Daddy I Love You (repost)


Chapter 1 – Sixteen and Loving It

It was one of the best times of my life.   I was barely sixteen and having a blast.   Since I gave my first blowjob in some dark movie theater way back when I was fourteen,  I’d been sexually active (well, make that VERY active).   The guys I dated were typically boys I knew at school and church.   In most every way I was just your average horny teenage girl, enjoying myself and experimenting with
new things.   Well. . . maybe I was a little more sexually experienced than your average high school sophomore but the profile still fit.
About a month after my sixteenth birthday a whole new area of my life opened up for me, one that changed me forever.   I’ve explained in detail in other diary entries how I started having sex with my parents so I won’t repeat it all here, but suffice to say that once we got started I was always looking for any opportunity to please my dad.   Sure I could have guys with bigger cocks, others
who could cum more, and nobody recovers like a seventeen year old teenage boy, but there’s something that is so very special about giving myself to my father.   I love being able to actually join my body together with his, to be physically coupled with him in the most intimate way possible for two people to be. When I feel my dad exploding inside of me, pumping his sperm deep within me, at that moment I know he loves me as only a father can love a daughter.
Since our first time my dad would fuck me most every day at least once and I’ve never been happier in my entire life!  Our incestual relationship is still something relatively new for all of us and it’s as if once we opened the door, a new kind of passion exploded and we simply couldn’t get enough of each other.   I would find myself waking up hornier than I ever dreamed possible (and that’s pretty damn horny!) and I will play with myself until he came into my bedroom for a piece of me before leaving for work.

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    Later in school homeroom, my pussy a bit swollen and sensitive from having just been fucked, I would sit at my desk and run my tongue around the inside of my mouth, savoring the aftertaste of his cum that was still in my mouth.   As I looked around the classroom I loved to smile at the guys, especially the ones that had fucked me in the last, wondering if they recognized the glow in my face that said, “I’ve just been fucked!”  Imagine what they would say if they knew who had just cum inside of my sixteen year-old pussy just an hour or so earlier!
By the time school ends I was usually so horny from thinking about being with my dad that I would just run up to my room and start masturbating, not even undressing first.   There were more than a few times when I got so horny that I just couldn't wait for school to finish and so I would go to the girl’s room and relieve my tensions in the privacy of one of the stalls.   Some of my close friends would notice how flushed I was when I came back to class and knowing me, it wasn’t hard for them to correctly guessed what I had been doing.   It’s not like they never did it themselves!  Indeed, most of my friends loved sex as much as I did so they were naturally curious as to what was getting me even more horny than usual.   I would just smile at them, leaving them to try to figure it out for themselves.  
At times I wanted so bad to whisper in their ears, “I can’t wait for my dad to fuck me tonight. ”   Naturally I could never SAY that but I certainly fantasized about it, trying to picture their shocked responses.   In my dreams they would all beg to come home with me and have my dad fuck them too.   Sitting in the girl’s restroom with my hand planted firmly on my swollen clit, I would fantasize about what it would be like to watch my dad fucking my friends. I was so horny that it usually only took a few minutes before I was cumming hard.   Back in class I would put my fingers to my nose and smell myself, savoring the sexual aroma of my pussy.
Chapter 2 – Surprising My Dad
Today was no different so not surprisingly I rushed home from school and went straight to my room where I stripped as fast as I could and laid back on my bed.   Closing my eyes, I imagined my dad coming home and entering my room, completely naked with his cock already hard, swollen with his lust for me.   After I’d finished, I would usually slip on a t-shirt and head down to the kitchen to see what was for supper.

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Today, instead of a meal cooking there on the kitchen table was a note from my mom saying she would be working late and that my dad and I should go out for dinner.   Just then I heard the garage door opening and knew my dad was home – he was early!  My heartbeat jumped and I felt a twinge between my legs so I hurried down to the basement and ducked behind the laundry closet.   Stripping off my t-shirt, I hid there naked as I waited anxiously for him to come in.   My nipples were rock-hard and I licked my lips in anticipation of having something warm and hard between them soon. The basement door slowly opened and then I heard it shut as my dad come in and headed for the stairs. He walked by the laundry closet without seeing me and so I sneaked up behind him and jumped on his back putting my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.   He knew instantly what was going on and started to laugh at my little surprise for him.
“Whoa!  What’s with you today Kelly?”
“Oh daddy, I’ve been dreaming all day about you coming home tonight so I wanted to greet you and let you know how much I missed you!”
I lowered myself down and he turned to look at me.   His eyes focused on me, looking at me from head to toe but stopping a bit longer to take in my naked boobs and pussy.
“Damn Kelly, you really are SO fucking hot.   Trust me, you have NO idea what a turn-on it is for me to see my little girl naked in front of me, just waiting for her daddy to fuck her. ”
I reached and grabbed his crotch through his pants.   Indeed, he certainly was turned on!  His cock was rock hard and ready to burst right out of his pants.  
“Well daddy, if you know what I want and you like it too what are you waiting for? C’mon – daddy’s little girl wants to be fucked!”
Playfully, I took his hand and pulled him towards the couch in the family room.   Of course he didn’t resist one bit!  When we got there he sat down on the couch and I laid on my side next to him.

