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I found my daughter's journal few years ago when I was cleaning her room. Sara hides her journal in an intake vent next to her bed. She writes everything from things she did the day before to things she has done sexually, and her dreams. . . . and fantasies. Sara has been dating a boy for about six months, and i recently read in her journal she gave her first blowjob to him. She described how she was in his bedroom, and he kept putting her hand in his lap. She went on writing how she felt his boner and wanted to see it. I kept reading how she described how she sucked it really fast and then he moaned and he came really quick in her mouth. I laughed as she described how it was salty and she swallowed some before she could spit it out. I was just about to put it away when I flipped through the pages to see if I missed any I haven't read, and in the back was 3 pages of something. I sat on her bed with a boner excited to see if this was another hot confession. I began reading "Guys my age are hot, and have six packs, and all that but I just would like to date a guy that is older than me and is really sexually expierenced. I guess I just want a guy that could be open with what he wants, you know like while we are making out just pulls my panties down and licks my pussy and tells me how good I smell and then holds my arms over my head and pushes his dick in me.

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   I watched one of my step-mom's porn videos i found in her bra drawer and it had a guy holding this chick down and she was screaming and pretended to tell him no as he fucked her and then in the end of the movie she spread her legs and let his cum drip out of her pussy. " I read on as she described every detail of how she wanted to be fucked against her will, and so on. I skipped half way down and read more. "I fingered myself on my dad's bed. I knew it was wrong but, it made me even hornier to know my dad fuck's my step-mom where I was cumming as well. I bet she gets fucked really good. I have been in the bathroom when my dad was getting out of the shower and his dick was thick. It made me wet to see his wet body, and when he bent over and I seen his balls from behind. anyways, I guess I'm just looking for a guy that's actually older and doesn't cum in a minute. " My dick was so hard reading my daughters dirty mind. She wrote more how she isn't really sexually expierienced, and she is still a virgin technically. She wrote in another journal entry I read about how she let the guy she was dating put his "small ass dick" in her butt. She explained how he kept trying to stick it in her butt, and she finally just put more lube on her pussy and butt and he pushed it in, and then he came all over her butt and bed sheets. I knew I couldn't read anymore, I put the journal back and decided to take a shower. My new wife came home about ten minutes later and jumped in the shower with me.

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   We ended up having sex in the shower, as I thought about it being my daughter. A week went by and my wife had to go out of town for a few days for business. So Friday night she left and it was just my daughter and me. She ended going to the mall with one of her friends, and came home around dinner time. We decided to order a pizza and watch a movie. My daughter came out of her room in a pair of lounge pants and a white tank top with no bra. Her breasts are a B cup with perky little nipples just like her mom. I couldn't help but look at her red nipples slightly visible through her top. We watched our movie and had a great time. Sara ended up coming over on the couch and laying her head on my shoulder as watched the movie next to me. I felt her breast on my leg as she got comfortable. I kept thinking about her dirty journal entry as I rubbed her back and slide my hand under the waist band of her panties to rub her lower back. The next night came around and and my daughter went out with a bunch friends, The New England Patriots were playing, which was my favorite team, so I ate left over pizza and watched football. It was about 10:30pm and Sara wasn't home yet. I decided to see he she had added any journal entries since last week, as I opened her journal I heard the garage door open "Oh Shit!" I thought, I don't have enough time to put this back in the register and screw the vent back in to the wall.

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   I shoved the journal in the vent and hid in her closet. I heard my daughter yell my name and tell me she was home, as she came into her room. She kicked her shoes off and took a deep breath. I peeked through the cracks and could see she was wearing a fancy top that pushed her boobs together to make it look like her cleavage was bigger. I figured she would leave and go find me but she stayed in her bedroom. I watched as she pulled her top off and then took her bra off. Her perky little breasts were beautiful. I felt my dick get hard.
    Sara bent over and pulled her jeans off and she had on a bright orange thong on. Sh tan little but cheeks were so nice. She opened her drawer and put on a shirt, and then pulled off her thong. MY boner grew in my pants as she put it up to her face and smelled it. "Damn, I smell strong. " As she through her panties in her clothes basket. Then she put on a pair of black shorts with no underwear.


