Dad and Son do the Twins Part 2


Daisy laid down facing Sam’s crotch. And Rose plopped her hairless pussy right down on Sam’s face. Daisy yanked Sam’s foreskin back and quickly had him in her mouth, while coddling his balls. Well I guess she had been paying attention from earlier. Sam probably had the best wake up in his 18 ½ years. He started moaning and growing. I let them go at it for a few minutes until everyone seemed wide awake and ready to go. I said ok kids it is my turn again. Sam immediately grabbed my hard cock and forced my foreskin back and got my entire length into his throat. I stopped him and said, “Not another blowjob from you Sam, Daisy wants me to fuck her. ” “But Dad, you said there is no way you are gonna be able to fit that 18 ½ inch wrist sized monster of yours into her without me loosening her up for a while, Why don’t you do Rose I already got her loosened up a little bit. ” Sam said. I said, “I know what I said and thanks for reminding me that you will be getting all of the firsts around here. But I been thinking, and have an idea of how I’m gonna be able to get my twice the average sized dick into her little 18 year old pussy. ” “Oh really Daddy, I am so happy, but I don’t want to get hurt. ” Daisy said.

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   I then asked her “Has anyone gotten hurt so far, except for when you fell onto the remote control?” I told her there is definitely gonna be pain but no one is going to get hurt. I told Sam to reach in the bedside table and get the toys in there. I kept all of my dead wife’s dildos to put into my ass when I jerked off. There were three different sizes. The smallest was a little metal dildo about the size of a magic marker. The next size up was a white one that everyone and her mother had. It is about the size of a average mans cock but not as thick. The last one is what my wife called Big Bubba. It was a big black rubber dildo about the size of a kielbasa. But still not as big as me. Not bragging or lying here but picture a two tubes of Jimmy Dean sausage end to end and you got me. Very long and very wide for any girl never mind my 18 year old daughter, Who has never had anything larger than my finger inside her. Well the remote took out her cherry but that was an accident and only went in 2 inches. I grabbed the smallest dildo from Sam and told Rose to suck on it, I said she is to suck on each one before I use them on Daisy and she is to get the entire dildo inside her mouth and throat or nobody is getting nothing. Everyone is gonna learn how to deep throat around here because that is the way guys like it.

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   Of course Sammy agreed, with his fingers crossed hoping the twins could master the art of deep throat. Yeah like I would stop the sex play if they couldn’t. It is just good incentive. Plus Sam could already deep throat my entire cock and new he could get it any time he wanted. Rose had the whole tiny dildo in her mouth and I told her to hold one of her sister Daisy’s legs apart and Sammy the other one. So there was my kids all naked in my bed Daisy laying on her back with Rose on one side a dildo in her mouth holding her sister’s leg out and Sam with his jutting teenage 7 inch uncut cock in his hand holding her other leg out to the side. Daisy was in the splits with her little bald cunt totally exposed. I put 3 pillows under her tight little behind and laid down and started to lick her entire crotch. Everything was wide ass open to lick. I slathered her from asshole to her clitty. I grabbed the dildo out of Rose’s mouth and stuck it all the way into her little puffy cunt. I turned it on and Daisy went out of her mind. She was moaning and groaning like a woman in her prime. I handed the next size up dildo to Rose and told her to get the entire thing wet. She started licking it and I told her to suck on it, she is gonna need the practice if he is ever gonna please her Daddy and her brother.

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   She gagged and choked the whole thing in until she got down to the ridges at the bottom were you turn it on. I kept working on Daisy’s little box all the while. Sam was pulling on his rod while pulling on Daisy’s right nipple. I pulled the little one out of Daisy and told Rose to give me the next one. I told Daisy to work the little one into Rose’s cunt. I eased the white dildo up into Daisy with hardly any problems but it only went in about 5 inches, when it hit her cervix. Daisy was really getting into it panting while fucking her twin with a little dildo. She asked me if I would pull on her pussy lips, and I said ok but she is to now start sucking her brothers cock. Sam pulled his skin back and started thrusting it into his little sister. I was working the medium dildo in and out or Daisy’s squishy cunt and grabbed a hold of one of her pussy lips and pulled on it. She moaned around her brother’s cock with what sounded like “harder harder. ” So I obliged really pulling hard on her woman sized cunt lips. That is when I figured out that when I asked the twins if they did anything put pull on each others nipples in bed at night that they lied. They must have been pulling on each others labia also because they were kinda large for such tiny girls. I asked about it and they confirmed it and said they pinched and pulled on their clits too.

