Daddy and Mummy educate me.


Topic: I was being home schooled - in sex. One night I was in my room and I got the urge to masturbate. I was supposed to be doing home work but I got onto the internet and had a look at a couple of sites that had people having sex on them. I watched for a while and then fingered myself off. It was quite good watching a girl get fucked by a guy and masturbating at the same time and when she started to cum I got excited and I came at the same time as her. It was really good, and I spent a bit more time afterwards surfing the sex sites and saw a lot of girls cock sucking and I watched them doing it so I would know what to do when the time came for me to do it to a boy. Some of the girls at school have already sucked boys off and talked about having cum in their mouths and it always made me wet when they told me about what they did. They also told me what they let the boys do to them. I was dieing for a boy to ask me out and want to do things like that with me. I had let a couple of boys fuck me at a party almost a year ago. I was with a few other girls and we all did it with them. It was my first time but they had done it before. I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I agreed I would let them. I liked it, but I didn’t get to cum because they all came before me.  The problem was one of the girls who did it with us got pregnant and everybody knew about it. Fortunately nobody talked about the rest of us doing it too.

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   I was safe as my period arrived a few days after we did it. I was shit scarred it could have happened to me so I have not had sex since with a boy. I began to spend more time looking at sex sites and masturbating a lot and imagining myself getting fucked and sucking boys cocks– it was cool and I fingered myself a lot.
One afternoon I came home and my mother and father were there and apparently waiting for me.
I could tell something was wrong and they told me they had found I had been looking at sex sites – evidently my father looked up what I had been doing each night on the computer and showed my mother. I imagined I was in deep shit.
They started to ask me about what I looked at and what I saw and if it made me get excited. I said it was obvious that they had seen what I was doing and yes it did make me excited and yes I did masturbate. There was no way I could say it didn't, seeing that I had spent so much time looking at so many different sites.
My mother then began to ask me about boys. She knew I had been out with a few. She asked what they did and what they tried to do with me, and if I had any sexual relationships with them.
I only referred to the boys she knew about and not the night I had done it with the others, and told them they had tried to touch me and feel me through my clothes as some had done but I had never let them touch me under my clothes.
My dad started to ask me if I like what they did and I said I did but I didn't go any further. He asked if other girls had let boys go further.

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   I said I wasn’t sure but some of the boys said told me some of the other girls had let them touch them, and why wouldnt I let them feel me.
He began telling me it was ok to let them go so far but no further, and had I ever seen a boys penis. I said I had but it was at a party when they skinny dipped one night. Mum asked me had I ever touched a boy there I said no, but I had played with the boys cocks who fucked us.  
I must have blushed because I had and she noticed me blushing and said I must have for me to react like that.
The two of them then started to talk to me as if I had had sex and they had obviously not believed me.
My father asked me if they were circumcised. I said what is that.
My mother then said – show her - and my father began to take his pants off. I was shocked.
I said what are you doing?  She said we know you have been telling us lies – we know you have been with boys. There is nothing wrong with that, it is we both want you to understand what having sex is all about. I said I am not old enough yet, I was so embarrassed.
By now my dad had his pants down and I could see his cock in his underpants and was fairly firm.
Now he said have a good look at me.

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   I am circumcised and he took his shirt off and then his underpants and he was there naked in front of me with a hard-on sticking up.
I said this is so crude – cover it up.
My mom said no – we want you to understand what boys are like and what they are all trying to do to girls. We don't want you getting pregnant like that friend of yours – you must have known what she did to get pregnant.
I knew and she knew it - I said well I have heard she had sex with a boy and that makes you pregnant.
She said not every time, you were lucky.
I said what do you mean – and she said we know three boys have had sex with you.
My father was now standing there holding his cock and he had pulled the skin back to cover the top of his cock, now that's what a boy who is not circumcised looks like.
Then he released the skin and the top popped out again. He said see how there is no skin over the top of my cock now, well an uncircumcised boy has skin over it when its soft and some do even when its hard. I knew what he meant all the boys who fucked us had skin over the top when they were soft but it stuck out when they were hard.
He came to me and said - Here feel it and see what it feels like – I said no- this is revolting.
My mother came to me and held me and said look its for you we are doing this we want you to know and understand about boys and how to handle them when they ask for sex. We have decide you are old enough to be sex educated and we would prefer you to find out from us and not just let boys tell you.
Now she said I am going to undress myself and we will both show you what you need to know – we know you know about masturbating and we know you have had sex but we don't think you know enough to be safe We want you to be able to handle boys who get a bit heavy with you and try and talk you into having sex.

