Daddy Is That You?


At age 47 and with dark hair and brown eyes a flat stomach I think I’m fairly good looking, clean-shaven wise smart I work hard I am a damned good catch. Even my wife thinks so, well she had better I am the only husband she’s got. I’d come across all kinds of porn some where harsh enough to turn my stomach and some, well to put it bluntly some actually made me so hard, that I would grab my wife who was sometimes in the middle of dinner and take out my fantasy on her the parts unknown being that while I held her up against the counter top she had no idea I was imaging her as my fourteen year old daughter or the fourteen year old daughter of my neighbors, or as a little girl at all. That part wasn’t quite as fun, even though it was rare that I had the chance to do this being kids where in and out of the house all the time, I really wished sometimes it wasn’t my wife who had my cock ramming into her from behind but my daughter, this is the story of how an old mans dream came true. It was the summer of ’84 we just moved into our first house the kids where still little and easily excitable needless to say it didn’t take long before they ran off to meet the neighborhood brood and left us with the packing. Fortunately we had some friendly neighbors who not only stopped by to give us warm welcomes but also to help us get settled bringing by food and warm welcomes. It was then that I saw her, she couldn’t have been more then fifteen or so but she was gorgeous with long black hair and pale eyes she was skinny but not too skinny and voluptuous but not too voluptuous, her father and I instantly hit it off while the women “folk” where in the kitchen making dinner for the sudden impromptu party and the men where watching football on the TV screen (naturally it was the first thing to be set up) I was talking to her father, a man by the name of Chris. He was a nice fellow, worked hard cared for his family, and didn’t mind to let it slip that he thought his baby girl was the prettiest thing in two counties, I had to agree. She was shy and sat there quietly in the corner watching the men listening to the women, all I could think was that I desperately wanted these people to go home take my wife and kids with them and take this little girl up to my daughters bedroom to play a long round of doctor. Her name was Anne, and it fit her perfectly one could tell that she was innocent but that the innocence was dying to be exploited it wasn’t then that I planned to exploit it, but damn and hell did I ever want to. When the guests finally left I kissed my wife good night and promised to be home soon, telling her I wanted to go check in at the office, having spent the last two weeks moving I really hadn’t much time to go in yet, this was a bulled face lie. Okay maybe not a total lie, because I DID go to my office, but it wasn’t work I was checking on, having brought a brand new laptop the other day, I moved into my bosses office and took a seat, knowing if I wanted privacy, this was the place to be. I opened up the laptop and typed in the address suddenly I wasn’t entirely sure I should be in here if I made a mess…I grinned. The silly little girl would clean it up she always did, I scanned through the stories until I found the one I wanted, it was written by a girl id been in contact with for awhile now. She was twenty years old but really missed having a daddy to cuddle with, and since my little girl was far too young to uh play with, this was the best I could get. I couldn’t wait to read her newest story and check to see if she had e-mailed me about it, I really didn’t need to check she always did she was a good little girl like that.