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   For some reason just like their mother they liked to have their naughty bits pulled and abused. I pulled on their mother’s labia so much that they hung down about 3 inches from her outer lips. At this rate the twins lips would be quite stretched out by the time they reached their 20’s. I told Rose to get Big Bubba ready so Sammy handed it to her. And she proceeded to work it into her mouth. I was still fucking Daisy with the white dildo when it popped through her cervix and the whole thing went in. Excellent. It barely fazed her, then again it wasn’t that wide. Sammy said he is about to cum. So I spoke up and told Daisy not to swallow any of his sperm. Rose now had Big Bubba all the way down to the big base not intended for insertion. I was really kinda shocked. These girls are gonna work out just fine. Sam said, “Oh Dad, I’m ready to shoot what do you want me to do?” I said “Just cum in Daisy’s mouth not in her throat, and Daisy like I said don’t swallow keep it all it there. Sammy let loose with a “umph umph umph umph.

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  ” Noise. I got up to Daisy’s face and told her I’m gonna suck your brother’s cum out of your mouth now. I put my mouth on hers and got as much cum out of her mouth as I could, and saw Daisy swallow the rest. I took Big Bubba out of Rose’s mouth and deep throated it myself coating it with my son’s cum, getting it nice and lubed up. I took the white dildo out of Daisy’s tiny cunt and handed it to her, she knew what to do and took out the little one in Rose’s little beaver and slipped the medium one in. I took Big Bubba out of my throat, and put it at the entrance to Daisy’s little snatch. I pushed it in about 2 inches twisting and pushing. She gasped and said “Daddy it will never go I’m too little down there. ” I told Rose and the now spent Sam to come down here and help me. I said, “Each of you grab a hold of one of Daisy’s cunt lips and pull them out to the sides. They both pinched her lips between the forefinger and thumb and pulled out, opening her wide to the world. Daisy said, “Daddy I think I can take a little more now. ” I said, “That’s my sweet baby girl. ” I eased a couple of more inches in, and Daisy sucked in a deep breath. I told her, “Breathe easy honey, it’s almost there.

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  ” But it wasn’t, there was about 6 inches to go. Sam said, “Dad I can’t believe she is so stretched out, look at her Rosie Posy. ” Rose was looking already and exclaimed, “Oh my god Daddy she is gonna rip or something. ” Daisy got scared over that comment, and said, “Daddy it doesn’t hurt much but please don’t tear my little cunty. ” “It ain’t going to tear honey baby, trust me, hear we go just a little more. ” I had about 5 inches in her and 6 to go. I pulled back, and pushed in slowly I kept it up gaining speed soon I was fucking her fast with Big Bubba. I started to insert a tiny bit every once in a while. I could feel it bumping her cervix and Daisy was saying “Ouch ouch ooh ooh ooh. ” every time it bottomed out. She then said she had that pee feeling and I immediately stopped. I knew she wasn’t gonna piss, but I wanted to be inside her when she blew her special (female ejaculation. ) I pulled Big Bubba out of my little girl and stuck it up my ass, while my son and her twin sister still held her cunt lips out to the sides. Daisy said, “Why the fuck did you stop Daddy? I feel so empty now!!!” I couldn’t believe her language, and I loved it. I said, “I’m about to fill you up again with my dick darling baby.

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  ” I grabbed a handful of Vaseline and slathered my cock with it and put my dick at the opening between Daisy’s legs. I put my foreskin covered head into her cunt, and started to push, knowing it will be a lot easier to get inside her as my foreskin receded down my cock. And sure enough it worked as my foreskin popped over my big purple dick head, I entered her with my whole dick head. Not without a scream and some tears from Daisy. I let her adjust to the new invasion for a couple of seconds. Then she said, “A little more Daddy, Sammy, and Rose pull my nipples like you are pulling my cunt lips. Only harder, fucking pull me apart I don’t care. ” I pushed my wrist sized dick into her pussy 2 whole inches this time. And Daisy screamed at the top of her lungs. I looked down and she was so outrageously stretched out the whole scene looked like a cartoon. I now had inside my daughter 4 out of 11and ½ inches of the thickest meat she is ever gonna cum across. She was screaming “Oh Daddy it hurts so good, keep pushing. Sam and Rosie Posy pull harder my nipples and cunty lips. Harder I say you fucking pussies. ” I yelled out, “You heard her kids, our little ten years cock loving spit fire loves it rough so give it too her.