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I stood there in disbelief as my mother undressed herself and stood there stark naked. I had never seen her completely naked before and she had no hair around her vagina. She saw me looking at her bare skin and said – I think you might like being like me – you look so much nicer with out any hair there. Dad and I will shave it off for you so you can be like most other girls. I said I have no idea what other girls do – but I did, a lot of girls at school had shaved their hair off or had cut it back to look different. I had occasionally wondered what I would look like if I cut mine but my mother often saw me naked when I was having a shower or getting changed. I never knew she was planning for me to look like her.
I said nothing.
Now she said seeing we are both like this I think it would be a good idea if you too  undressed and we can all be open and have nothing to hide.
I said no way - but my mom came to me and cuddled me and began to coerce me into it by saying there is nothing wrong with being naked particularly with us – it may be different with boys but we are not like boys. She was so reassuring and wanted me to undress and be with them naked. It was just the three of us – family and we have nothing to hide from each other.
I don't know why I did it but I felt so embarrassed as I removed my top and dress and stood there with my bra and pants on.
Then my dad said ok now the bra and I reluctantly undid my clip and exposed my breasts but as he looked I put my arm over them.
My mom said there I told you she had beautiful breasts, I just wish mine had the firmness and uplift she has.

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   She said take your arm down and show us how beautiful you look. I did but felt so embarrassed.
Then my mom came over and said now lets slip these off and began to pull my pants down. I tried to stop her but it was to no avail, she had them down to my ankles in a moment and I stepped out of them and covered my hairy patch with my hand again.
My dad said you really are beautiful – I can see why boys want to fuck you. I was shocked – he said fuck, I had never heard him say that before.
Before I knew it he had one arm around me holding me captive and his other hand went to my breast and fondled one then the other. They are beautiful he said – feel your mothers they are not as firm as yours. My mother took my hand as I was not going to do it voluntarily and she put it onto her breast and said see how much nicer yours are and she then played with one nipple while my father played with the other.
My brain was saying this is ‘wrong’ but my body was saying ‘I like it’. I stood there and didnt make a move while the two of them fondled me and my father put his hand down to my vagina and rubbed his fingers through my hair. He said – this will have to go – you will feel much better with out it – like our mother does.
He then let his finger slip into my crack and said see you are enjoying this - you are nice and wet already. Show me that beautiful vagina. I didn't move and he knelt in front of me and more or less pushed my legs open and looked at my cunt.

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   I couldn’t believe it when he put his head forward and kissed me there. I pulled back as he did it, and he said that's the girl play a bit hard to get, men love that. The two of them were holding and cuddling me and I could feel my fathers hard cock against me a few times. He kissed me gently a few times but never tried to kiss me on the lips.
Then he said now – we will show you just how to make love - and he took my hand and led me out of the room and to their bedroom. My mother followed and said this is the for you to watch – we wont involve you just yet. You can see how we do this and later on you can try it.
My father shut and locked the door – there was no way out and as he did that my mother positioned herself on the bed and it was obvious they were going to have sex together and I was going to be made watch them.
My father then joined my mother on the bed and he said how are you wet enough? or do you want some jelly.
She said no I am fine – come on I can hardly wait – I have been aching for this for about half and hour.
My father then positioned his cock at the lips of my mother and began to insert his cock into her. They had forgotten me it seemed but it was not so. ,
Now he said watch as your mother and I make love together – it is love and nothing else.
He had his cock deep inside her now and he began to fuck her. I had seen it before on the internet but I had never seen two people actually having sex.

