Daddy by chance


I am 54 and have never been married or children. I cannot say that I am single by choice but fate seemed to spin a fine web throughout one's life. My brother for instance has been married and divorced twice and seems to go through women like changes in the weather.

This story is about how I became a young women's Daddy. I was riding a bus on my way home. All the seats were taken except the one beside me. Walking down the isle was a women with a rubenesque figure not fat but plump. She was holding onto a hand bag hung over one shoulder and a large coffee in the other. I moved my legs to the side to indicate that she could have the seat beside me.

As she went to sit down the bus lurched and she lost her balance. I had to reach out and hold her steady by her upper arm and her hip. She felt soft to the touch. Just as she began to get her balance there was a second lurch, a large amount of coffee spilt all down my pant leg and she ended up sitting on my knee.

Jokingly I said "and what would you like for Christmas little girl". I had taken a chance but the joke seemed to catch her by surprise being just right for the moment, she laughed and got up moving to the empty seat.

Before she could say anything I told her that accidents happen and life was to short to get upset over a little spill.

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   After a minute or two she complimented me on how I handled the spill that doused my pants.

The bus's air conditioner was not working and it was hot and humid. I remarked on an experience I had in Dallas Texas with their extreme heat. After I had finished I asked her if she had travelled at all.

A great conversation began about her hiking in Europe. In a very brief time I realizing she was an intelligent independent women that had blue eyes the kind a man could gaze into his whole life.

During the conversation she remarked that she was in her late 20's. I was under no illusions as I was old enough to be her Father. In fact it made the conversation that much more relaxed. Time past quickly and my stop arrived. I told her that I would gladly trade a little spilt coffee for such interesting conversation.

She asked if I would like a real coffee and some more conversation. I said I would and she told me her apartment was only two stops away. I accepted and we went to her place.

As she was unlocking the door she said excuse the mess.

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   When we entered the apartment I realized she lived alone as there were no pictures of boy friends only one of an older women I assume to be her mother.

She asked me if I wanted tea or coffee and told me to sit on the couch. After the coffee was served our conversation seemed to pick up again. I found out that she was a single child and had grown up in the city. She only mentioned a mother and in fact did not seem to have any other relatives.

I told her I did not even know her name and she said it was Bethany but to call her Beth. A few hours went by and it started to get dark. I told her how much I was enjoying her company and asked if she would mind if I ordered us some Chinese food. She said she had a favourite place only a block or so away that had take-out but did not deliver.

She phoned, ordered and we went to the restaurant. During the walk she brushed against me and gently clasped my hand. I said nothing but enjoyed our hand holding.

After we returned to her place and ate our conversation continued. Personally I was having a very enjoyable evening, she had an energy about her. She asked me if I would like to stay and watch one of her favourite movies.

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She warned me that there were no explosions and we both cracked up. She told me where the DVD was and asked me to get the movie ready while she changed into more comfortable cloths.

After about 18 minutes she returned in a t-shirt and shorts. I was a little surprised as the cloths were somewhat revealing and from the sway of her breasts I knew she was no longer wearing a bra.

She preceded to sit right beside me and said "Daddy I need to be held". I instinctively put my arm around her and she snuggled into my body. To say I was shocked would put it mildly. If she was mocking my age that was fine as I had not snuggled up to a warm attractive young women in a very long time.

I started the movie and we sat like that for an hour or so when she looked up and smiled and asked how I was liking the movie. I replied that it was always a joy to spend time with my princess.

This made her beam and she snuggled even closer pulling my arm so that my hand was resting just on the side of her breast. I froze as I was not sure if this was an accident or intent. I sure as hell did not want to spoil the mood. After a little while she wriggled some more and my hand was moved to rest lightly over her breast.

I had to know so I gently cupped that breast.

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   She sighed and said Daddy that feels good. I figured this was very sexy role-play due to our age difference but something in the back of my mind said there was more to it then that.

I asked if my baby girl had any boy friends and she laughed and called me silly as all she needed was her Daddy. She said Daddy please kiss me and I did but not a Daddy-daughter kiss. As we started to make-out I caressed her and she responded in a way that told me this women had not been touched by a lover in a long while.

Eventually I pulled her t-shirt off. Her breasts were plump and pointy with eraser shaped nipples. I said you are so beautiful baby girl and her smile lit up the room. She said Daddy they are just for you. I begun to caress those plump breasts and licked her nipples making sure that one breast did not get jealous of the other.

