Daddy Dearest


School is out for the summer and Ava wonders if she'll be sent to some dumb old camp for silly kids her age or would she be able to stay home and have her "Daddy Dearest" all to herself. His new girlfriend had been coming over for months and Ava hated her for calling her dad that whenever they were having sex.
"Come here honey and let Miss Tawny look at you, she wants to take you shopping". "But daddy I don't want to go shoping today, can it wait until the weekend"? "Aw whatsa matter sweetie, don't you want some new stuff for the summer"? Tawny asked in her fake sounding, too syrupy voice. Ava rolled her eyes and pleaded with her father. But he insisted that she go with Tawny and when they got back, they'd all sit down and have a nice quiet dinner.
Tawny was a different woman after they left, she was flirtatious with every man in sight and swayed her hips a little more than Ava thought was necessary. She even caught her giving her phone number to another man when she came back from the fitting room. She said she'd confront her later in front of of her dad and see what she thought "Daddy Dearest " would think of her then. Ava complained about not feeling well so they could get home a lot sooner but Tawny wasn't buying it. She dragged Ava to every sleezy young women's apparel store in the small strip mall and made Ava try on all kinds of ridiculous outfits. The clothes were cheap and looked like something more for a young hooker.
Ava wondered if her daddy would approve of such sexy clothing for 18 year old, well they'd find out soon enough because Tawny was talking on her cell phone and making plans to meet someone in the next 20 minutes. She quickly paid for the items and yanked me out of the store. Before we got to my street Tawny reached into the backseat for the packages and told me exactly what she wanted me to tell my dad. "You tell him that I had a real bad headache and I needed to rest a bit and I'll call him tomorrow, ya hear", I nodded my head and asked her did she really think my dad would believe that, she grabbed me by my face and said, " Look here ya lil brat, as long as I'm fuckin' him silly he'll believe anything I say,you could never do for him what I do, now run along.

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  " I fell out of her car and she screeched off down the road in cloud of dust. I was so mad at her for trying to make a fool of my daddy-"Who does she think she is, I'll how her who can please him the most". Ava went into the house and showed her dad the clothes Tawny had bought, then told him exactly what she said about not feeling well and that she'd call him tomorrow. He just sat there looking disappointed and asked her to go wash up for dinner.
Ava went into her bathroom and cried because it seems as if her daddy wasn't happy unless that cheap slut of whore he called his girl was around but tonight she'd show her daddy dearest that they didn't need raggedy old Tawny, she'd do anything for him including fuck him to keep him happy. She'd seen enough of his homemde flicks with him and Tawny, the flicks with teens on them and his other girly magazines to know he just might go for some fresh teen pussy rather than old used up Tawny. She decided she'd make her move after dinner.
Ava watched as her dad continued to mope and then tried to brighten up their dinner by making light conversation about her plans for summer and what he thought about them. He told her that Tawny suggested she go away to a real nice, expensive summer camp in California. Then Ava got real mad and told her dad how Tawny had acted that afternoon and said that she only wanted him for herself. They argued back and forth until Ava ran out of the room in a fit of tears because her daddy no longer cared how she felt only what Tawny thought. She said there must be a way to get back at them both. Ava looked at all the new clothes on the floor and decided she'd have a little fashion show for her daddy. She put one outfit on after the other and felt she looked pretty darn hot. At 13, Ava was a knockout, full pouty lips, blue eyes and honey blonde hair, her breasts were already full B cups and her little behind was sticking out rather curvaceously and her hips were just like her mother's, not too full but just right and slightly curved.