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   He turned to me and said you can finger yourself if you wish, it is ok with us.
I said I just want to be sick, I cant believe this is happening. My mom laughed and she said I can and it feels wonderful. Wait until it is happening to you.
I said never.
My dad said I think we should both show her now what being made love to is like and he withdrew his cock and said now this is going to make you as happy as your mom.
I said no way – This is wrong – this is incest and that's wrong.
My mom was off the bed and I was heading for the locked door and she grabbed me from behind and wrapped her arm around me and held my breasts.
Now then she said it wont be that bad, your father is kind and gentle when he makes love and  it wont be like those boys who did it to you before.
I said he will kill me with that, referring to his cock.
Then she said come here and just look at it and feel it. It isn’t that hard and it doesn't hurt at all she said. If you have already had sex you will know. Then my Dad said when they did it the first time did you bleed and I said a little- then my mom said did you climax.
I said no, they came before I got that far.

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Did you take any precautions with them she said – I said I had no idea what was happening so I didn't. Pity your friend didn't – she got pregnant – and so could you had it been the right time of the month.
I said I learned that later.
My mom said - now tell me truthfully - do you masturbate three or four times a week. I said at least twice and sometimes three times.  
How often do you have an orgasm – I said every time – that's why I do it.
By now I was slightly more relaxed, in my mothers arms and I was talking about myself, somehow I seemed not to be so embarrassed. I was naked with my parents and I had seen my father and mother having sex. They were talking to me about my earlier experiences and I gather that's what they wanted to know.
Then my dad said I think we had better get started I am losing this erection.
I looked at my mom and said – what does he mean –
She said the three of us are going to have sex together – as a family.
I said I don't believe this – don't I have any say.
My father said actually NO.
Your mother and I have discussed it and we have decided that we are going to be a family in every sense of the word.
I said you cant – its illegal.

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He said I can and I will and you will not say a word about it outside this house.
Now come here and let me show me how much better having sex with me is than with those boys of yours.
My mom who was still holding me directed me toward the bed and said just do as we say and you will actually enjoy it after a minute, I can assure you that you won’t want anybody else after you two have made love together.  
My mother lay me on the bed and when I looked down my father was there at the end of the bed but his cock was hanging down.
Shit he said I have lost it. You will have to help me out.
My mother went to him and she bent down in front of him and took his cock in her mouth and sucked on him for a minute and she said there you are – its all ready for her.
He had his erection back and I knew he was going to use it in me. I shuddered not realizing it was nerves.
My mom came to the side of the bed and held my hand – it will be fine she said you will enjoy it – he is a very good lover.
He got between my legs and I  opened them and lifted my legs back to give him access to me.
He said now look at that she know exactly what to do – are you sure you have only done this once.
I said yes, it’s the way I have seen girls on the internet do it.
He said this will be better than any of the girls you watched there he said. Now are you ready and my mom said she looks radiant, she is beautiful, this will make her a real woman.

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It was then I realized he had no condom on – I said stop, you haven't got a condom on I don't want to get pregnant.
He laughed and said its ok I have had an operation to stop me getting your mother pregnant again – I cant get anybody pregnant now.
My mom said its true – he had an operation to stop it and we have been having sex for 18 years now and I have never been pregnant since you, and we have sex about 4 times week,
I said four times a week – that's gross. She said no I would have it every day some times. I think you will too after this.
He was now ready to penetrate me – my own father was ready to fuck me and my mother was a party to the incestuous relationship we were to participate in. My own father fucking me.
He put his cock head against the lips of my vagina and said are you ready and I nodded, if it hurts tell me and I will stop until you get accustomed to me being inside you.
He pushed further and I could feel his cock – much bigger than anything I had ever put into myself before - going into me.   It wasn’t hurting and it was actually feeling quite nice – a strange feeling but I was actually enjoying the sensation of the feeling that his cock was giving me as it went slowly deeper and deeper into me. I had been biting my lip in anticipation of pain but it never eventuated.
My mother said you are doing well, look at it – it’s almost right into you. How do you feel.
I said it feels good, just like you said, it isn’t hurting but it I think it is pretty tight I can feel my vagina stretching around it.
As soon as my father had penetrated me as far as he could he stopped and asked me again if it was hurting.