Beth moaned and said Daddy you make your little girl feel so good. After a bit I told her to stand up. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of her shorts and started to slowly pull them down leaving her the chance to stop me. When the shorts were off I asked her to turn around slowly so Daddy could see all of his wonderful daughter.

She seemed very excited like she was revealing herself for the first time to her Daddy.

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   She watched my eyes revel in her body with my lustful gaze. After she had turned I pulled her onto my lap tilted her head up and asked her if she wanted Daddy to touch her in her special place. She said Daddy make me your women.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom which was indeed a bit messy with cloths on the floor and the bed unmade. She went a little red in the face and said Daddy I am sorry my room was not cleaned as promised. I think I need one of your special spankings.

I sat on the bed and she lay across my lap. I took my hand and caressed those soft cheeks and she moaned. Then I gave each cheek a smack with the echoed in her room making the slap sound harder then they really were. She cried out Daddy I will be good for you and do what I am told.

I started caressing those cheeks and moved my hand slowly down to start lightly brushing her pussy. She exhaled oh more please Daddy that feels so good. I continued to touch her pussy with my fingers separating her lips making them slick with her juices. I took her off my knee and placed her on the bed and said Daddy needs to taste his little girl. She squealed in delight.

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With one hand lightly rubbing her clit I gave her a passionate kiss then started kissing and licking her neck, breasts, stomach and encircled Beth's navel with kisses. She started squirming as her navel seemed to be one of her hot spots. I then stuck my tongue into her navel and she shouted oh Daddy. I left her navel and moved down to her wet pussy blowing my hot breath on her erect clit. She groaned and pushed herself into my face.

I sucking up her sweet juices. She was panting and saying oh Daddy please make your princess come. Well this "Daddy" aims to please so I stopped my slow seduction and attacked her pussy, sucking, licking and clamping my lips around her clit and made my lips vibrate in a pulsing hum. She had the most powerful jerking orgasm I have every seen by a women, it enveloped her whole body.

I started caressing her and giving her body light kisses until I was lying beside her. I asked if Daddy had made his sexy princess happy. She opened her eyes and gave me that radiant smile.

She said I need your loving Daddy, then she started to cry. I gave her a kiss and cuddled my new daughter. After she recovered she said Daddy please make love to me I need to feel you inside me.

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Beth proceeded to take off my cloths. Even though I have an average size penis she seemed to take great delight in seeing it hard and ready for her. She reached out and held it in her hand then looked up at me and said please Daddy.

Those pleading blue eyes made my heart skip and I nodded. She took me in her mouth and gently started sucking and licking me. This was so erotic that soon I said Daddy wants to be inside you now princess otherwise you will make me cum too soon. She looked up with an impish grin saying I know how to please my Daddy.

She got in the cow girl position and started to lower herself onto my erection. When she was all the way down she said thank you Daddy for treating your daughter to your pleasure stick. Then she seemed to just forget me by undulating her body using Daddy's cock for her long neglected needs.

Without me doing anything but staying hard she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm needing to lie down on my chest with my member still buried inside her. I told her how much Daddy loves her and how much of a sexy women she had become.

I then rolled us over and said Daddy needs to take charge. She smiled and said nothing. I started a rhythmic slow stroke and she closed her eyes as her next orgasm started to build.

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   When I felt she was close I would stop and kiss her and massage her tits then start again.

I did this several times and then asked her if she would like to come with her Daddy. She nodded her head vigorously. My rhythm sped up thrusting deeper and harder than before. Beth's eyes glazed over as our loving intercourse transitioned to passionate fucking.

I felt a tingle in my balls and knew I was close. Just as I was about to cum I thrust as deep as I could and yelled Beth come with Daddy. As she came she yelled out Daddy you make me so happy. I came harder than I can ever remember and Beth's pussy milked me, literally sucking the cum from my balls.

I collapsed on top of her spent. This was the most erotic experience of my life. I felt needed and wanted to give this women the Daddy loving she seemed to crave. After I pulled out and moved beside her she cuddled up to me and we fell a sleep.

When I awoke the next morning I smelled coffee brewing and heard bacon sizzling. I put my underwear and shirt on and went out to the kitchen.

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   Beth was wearing only a t-shirt. She looked up and smiled. I walked over and gave her a hug. She kissed me on the lips and said good morning Daddy.

I could not help myself praying all the while that I would not break the wonderful loving mood. I asked her if last night was roll play. She buried her face into my chest and said Daddy you have been absent my whole life, your daughter needs to give you her specially loving so you do not go away again. Please do not leave me I need you to feel complete.

To say the least I could not disappoint my new loving daughter. .