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   She knew her father couldn't ignore her in these slutty get-ups.
Ava got dressed and slowly walked toward the den where her father sat in front of the T. V. watching one of his flicks. On the screen a young girl lay sleeping but her face was sort of hidden because of the way the camera was focused, as she lay there the man in the room, who's back was turned to the camera just stood watching her for a few seconds and then moved toward the bed and began to touch her slowly and on her private body parts. The girl barely moved but as she looked closer the figures in the flick looked a little familiar. That's when she realized the girl was her and the man was her dad. So she hadn't been dreaming afterall, her dad really was sneaking into her room night after night touching her as she pretended to be asleep most of the time. She was so afraid to move that most of the time she convinced herself she was dreaming and it was her fantasy come true.
Ava walked back to her room stunned by what she had just saw. Time for a new plan. She'd wait for her daddy to come into her room tonight and then respond to his light touching and licking on her tender body that drove her crazy. She snuck back into the den to see if he was still watching himself molest his daughter and sure enough he was. Now he was busy working on her sweet little snatch and pulling on his long, thick hard pecker on the couch. She watched in total amazment as he moaned softly to himself and said "My sweet Ava".


   That was it she'd put an end to this and make sure they both got what they wanted.
In the kitchen she made a noise to alert her dad that she was near. He walked slowly into the kitchen after a few minutes and asked Ava to excuse him because he was tired and wanted to go to bed. She reached up and gave her dad short wet kisses on his face and step aside so he could see her outfit. He looked down at her swelling breasts and inviting lips and almost kissed her back. He moved away from her slowly and watched her sway her little girly hips back and forth. He wasn't surprised that his shaft was beginning to grow with each sway.
 "Where did you get those clothes, precious?" "Tawny bought them for me, do you like them "Daddy Dearest"?" At hearing the nickname Tawny used his mood darkened and his manhood throbbed. He wondered what Tawny was doing and why she thought he would believe her lame excuse. Lately she'd been skipping out on him a lot more and he turned to his young daughter to release the pressure in his balls instead of Tawny's experienced lips. Tonight would be no exception, he'd wait until Ava was asleep and carry out his most secret fantasies. Ever since her little body started developing into the delicious little treat it is, he's been waiting for the right time to approach her.
Soon it was late and he noticed Ava's pink nitelite was glowing under her door. She must be asleep because he couldn't hear any sounds coming from her in the cute little bedroom. He saw that her bedroom door was slightly open so he peeked in careful not to wake or disturb her sleeping, sexy form.

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   She looked just like her mother as she lay there, so sweet, so unaware. He walked to her bed and kneeled down to inhale her sweet scent. he began to gently caress and kiss her. She was a sound sleeper but tonight she slept peacefully almost as if she was smiling.
He touched and swept butterfly kisses all along her tight little tummy and inched her lacy nightie top up and her cute pink & white panties down. He slowly licked down her until he got to the top of her bald pink pussy and he paused wondering how far he could go tonight. Just as he was about to go further, his beautiful little Ava stirred and opened her eyes. He froze and didn't know what to do. Ava reached up and said it's okay "Daddy Dearest", touch me, kiss me and make me yours. "I can be all you need",with that he crushed her lips to his and took her with all the pent up passion he felt.
He pushed his mouth hungrily down on her virgin love tunnel. What a dream come true for both of them, she thought as she squirmed under her daddy's loving. At first she felt nervous about letting her own father take her like this. She felt grown up and like nothing could come between her and her daddy ever again because she would keep him happy. So she willing gave her body and her heart to him, she opened her legs wider and allowed him free access to her sweetness.

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   He moved slowly and deliberately as he lapped at her tiny nub and squeezed her breasts as their breathing got heavier.
Ava reached up and pulled her daddy on top of her small petite frame and told him to take her. He said," Are you sure about this Pumpkin, this is gonna hurt a little". Ava was more sure now than she ever was because he took his time and showed all her body parts special attention but now she wanted to see, taste and feel his big cock. She lowered herself to her knees and put her lips on her father's dick and kissed it. She looked at it and rubbed it back and forth slowly.  Then she opened her mouth and closed it, her father gasped so loudly she thought he was choking.
He looked down ay his little angel and smiled, he couldn't believe how warm he full lips felt. Much better than Tawny's and she was extremely experienced. He pushed Tawny out of his mind and concentrated on his precious young daughter as she caught hold of her daddy's penis and opened her tiny mouth to suck and tease his huge shaft. She continued working her baby magic on his stiff rod until he thought he'd shoot streams of hot thick cum down her unexperienced throat. "Would she like it or would she gag and make him stop"? He decided to warn her before he spewed his cream-"Oh honey daddy's cumming", she opened her mouth as wide as she could to catch the thick load of hot love juice just as she'd seen Tawny do on the homemade flicks.
Her daddy filled her tiny little mouth that she couldn't catch it all and greedily lapped it up from the corners of her mouth and any that she could find. He father was blown away by what he was seeing and so turned on that he couldn't wait to fill her virginal love hole full of his throbbing cock. He told herthat it was time to teach her to take daddy's cock and how to breathe through the pain, she stopped and said," Daddy I'll be fine, just take me, fuck me like you always wanted to, I wanna be your very own little slut.