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   I immediately went to work on his belt buckle and then his pants.   After I unsnapped his pants and lowered the zipper, I reached in and slid my hand down under the elastic band of his Jockey underwear.
Mmmmm, not much farther and I felt the tip of his warm cock.   I ran my hand down the length of it until my fingers ran through his thick bush of pubic hair, loving the feel of his hairy crotch, the coarseness of his curly pubic hair.   Reaching even lower, I held his hairy balls in my hand, gently rolling them between my fingers.   My dad laid his head back and closed his eyes as I played with his wonderful cock.
“Oh god Kelly, all I could think about today was you doing this. I think I had a hard-on the entire day – even my secretary teased me a bit about it.   Little did she know though who it was that I was so worked up about!”
I smiled as I listened to him.   Over the years I’d visited my dad’s office a number of times and I knew his secretary very well. She’d worked for my dad almost his entire career and was extremely discreet but I knew even she would have been shocked to learn who my dad had been fucking for the past two weeks!
From the way his breathing was getting faster and heavier, my dad was obviously getting more worked up as I played gently with his balls and cock. He gripped his pants and raised his hips to lower them down to his ankles.   I grinned as I finally got to see his cock, fully erect and pointing straight up as he sat there.   The vein on the side was throbbing and the head was swollen and call out for attention.   Well, I wasn't going to make it wait any longer so I leaned over and took it in my mouth.

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    Sucking on it, I continued to play with his balls.   My dad pulled my hair out of the way so he would watch as his teenage daughter started to give her father one of her patented blow jobs.
My favorite part of any cock is the head. There is just something about the extra width, the smooth and silky skin, the opening at the top and the ridge along the bottom that makes me wet just thinking about it. I love running my tongue around it, teasing it and kissing it.   When I first put it in my mouth, I took in just the head until my lips are on the inner side of the ridge.   At first I sucked on it softly - sort of like a baby does to a bottle. Inside my mouth I like to run my tongue all around it – first in a circular motion and then all over it in sweeping motions.
After playing with the head for a while I started to get the shaft ready.   Running my tongue up and down it, I licked it and wetted it. With a free hand I held the shaft and stroked it like I was giving him a hand job. Once he was nice and wet, I begin to take him in my mouth just a bit.   Slowly I stroked it in and out of my mouth, each time taking a little bit more of him in.   I kept taking more of him in my mouth until finally I felt his head pressing against the back of my throat.   At that point I had him all in and my face was pressed against his crotch as his pubic hair tickled my cheeks and nose.

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   After a day’s work he had a strong musky odor of sweat and sex that I loved.   Some girls I know won't go near a man until he’s had a shower and such.   Well, not this girl– I want to smell a REAL man, not some smelly bar of soap.   Mmmmm, I love the musky odor of a sweaty male crotch.   Granted I expect him to be clean, but after a day of work nothing smells as sexy as hairy crotch.   I’ve also learned that hairy men smell stronger than those who shave.   Sometimes I just reach inside of a man’s pants and run my hand through his hair and then pull my hand out and draw in the odor of him on my fingers. My mom has similar tastes as me and she always loved it
when I would come home from a date and she could still smell the guy that had fucked me on my hands. Yet I wanted far more than just giving my dad a blowjob though.   After all, I hadn’t dreamed all day of him fucking me for nothing!  I let his cock fall from my mouth and looked up at my dad.
“Fuck me now daddy,” I whispered to him.   “I want it sooooooooo bad…. . please fuck me. ”
“Oh god Kelly, I love it when you say that.

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    Tell me again what you want……Tell daddy what you want him to do to you. ”
“Mmmmmm, I want your warm hard cock inside of me daddy, deep inside my pussy.   I want to feel my father cumming in me, filling my hungry pussy with his love……. Oh daddy, please fuck me……. . please fuck me daddy……. show me how much you love me. ”
My dad took in a deep breath and let it out.   He took me and maneuvered me on top of him, straddling his bare legs.   I could feel his cock pushing up against my pussy, straining to get in, wanting to be in me.
“Yes Kelly, daddy’s going to fuck you…. . oh yeah, daddy’s going to fuck his little slut right now!”
With that he raised his hips up to me and pulled me down towards him.   My wet pussy easily spread apart for him and I could feel the head of his cock splitting me open, making way for the rest of him.   I swiveled my hips slightly to make his cock move against the walls of my pussy, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings just inside my pussy opening which made me tingle from head to toe.