I said no, it felt tight but it wasn’t hurting.
My mom said does it feel good.
I said I shouldn’t say this because what we are doing is wrong but yes it feels nice.
Ok she said I think you can start on her now – I never realized it was going to be his easy. She seems like she is made for fucking – we are now a real family.
Lets see how she cums.
I could not believe this - my parents had decided to conduct an incestuous relationship with me – little did I realize where this would lead.
My dad began to fuck me – steady strokes at first slow and gentle then he went a bit faster and asked me a couple of times – are you ok – and I said yes. I was really enjoying this but I didn't want to tell him – we doing something terribly wrong but I was enjoying it.
After a few minutes I had relaxed and had begun to enjoy being fucked by a real cock, the boys had fucked me but their cocks had been small compared to my dads and didn't give me the same sensation as he was giving me – I was really enjoying it. When I looked up at the man above me fucking me steadily and with a great rhythm I didn't see my dad but a man I didn't know and I he was amazing me with his cock deep inside me and rising and falling steadily giving me an increasing degree of arousal. This was far better than masturbating, I was laying here enjoying having somebody fuck my cunt and give me sensations I could never give myself. He had been fucking me for at least 7 or 8 minutes and my mom said she is pretty good isn’t she – my dad said she is fantastic, just wait until she performs with you.
I sort of heard them talking but I was beginning to realize that I was getting further and further aroused and I knew what the feelings were – it wouldn’t be long and I would be cumming.
I said – I think we should stop – my mom said why?
I said I am going to cum and I don't think its right to be doing this.

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My mom said – listen honey you have come this far and you are doing fine – go the whole way and enjoy the best orgasm you have ever had – this is special – let him bring you off – I think you said it has not happened to you before with those boys so enjoy your first big orgasm with a wonderful lover and my guess is he will not be long behind you.
By now I gone beyond the point of no return – I couldn’t stop myself now if I wanted to – I could feel the sensation in my cunt, he had worked me up to the sensation I love – cumming.
My clit was ready to explode and my stomach muscles were contracting in a spasm sensation and I could feel me tightening my cunt harder and harder as he continued to fuck me even harder now – I hadn’t noticed but he was going harder and faster and he was beginning to grunt a little and then I released the tension inside me and my cunt exploded into a spasm of wonderful sensational feeling which went right through my body and I jumped about as his cock hit my nerves time and time again – it was almost hurting it was feeling so good.
Oh I said as I came – Fucking hell this is soooooooo good I said aloud.
My mother was holding my hand again as I squeezed it with the last remaining spasms of my climax.
Sweetheart I could not believe that this was going o be as easy and as wonderful as it has been. She and I were talking and I hadn’t realized my father was now fully engaged in fucking me hard and I heard a grunt and then another and I could feel him, he was cumming and his cum was going into me, The same cum that made me was now filling my cunt. I could feel the difference in the way his cock was moving, it was wetter than before and much looser. The tightness had gone and although I could tell he was still inside me the tight sensation was gone. I had been fucked well and truly and I had enjoyed my own father fucking me with my mother watching him and holding my hand.
He pulled his now half limp cock out of me and as I looked down I could see the smile on his face and as he got up to get off the bed – he looked at my mother and said that has to be one of the best fucks I have ever had.
My mom looked at me and said now that's a compliment I have never had – you will have to tell me how to do it and she laughed.
He stood up and his cock was hanging down limply and it was covered in the mess he had made inside me and mixed with his cum was the juice I had been making as he fucked me. It dripped a few drops off the end of it and my mom said come here – don't waste it that's special.

She got down and kneeled before him and once more took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.

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   That was sensational – I have never tasted anything so good she said as she licked the remaining juices off her lips and chin. She had sucked the cum off him and he was as clean as a whistle now.

