Daddy And Kelly photo shoot


It was a lazy sunny Sunday morning. An attractive woman in her thirties rattled at her front door as she struggled with the keys and her weekend grocery shop. Her breasts were large but firm, and she was wearing a short pleated skirt, showing off her gorgeous legs and a tight black sweater that clung to her body. Good looks were a family trait…
She went to the kitchen and put away her shopping then called out.
“Is anyone up yet!?”
There was no reply, so she made her way to the living room. On opening the living room door, she was shocked by what she saw… The light beamed through the window, onto a large sofa where a young naked girl was sprawled with her legs wide open, with a tripod and camera aimed right at her freshly shaven pussy. The camera operator, a man also in his thirties, looked up in shock and said.
“Hi honey… I can explain…”
“What the hell are you doing!?”
“Kelly said that all the girls are doing these kind of shots these days… and don’t you think it’s better her father do them than some backstreet studio?”
“You know I don’t agree with this Kelly! I know modelling is what you want to do, and I reluctantly said you could do some topless shots. But this is too much at your age!!” Said the woman turning to the young girl.
“I’m sorry mom, but I think this is what I need to get noticed, and like dad says… its better he takes these than just some pervert…”
Kelly rose to her feet and put on a pair of white panties from the floor beside her, then walked towards the kitchen. Her naked breasts lightly bounced with every stride, and although they were not as big as her mothers, they were much more pert, and more than ample for her young age.
“Want a drink daddy?” She called in a playful voice. “Yes darling, in a minute…”
“Why are you letting her talk you into this? You know she’s too young for this kind of shoot! You’re going to get us locked up!!” Scorned the girls’ mother, quieting her tone so her daughter could not hear.
“I’m sorry honey, but you know what Kelly’s like when she sets her mind on something… she wouldn’t have let it drop. ”
“Well I don’t think she should get her own way on this one. It’s just wrong… Anyway, I need to go back out and pick up some things I missed off the list.

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   When I get back, I expect to see Kelly, with clothes on, and that film destroyed! Okay?”
Kelly strode back into the room still wearing just her panties and carrying a glass of milk. Her manner was almost defiant as she flung herself back onto the sofa.
“Have you calmed down now mom?”
“Kelly, you think you know it all, but you don’t… You don’t need to show off your body like that to be a model! When I get back I expect to see some professional shots with clothes on for your portfolio!”
With that the woman exited the room, and Kelly and her father heard the front door slam.
“Thank god she’s gone! I hate it when she starts… and I hate wearing these!” Said Kelly, once again removing her panties and flinging them to one side.
“Now Kelly, you heard what your mother said… I think that’s enough of that for now… maybe when you’re older…”
“Awwww, Daddy… Pweeese…!? It’ll be our little secret!”
“No Kelly. Put your clothes back on, and stop being childish. ” Replied her father, trying to sound stern.
“But I shaved especially for this! Don’t you think it looks good? If you take some more shots, I promise I’ll be especially sexy for you… Don’t you want to see what I’m capable of?”
With that, Kelly took a sip of milk and let it dribble slightly onto her breasts. She then proceeded to lift one of her tits to her mouth, and slowly lick the white liquid from her nipple.
“Well? Are you going to shoot or what?”
The camera clicked and flashed.
“That’s more like it! Thank you daddy, I’ll make this shoot really worthwhile…”
She grabbed a towel and wiped the remaining milk from her breasts, then flung her body around and arched her back, spreading her legs, and showing the camera her magnificent asshole and pussy…
The camera, continued to click and flash. Her father couldn’t believe what he was doing, against the will of his beautiful wife, and indeed against his own morals. But as he watched his young daughter getting into such slutty positions right in front of his very eyes, a bulge in his trousers began to grow…
Suddenly his daughter stopped, turned, and looked at him.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“This doesn’t feel right daddy.