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    I took my small breasts in my hands and offered them to him. He leaned forward and took one of my hard nipples in his mouth, suckling on it like a baby does on a bottle.   I gasped as I felt his tongue on me, teasing my hard nipple.   At the same time I lowered myself down on his hard cock. Inch by inch I could feel him violating my pussy with his thick cock until he I was sitting on his lap, my pussy rubbing against the base of his cock.
“Oh yes daddy, fuck me - I want it……. . oh your big cock feels so good!  I have been dreaming about this all day……. . mmmmmm, even better than I imagined. ”
“Oh yeah baby,” he murmured to me, “your pussy is so incredibly tight.   Tell me, isn’t it better to have a man’s cock in you instead of all those boy cocks you’ve been fucking? For years I’ve been watching you going out on dates dressed like a little whore.   I would sit at home thinking about all those boys fucking my little girl, fucking her with their little cocks. God I wanted so bad to show you what you were missing. ”
“I love your cock daddy,” I whispered as I began to rock back and forth on his cock, drawing it in and out of me as I savored the feeling of it.

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   “I love any cock in me but what I really want is your cock - my father’s cock. ”
“Tell me more Kelly,” he begged me.   My dad loved it when I talked dirty to him and I enjoyed doing as much as he liked hearing it.   It wasn’t hard for me - all I had to do was simply tell him what I was thinking!
“I love being fucked more than anything but nobody satisfies me though like you do. I mean good god!  My own father’s cock is in me right now! How many girls ever get to say that! Oh daddy, I love you so much. I want to show you every way I can – every way.   I want to give myself to you, to let you do anything you want to me.   Love me daddy!  Show me how much you really love me!”
Between my talking and our fucking I could tell he was about to cum. His motions got faster and he was gasping for air. Often I would reposition myself to take his load in my mouth so I could taste his cum.   I loved the feel of his cock pulsing in my mouth, spraying against the back of my throat.   Or even better, holding him just away from my open mouth, watching his cum shoot from his hard cock into my waiting mouth and onto my outstretched tongue.   Today, though, I wanted his cum inside of my pussy.   I wanted to be physically coupled with my father as he came, to feel our bodies joined together when he reached his orgasm. I wanted my father to mate with me, to be his little whore, to do anything he asked me to do.

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“Cum in me daddy.   Show me how much you love me.   Fill me with your hot creamy sperm daddy. Cum in your daughter now!”
“Ohhhhhhhhh yes!” he cried out as I felt his cock suddenly swell and then pulse in me as he shot his first load deep inside of his daughter.   I love it when a man comes inside me.   It is like a sudden hot burst of energy deep in me.   The best part is the knowledge of what it is that I am feeling. I know that it is his sperm that I feel, that he is depositing a part of himself in me, deep inside the most private part of my body.   Again and again I felt him swell up and then release another load in me. Finally he gave a jerk and collapsed with me on top of him.   I put my arms around his neck and gently kissed him as I sat there on his lap, holding his cock in my pussy as his cum drained out of me slowly.
I loved kissing him the way we kissed since he started fucking me.   It was no longer that brief little lifeless peck that most fathers give their daughters.   Now it was filled with lust and passion, an exchange of the kind of love that only a father and daughter can have and only when they are sharing each other as intimately as we now did.    Sitting on him now, feeling his warm cock inside of me while his tongue explored my open mouth, was a feeling that few children ever get to share with their parent.

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    At moments like this I was more than just his daughter – we were sharing ourselves with the other completely in a way that can only be realized though sex.
Finally we released our kiss and I gazed into his eyes thinking just how much I loved my father! It made me so happy to know I could satisfy his needs and desires.   I knew he loved my mother more than anything. My mom held a special place in his heart that I would never even dream of trying to replace but I would always be his one and only little girl. I would always be there for him,
offering every part of myself completely to him, fulfilling his fantasies and dreams.   After all, what older man doesn’t dream of fucking a teenage girl?  Somehow I had a feeling we would be fucking again before the night was over but for the moment I just let myself melt in his arms with his cock throbbing in my pussy.  
Yes, I was my daddy’s little girl, his little slut.   In the end, nothing could be better than that.