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  ” Sam leaned back with all his weight while pulling on her left nipple and cunt lip, stretching them both unbelievable far. Rose followed suit and leaned back pulling with all she had. Her nipples were now stretched out to the sides about 3 inches and the stretchy skin of her labia were being pulled about 4 ½ iches down the sides of her legs. Daisy was screaming and crying now. Tears were pouring out of her eyes, But she was still hollering “Oh it hurts so good, I love you guys so much. Rosie Posy you are the best sister ever, and I’m going to do this to you only harder. Oh Oh Oh fuck yes Sammy pull, you little cock sucker! I love it! I love you Sam! Oh my god Daddy fuck me, fuck me FFFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE!!!” Little did she know I had only been fucking her with 5 inches of dick. Bumping Bumping Bumping up into her cervix. The harder I slammed into her back wall the more she cried, and I’m talking bawling. But she had the look of ecstasy on her face the whole time. I said, “Here it all comes honey. ” She said, “Here what all comes? Aren’t you in all the way Daddy?” “Not by half baby. ” Is what I told her. Then all she said was, “Oh no, fuck me this is gonna be bad, I know it. ” “That’s right honey get ready.

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  ” I pushed in up to her cervix, and then applied a constant pressure, real real hard. My big hard dick was actually bending a little. And Daisy screamed out a high pitched sound like feedback on a microphone over a giant speaker. And suddenly I pushed on through, right into her womb. Her tight little tummy actually had a bulge in it where my cock was up in past her cervix about 6 inches. I stayed still until her eyes rolled back into focus. Her face was soaked with tears. But suddenly she had a little smile on her face. I said, “Here we go my little Daisy Flower, I’m gonna pull back now, real slow. ” I pulled out till just my dick head was in her. And saw blood mixed with her juices and the Vaseline on my cock, I slowly pushed back in. “Are you ok baby?” I asked. “It’s getting better Daddy. ” She gasped. I told her I’m gonna pick up the pace a little.

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   So I started to pump in and out of her, going faster and faster. Until we were fucking each other like two adults would. She was bucking her hips up to meet mine. With a low animalistic, “Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh. ” Sounding like a caveman. I told Sammy and Rose to let go of her pussy lips now and told Daisy to wrap her little 18 year old legs around my back, as I laid down on top of her. Her face only came to my chest and she started to bite my nipples. Back and forth she switched biting pretty hard. Sammy pulled Big Bubba the dildo out of my ass, and put it in his own and then rammed his cock into me. Rose sat in front of my face and in her little shy voice said, “Daddy will you eat my fucking neglected pussy a little?” I answered her by just diving in. I pulled her pussy lips with my fingers real hard out to the sides while I latched onto her inch long clitty. Sam and I got into a rhythm me fucking Daisy missionary style and him fucking my ass. Daisy yelled “I think I’m gonna cum Daddy, and what else did you say me and Rosie the Posy could do like very few girls?” I told her, “It is called (female ejaculation) Not only can you have an orgasm and cum like a big girl even at the age of 18 you girls can squirt giant blasts of juice out of your cunts. “That’s it Daddy here it cums!” She was screaming, Oh Daddy oh Daddy, uh uh uh uh uh uh. ” It was so tight in her little cunt and she was such a good fuck I was also ready to blast her full of my cum.


   Daisy screamed again, “Daddy your cock is getting bigger, oh fuck I can’t take it any more!” I felt Sammy’s cock getting thicker inside my asshole. He was ready too. I started sucking real hard on Rose’s clit and pushed three fingers up into her. I could then feel the insides of her little pussy start to push outward. “Oh man kids we are all going to cum and squirt at the same time!” I yelled. Daisy’s cuntal walls and womb and cervix were gripping me like a vice. And her eyes rolled up into her head as she came to orgasm and also sprayed my inner thighs with her girly spray. Rose’s cunt was gripping my fingers as her face turned red and then she sprayed my face with about a pint and a half of her female ejaculate. That was it for me also and I downloaded a sack full of cum into my little girl. As I was cumming in Daisy overly stretched pussy I instinctively clenched my ass-cheeks and sphincter and sent Sammy over the edge. Sammy yelled, “Dad your sphincter is keeping my cum from shooting out, it hurts, it hurts. Dad let go please it is killing me. I had to concentrate and let loose my shit muscle, and Sammy let out a loud groan and I could actually feel is pent up load fill up my asshole all at once. That was it for all of us, it took about an hour from the time we woke up from our nap until we all came like sluts at a gangbang. I sent Rose to get a couple of towels from my bathroom to wipe up the shit off of Sammy’s dick the big dildo and my asshole.

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   The girls took care of that for us. Then we laid back and licked each other clean. Sam and I licked each other clean, he licked my whole entire crotch area and gave me a nice relaxing blowjob while I did the same for him. The twins were cleaning each other. Daisy was on top of Rose in the 69 position. Believe me, they were still going at it after me and Sam were falling asleep after gobbling another load of each others cum up. Both girl’s nipples and cunt lips were completely black with bruising from all the pulling and squeezing. But that is the way they like it just like their mom did when she was alive. But I don’t remember her ever bruising till her nipples and long hanging cunt lips were black. I am planning on getting my huge hog into Rose next remember she is the timid one so I hope it won’t be too traumatic for her. But it is going to happen!!! The end. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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