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I found this website and funny that I actually was in a position that seems a lot of people fantasise about. When I was 18 I called into my dads office just before closing as I was in town and was going to ask for a lift home. I walked into the office and one of the guys was walking out. I saw my dad in his office with Sam the girl from reception. I went straight through the tea room to the toilet as I was in a rush so I didn't even say hi. I tried to flush the toilet but it wouldn't work. I walked out and as I entered the tea room there was my dad kissing Sam. I stopped and dropped to my knees. I had another look they were all over each other againt one of the desks in the main office. Gee everyone had left and they thought they were alone in the office. My heart beat was racing. What do I do? I was on my knees looking covertly from the tea room as Sam pulled my dads pants down. I couldn't believe what i was watching. Here is Sam a girl who i consider a friend sucking my dads cock. I was surprised how instantly I was getting weter and weter. Sam is a very attractive girl.

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   Small, petite with long blonde hair. People often ask if we are sisters as we have similar features. Now my dad is in good shape for his age (over double Sams age) he is quite tall and keeps himself fit. I was stunned looking at my dads cock as it was so much bigger that my only boyfriend and only exposure to a cock before. Here I was with these mixed emotions I thought of mum and it put me off. I tried to block out that dad was cheating. This was the sexiest think I had ever seen. I was so turned on by how Sam was just ravaging dads cock. Her mouth was all over it. It made me think how lame my attempt of giving my ex head must have seemed to him. I was getting a lesson in how its done. I couldn't believe Sam was taking so much of his cock in her mouth. Fuck I was so wet I now had my hand up between my legs with my dress up and my panties to one side. I was rubbing my clit. I was thinking how wrong this is but how much it turned me on.

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   They seemed well practiced as without a word Sam stood up and dropped her pants and dad was entering her from behind. I was thinking surely Sam couldn't take it all as she is so small. She started telling dad to fill her up with his big cock and lots of dirty talk. This was really driving me wild. I had never even thought of dirty talk. I was getting a first class lesson. I couldn't believe how wet i was. I was sliding my fingers into my pussy and rubbing my clit. I'd had sex only a handfull of times but I don't think I had ever been this wet before. I couldn't believe dad was driving his whoile cock inside Sam. She seemed to take it so easy as she told him to pump her as hard as he could. Suddenly dad was telling her he was going to fill her pussy with cum. This excited me so much. They finished and Sam was dressed in a heartbeat and kissed dad goodbye. Now i'm in trouble I'm on all fours still rubbing my pussy.

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   Sam Left the office. Dad was headed my way. I moved behind the door. I still had my hand between my legs. I so wanted to climax as this was the hottest I had ever been. Then the most embarressing few seconds of my life. Dad saw the door move and looked behind it. There I am with my dress up and panties across with my fingers inside myself. He must have been able to tell I was more horny than angry. We didn't speak for what seemed ages. I was so horny I wanted to keep masterbating but I stopped and lowered my dress. I couldn't believe what happened next. He moved forward and lifted my dress up again. His fingers went straight into my pussy where my had just been. He remarked how wet I was.

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   He asked my if i liked what I saw. I told him I thought Sam was hot and he was lucky. He said shes almost as hot as what I was. I liked hearing this considering how hot Sam is. I pushed dad away as I for some reason couldn't kiss him. As I did this he exposed his cock which was rock hard again. I grabbed it. I so wanted to have it inside me. I went down on my knees and tried to copy what I had watched Sam do with his cock earlier. Dad moaned and groaned. I stopped and looked up Dad moved around behind me as I was still on all fours. My panties were removed. I was so nervous. I wasn't sure how I would go as his cock was so big compared to the only one I had before. Slowly my lips were parted.

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   I was so wet and excited. It was a mixture of pleasure and a bit of pain as dad slowly drove it into me. We didn't talk he just fucked me. I kept picturing how this big cock sliding into me looked while it was pumping Sam. I was so turned on. I started telling dad how good it felt. I had to move forward slightly as he started to get too deep. Take it all I told myself. Dad was now holding my hips and pumping me hard. It was hurting a bit as he said he wanted to cum. He was telling me my pussy is so tight. I didn't say anything as dad announced he was cumming. I wasn't on the pill but I was so turned on I wanted his cum inside me. He thrust a couple more times as he moaned. I rubbed my clit as he pumped me.

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   I climaxed so many times as he was fucking me. My dad still fucks me occasionally. I haven't had anyone as big as him. I love his cock. .



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