I was in heaven myself. I was touching my cunt which was still tingling from being fucked by a real cock, the boys were no where near as big as my dad and it felt great inside me. What they were doing was disgusting really – but it was erotic, and my mom was doing it like the women on the net and my dad was really enjoying himself. I thought one day I might try it.
My mom worked on him with her hand and mouth and even after he had cum in me he managed to cum again and he still spurted cum, he must have a lot. She drank it and told him how good it tasted. I had cum again masturbating but it was pretty mild and I hardly felt it after the great one I had with my dad.

After he had cum in her mouth, we all stopped and my mom said she was going to have a shower and my dad said I will come with you. The two of them left me naked in my room while they went to the bathroom to shower. My mom said you were wonderful honey.

I could hear them and I was pretty sure they were doing something under the shower again. When I heard them leave I went and had a shower too. Then I got dressed.

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   It was over for that day and I realized it was not going to be my first and last with them.

The rest of the day my mom wouldn’t let me out of her sight.  Every time she got close to me she hugged me. She kept telling me how wonderful I was and how happy I had made daddy. If she asked me once she asked me about 18 times if I really liked it and I always said it was wonderful. She only asked me once if it was better than those 3 boys and I said yes. She said it’s a pity daddy didn't have your virginity with you – but never mind we will make that up for you, you wont need them to do that again. We can keep it all in the family now – and we did. Later on she said oh don't forget daddy wants you to shave your hair off, I can help you if you wish. I said can I leave a little bit – I have seen some girls on the net with just a little bit and it looks nice. My mom said that would be fine – I will give you the clippers and razor and you can have some fun with yourself. Later on we will get some wax for you to keep it smooth – that hurts a bit though so we will leave it for a couple of weeks for you to get used to being like that.

I left a small triangle well above my slit and I thought it looked nice. Mom said so too and said she might copy me – lets see what daddy says when he sees it. He liked it as my mom told him I had done it when he came home and he asked to see it, and said wow I like that when I showed him.

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Daddy and I had sex often after that sometimes we did it all together, I got to like being naked with them and after a few more times I asked him if he could teach me to suck his cock as mom always enjoyed it when she did it to him. He was a good teacher and I soon learned how to do it perfectly for him.  One day I would surprise a boy when I did it to him perfectly as well.

Another thing we ended up doing was having oral sex - that took a while before we did that. My dad often did it to my mom I learned but only when they were alone. One day we were all together having sex and my dad began to give oral to my mom, in front of me – he said come on you can join in. I sucked his cock while he sucked her cunt.

The next day mom and I were alone at home and she asked me if I felt like a bit of sex and I said but dad is not home. She said let me show you something else, we can keep it a secret from him for a while and next time we are doing it together you can show him that we have gone to the next level.

She took me upstairs to her bedroom and said undress and shower first. When we had both showered she told me what she had planned and I was a bit apprehensive but wanted to try. She was going to have oral sex with me and show me how to do it.

I have never enjoyed anything like it ever before – it was awesome – I had become an addict after one experience. My orgasm with her was the most amazing sensation I have ever had.

I will write a story about that later it was that good.

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After I had cum and settled down afterwards – she told me she wanted me to show her if I had learned anything. One thing was she was wet after doing it to me. She had the scent around her cunt and I recognized it as it was like me sometimes.   She talked to me about how to do it and I could relate to her doing it to me - so when I said I was ready we did it. It felt strange at first, one thing that flashed through my mind when I was licking her lips was that I had come out of the same place I was licking. I hadn’t realized either that when I drank my daddys cum it was the same stuff that made me – but he had done something to stop it making babies. I wondered what it would be like if he hadn’t had that done. I learned much later there was no difference.  While I felt strange and what I was doing was wrong,  I soon realized I was actually enjoying it and I listened to her as she guided me through the process and after about 18 minutes she had an orgasm as well. It was awesome as she said keep it going keep it going as she came and she kept it going for just over a minute. I had never had an orgasm last that long and when I told her she said when you have had more experience I will teach you how to handle it – it takes practice. I was going to enjoy the practice I was sure.