       I held my breath, hoping she wasn't going to open the closet. Sara opened her door and left. I listened until i heard her yell my name again, and then I ran to my bedroom. I quickly pulled my clothes off and then the door opened. "Daa. . . " "Oh shit sorry dad. " Sara caught a glimpse of my naked body "It's ok just a sec. " I wrapped a towel over me as I looked down and could see I still had a chubby that was visible. "You can come in hon. . " Sara opened the door and apologized again. "I was just getting in the shower, are you staying in then, or you leaving again?" "No," she said "I'm staying here tonight, oh I need to get my shampoo out of your shower" Sara said. She walked in the bathroom and opened the shower door, I watched as she bent over.

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       "What?" I could tell Sara kept looking at my dick. She reached over to grab her shampoo and I dropped my towel. I felt my dick get hard as Sara turned around "Holy shit!" "What are you doing?" "Take your shorts off Sara. " "What? no, why are you hard?" I stood in front of Sara as she looked at me surprised. I pulled her shorts down as she tried to hold them up. "Take them off, I know you don't have underwear on. " "Dad! what?" "I watched you change Sara I was in your closet when you came home. " "What, dad I'm a little young for you, and I am your daughter. " I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down, her pussy looked so nice. "You know you want an older guy you can have sex with. " I grabbed her arms and her hands touched my dick. "Dad uh dad I'm not. . . no.

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      . . . . let go. " I turned her around and grabbed her shirt. She lifted her arms as I pulled her shirt off. "Oh dad I'm scared. . . " Sara moaned as she grabbed my dick, she was breathing so fast. "Are you going to fuck me like you do Alana?"(my wife) I held her arms on the counter as she was bent over the sink rubbed my dick on her but crack and kissed her back. She turned around and sat on the sink. I sucked on her small breasts, and then I spread her legs and licked her tight young pussy. She tasted so good.

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       I rubbed my nose in her pussy so I could smell it so strong. "God you have a sweet pussy. " Sara was held my head as I ate her pussy. "We can get in trouble, dad. " I stood her up and turned her around as I told her to spread her butt cheeks. My daughters young body was so small compared to mine, her tight little butt cheeks made me even harder. "What do you want to do?" I grabbed her breasts as I pushed her over the sink. "Dad, no we can't have sex. " She tried to stand up, as I held her down. "Dad, no let go!" I pushed my dick against her pussy, Her pussy was extremely tight. "OWWW that hurts, it hurts, dad stop. " I felt my dick push into her pussy, I began thrusting my daughter's pussy. My body felt like it was on fire. My daughter moaned, and then worked in a few stop, it hurts. Sara started to whimper and then she moaned.

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       "Yes, fuck me like you fuck Alana. . . . " "Daddy, no. . . stop. . . . Oh God. . . .

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      . I. . . I think I'm going to have my first orga. . . . . . OHHHH OHHHHH DDDDAAAAAD!" My daughter's knees went limp. I fucked her hard knowing she came. I felt my balls get tight as I came in Sara. "NO, don't. .

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      . . . . OHH I can feel it shooting in me. " I came in my daughter and I let go of her arms she turned around and looked at me . I lifted her up and sat her on the counter again. . . "What are you doing dad?" I spread her legs and held her ankles to keep her legs spread. Sara looked down. Sara queefed and looked up at me embarrassed. I could tell my dick really stretched her young pussy. Sara watched her pussy as cum dripped out of her tight lips onto the counter. Sara stood up and looked at my dick, and could see a little cum still dripping out of my dick.


       She kneeled down and put her mouth around my dick and sucked it for a second. I moaned and Sara stood up with tears in her eyes. "Do you like fucking your daughter?" I looked at her naked body and kissed her mouth, and we made out for a second. I felt my dick get a chubby and I felt my daughter stick her tounge in my mouth. "It was just like a fantasy I had, Just like it. . . . " Sara smiled as she hugged me, her soft little breasts against my chest. Sara sighed. . . . . .

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      "MMMM. . . just like I wished. ".



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