock swell.

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   ‘Oh Daddy! You gonna cum in my sweet sweet pussy for me? Yeah ooh yeah! Cum in me Daddy! Cum in me and say hello to our baby’

Dad let go. He groaned and pushed harder into me. I felt shots of warmth appear in my pussy. Oh how I love that feeling of a man cumming in me. That is why we never use condoms or anything. We both love the feel of each other and of course we’re not worried about babies. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner!