Dad and Son Fishing I


Dad and I had rented a cabin up at the lake to do some weekend fishing. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. It started raining the night we got there, and was still raining the next morning when we get up. While dad made coffee, and I went ahead and got into the shower. I came out with a towel wrapped around my waist and padded into the small, rustic living room where Dad was sitting in his robe with a mug of coffee. I just shrugged about my casualness and remark on how nobody is going to be stopping be. Dad agrees, and says not our here, and certainly not in this weather. Then he smiled and said how if I didn't feel like bothering with a towel that it's perfectly OK with him. I grin a little self-consciously. I'm twenty-two, but growing up we never did anything like that at home around the house. I never saw my parents naked and I certainly never walked around in the buff. I joked and asked him if he was going to join me. Dad's pretty cool about it and said, sure, why not? Pointing out that we're both guys.
So, simply because it seemed like a fun diversion, I went ahead and slipped off my towel and dad takes off his robe. It seemed daring and fun, both of us being naked like that together, and we're enjoying it. Dad admits that he's not exactly use to do something like this with another guy, and just being curious he asked me if I had ever done anything like this with any of my guy friends.

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   I can tell he's not trying to suggest that I'm gay or anything. I answered him truthfully, and tell him no, that I haven't. He looks a little disappointed and says how he thought that young guys today were more open about stuff like that with each other than guys of his generation. I admit that they probably are, just that the opportunity never really came up to ever be naked with any of my guy-friends. Not like this, just doing it together for fun. For both of us this is kind of a first, and we laughed about it, commenting on what mom would probably think if she knew that our fishing trip turned into an excuse for the two of us to have some bare-assed fun together.
Well, laughing about it some more, and seeing it as something a little risque, kind of got us both going. As I was standing there, I found myself starting to get an erection. But so was dad. In just a moment more, even if quite unintentionally, we were both showing off an outstanding boner. Me, with mine jabbing up spear-like, and dad sitting there with his pushing up thick and red from between his legs.
We both grinned modestly, but laughed about our revealing arousal and joked how good it felt just being able to be guys like this together. Which it did. It was sort of cool not having to be all embarrassed about being naked and having a boner, especially as father and son. We also laughed about what mom would think now if she knew about the two of us sharing this sexy moment and could only imagine what we had gotten up to.

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   Remarking on how, thankfully, there was no way that she would ever know, of course. Even if we did a little father-son mutual jack-off.
Just for fun, we went ahead and gave each other boner a playful feel. Which was great to do, with both of us admitting that it was interesting to see what it was like to participate in some indulgent between-males sex play. Being uninhibited about it, I joined dad on the small sofa and we continued to happily hold and squeeze each others substantial erection, confessing how good that felt to actually be doing this. Dad said something about maybe trying sucking on mine while he was at it, and said it was okay with me. So dad leans over and takes my dick in his mouth and slowly goes up and down a few times on my boner. Seeing how he's having no problem in trying this, I take my turn and suck on his large manhood. We're both just completely surprised with ourselves. First, for even doing something like this together, and for enjoying it so much!
As we sit there, dad grips my boner and starts to feel my balls, squeezing them around. It feels terrific. Then, he slips his index finger downto tickle my butt hole. I laugh at the suggestive intimacy. This is something that I've never really had done to me before and it's really extremely stimulating. I let him do that, and he grins over how much I like this sensation.

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   Then he says how maybe I would like how it would feel if he tried sticking his boner in my hole. I was sort of surprised and I know that I blushed. But being as careless as we are with each other right then, I tell him that he can try if he wants.
Some sun tan lotion is about all we have for lubrication, so dad applies some of that to his big, stiff organ. Then, getting behind me, he slowly works the hugely swollen tip into my opening. I'm sort of surprised by how easily this happens, and the next thing I know, I'm feeling his erection sliding all the way in. He groans and tells me how good it feels, and slowly and gently, but with a purposeful firmness, he began to slid in and out. I can't believe how excited this makes me, feeling his boner fucking my butt.