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   I don’t feel sexy enough… I think I need to get into the mood more…”
“What do you mean honey? You seemed to be doing just fine”
“Well… I need to be aroused… like you daddy…” She said, pointing to the now mammoth bulge in her fathers trousers.
“*splutter* I… Well…” “It’s okay daddy. I like the fact that I turn you on. It makes me feel good that just looking at me makes you hard… but I need more to be turned on… Will you touch me?”
“What!?” “Will you touch me? Down there? Just a little bit… just to get me more in the mood to be sexy for you… and the camera…”
“I don’t think…”
“Oh please daddy. I’ll be really grateful. I’d do it myself, but it’s not the same as someone doing it for me… If you do, I’ll not tell mom that you got a boner looking at me…”
Her father approached her, without a word, then slowly placed his hand on his daughters’ bald pussy and began to gently rub her clit…
“Ahhhhh… yes… that’s it daddy… mmmmmm… put your finger in me…”
He felt her moistness between her lips, and found his middle finger at the entrance to her tight opening, and with a smooth motion found his finger inside his daughters’ hole.
“Fuck yes…! Harder daddy… harder!!”
He plunged in and out of his daughters’ now wet pussy, feeling the vice like grip of her cunt around his finger.
“Lick me please daddy! I’m so close; please eat my pussy… please!!”
He knelt down between her legs and started lapping at the young girls’ clit, while his finger still moved around inside her.
“Yeeeeesssssss! That’s it… That’s it!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The girl arched her back, bolted and bucked on the sofa, clamping her fathers head between her legs, then eventually calmed to heavy breathing, and releasing her father from her grip…
“Thank you daddy, that was amazing! Mom is really lucky to have a guy like you… Now do you want me to help you get rid of that lump in your trousers?”
“Kelly, I…”
“I can just wank you off if you want… or give you a blowjob… or you can come on my tits if you want… my maths teacher likes to do that…”
Her father couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth, but it made him crazy.
    Was his daughter always such a slut and he’d just never caught on?
    “Kelly! Your teacher does that to you!?”
    “Come on dad! Didn’t you notice how my grades shot up when I got these?” She declared, while cupping her breasts.
    “I don’t know what to say…”
    “Just tell me what you want daddy… You can do anything of what I’ve just offered… or… what I’d really like…is for you to fuck me… I’ve never let anyone do that up till now…”
    She leaned forward and undid her fathers’ trousers, and pulled them down to the floor, along with his underwear. His large cock bobbed up in the air, pointing directly in his daughters face…
    “Wow daddy, mom is really lucky… your cock is huge… I can’t wait to feel it inside me…”
    Kelly laid back and spread her legs, then parted her lips slightly with her fingertips showing her glistening pink pussy.
    “Fuck me daddy… stick that huge cock inside of your baby daughter… I know you want to… I bet I’ll make you feel better than mom does…”
    With that her father lunged forward and pinned his daughter to the sofa, his cock finding her opening within seconds, and squeezing its way inside of her.
    “Oh I’ll fuck you baby… I’ll make you scream…”
    “Uh… Oh fuck daddy…! Ahhhh… You’re massive…!! Oh my god… Ohhhh… I can feel you all… Ugghhhh… the way in…Aggghhhhhh!!!”
    He pounded his daughter into the sofa, thrusting harder and faster with each stroke…
    “Ohhhhh… Daddddddyyyyyyeeeeee! Come inside me daddy… Come inside me…!! I’m on the pill daddy…!!! Come inside me…”
    “You little slut! You fucking little sluuuuuttttt…!! Aaagggghhhhh…!!!”
    He pounded his cum into his daughters’ womb, as her pussy clenched around his cock milking every drop…
    Meanwhile, by the living room door, stood Kelly’s mother watching the scenario playing out before her eyes, with her short skirt hiked up, thong pulled to one side, and her fingers buried deep within her own climaxing pussy…
    “Fuck… My daughter is as much of a slut as I am…” She whispered to herself…