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  I opened her e-mail and smiled softly yes softly, okay so what if I was a horny old man? I liked this girl, we’d been chatting since she was seventeen and she had brought every dirty fantasy from my head into reality as best she could she was a good daddy’s girl and a good friend when I needed one. Those are hard to find. As of yet she’d been too shy to send me pictures, so I compromised, every time I read her e-mails I would send her pictures of what it was they did to me, and until she sent me some of her face, I wasn’t going to send any of mine, I had however, sent her a digital camera so she could take the uh riskier pictures in private thus leaving no trail behind it was a good compromised. Her latest e-mail began the same way it always did, with a secret love and devotion few could understand, she knew I was married, I knew she wasn’t, she knew that no matter what happened nothing would make me end my contact with her and as of yet, it seemed to be working out just fine. “Dear daddy, how are you? I missed you an awful lot today, all I could think while I finished my rounds at the hospital was how I wanted to curl up in your arms and make love to You all night, the way You taught me so well to do, how did the move go? Well? I have some new pictures to show you, are you still keeping all the ones of old? I wont be on tonight, unfortunately I had to work a double shift however like I said I’ll miss you a lot as always and I got those new ones you requested all ready, too bad you couldn’t be here to watch Daddy, it was fun, a lot of fun having them taken, all I could think about was how it should have been you…it should have been You, I love you always and always~Your baby girl~”I leaned back and smiled, reading the e-mail, my body was stiff and hard as a rock, looking back I could see how I had corrupted the seventeen year old child until he could no longer think of little more then me, looking back…I can see how she took me in and made me feel so good, looking back, I could see it was meant to be. Silently I lit a cigarette and leaned back to wait for the pictures to appear on my lap top, per usual once they uploaded there I sent them to my bosses computer a sick twisted grin upon my lips I had two daughters only one mattered the other, only there for the most serious of damage control, but they where both good girls. My eyes started to water and setting the cigarette down my groan was so soft, I didn’t even realize I had let it slip, the pictures so much wilder then anything she had sent before, The first was of one very tight pussy sliding slowly onto the cock of a patient, I knew who the man was vaguely because she had told me about him, she had told me how because he was so much uh older he couldn’t perform cretin duties and seeing as how they had such pretty nurses running around the place, he had spent a lot of the time being quite hard, it was her idea, that she take these pictures, and I readily agreed, after all, if “I’ couldn’t fuck her, someone had to and since I was getting it, I figured I had to be fair. As the pictures came one by one, I could see pussy lips or cock shaft one or the other or both, or mouth and cock shaft each one making me harder as I wished harder and harder that it had been me, that it had been aligning in that bed like an invalid, as the last picture came, I groaned it was apparent the old man had taken it, because it was a picture of my little girl sitting on his cock ass backwards, ass being the operative word, my cock stiffened, the note in side said simply, “I felt so bad daddy, because it wasn’t you, but I just kept pretending it was and it was all okay again, do you remember, how when I first told you about him? Well I didn’t tell you that I used to sneak into his room and pull down his pj’s long after my shift was over my hand would slowly caress his cock to stiffness and my giggle was soft enough that he'd awaken and look at me groaning softly, since then he’d begged me so many times to make love to him, but I had always resisted until this time, until I had the nerve to ask you, in reality, it was a sixty some odd year old man with a raging cock in my mind, it was my dear old Daddy telling me how to fuck him just write, thanks Daddy, for letting me have that, I don’t think I could have waited much longer, ~Love your baby girl~”I looked up just then and groaned, packing up my mess, my cock still hard, can you say torture I went home, all the way thinking between my baby girl and the girl I wanted to be my baby girl, the things I wanted to do to her, lust and love are hard things to control, on the one hand, I love my baby girl (who’s name will obviously remain, baby girl) but on the other, my thoughts where filled of this other, Anne, I rolled it along my tongue and groaned parking up at the house I slid my laptop under the seat and turned off the car before slipping out and heading inside. “Everything okay at work baby?” my wife greeted me with a warm smile from our new kitchen, she only was wearing an apron, boy did I know what that meant, thank the lords for that, alternatively wondering what happened to a cock that stayed hard for too long, wondering if there was something worse then blue ball, I shuddered at the thought. “Yeah was fine, everything’s raring to go for the new account they practically don’t even need me over there, but I can see you do” we chuckled at the lameness of that comment as I wrapped my arms around her, bending her up against the counter, my cock pressing against her ass through my jeans, it was then I heard the sound, that drove me so crazy, I was almost afraid id go insane, I was nearly afraid that my young innocent bride was going to think I was some sick pervert…. wait I was, but I didn’t want HER knowing that, the sound was soft and whispery, as if she had been crying, “Daddy? I cant sleep I had a bad dream” I groaned along with my wife, though she had no idea it was for a different reason…TO BE CONTINUED. .



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