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  " With that he flipped them both down on the bed and he laid on his back and pulled her pussy right above his waiting mouth to makle sure she was good and wet for his long hard schlong. She trembled with pure excitement at knowing that very soon she'd be her daddy's lover, this made her so hot she shot her sex juice all over his face. He buried his mouth into her pulsing snatch and gently nibbled and pulled at her tiny love nub until she shook violently with her first orgasm.
Then he lowered her slender hips down until the tip of his manhood brushed her shrunken entrance repeatedly until they were both gasping for air. He turned her over and positioned himself on top of her small body and pushed at her vice like hole until he could feel her opening her legs and wiggling her hips to get closer to his fat cock head. "Oh daddy push inside me, i wanna feel it now" He pushed slowly and deeper to get inside her tightness but it was gonna take a little longer. He continued to bump and grind as he felt her get wetter and wetter he felt her hole give a little until the fat mushroom head disappeared inside her bald muff.
Ava felt a burning sensation as her tiny little walls squeezed her daddy's huge cock but she didn't care she was gonna be his with just a few more strokes. She bucked wildly under him trying get more inside her seemingly bursting hot pink twat. It was filling her up and making her hotter by the second, " More daddy, give it to me" she pushed upward to as he stroked her slowly trying not to hurt her because it was her first time. As she wiggled uncontrolably beneath him, he began to loose control and began to thrust back with equal force and soon he was buried deep inside his daughter's gripping pussy, ripping open her virginal hole.
Ava screamed"Oh yesssss daaaaddddy, keeeeeep fuuucking meeee, Oh yeeeesss, fuck me until you get tired. The pain was beginning to subside but Ava was too far gone to care she was now her daddy's and he was hers. She wanted to fuck him like he'd never been fucked before. She moved her small hips in short stroking moves, around in circles and caused her daddy to yell out her name, "Oh Ava your sweet lillte pussy is sooo tight, I don't ever want to stop fucking you".

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   That's it baby work daddy's dick, make daddy cum" He flipped them over and took Ava from behind, he entered her so slowly that she came as soon as he touched her with the tip of his throbbing cock. She pushed her hips backward to make him enter her.
He pushed deep inside her as she trembled with lust and moved in and out thrusting deeper each time. Her body shook as they both rocked in a sweet embrace as he loved her with all he had and she loved him back like a woman not as his child. He looked down at her and kissed her sweet lips, she kissed him back deeply and moved her hips in circles to make him want her more. He ooohed and aaahed as he shoved his swollen member deeply into his young lover, she moved from him and crawled onto the bed and pulled him towards her. She wanted to ride his large prick and make him scream and cum like the teens in the flick did.
He laid down on the bed and let his sweet little daughter have his way with him. He enjoyed every minute and couldn't get enough of her tender twat. She worked her pussy on her daddy like a professional and watched as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and his body began to twitched as he shouted her name and shot his thickl creamy load inside her body. She shuddered and locked her legs around his waist and held on until her heart rate slowed and body stopped shaking. They collapsed onto the bed as wave after wave of passion rode through them. He looked up at her with sleepy eyes and said, Honey, you're the best, I love you " "I love you too daddy dearest.



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