Dad and me: part 1


I have alwAys seen my father as more than a father. How did I see him? I sawmy dad as the man who made my fanatsies come true in my dreams as he fucked me in my head. He was the one I thought of when I saw my womanly body while I dressed in the morning.

One day, I went to take a shower. While I was scrubbing myself down, I hear the door open, I thought I was imagining it until my dad's head peeked around the corner followed by his manly body.

He smiled, then began to stroke my face. He began to move down, first stroking, then sucking my hard, perky nipples. I moaned quitely.

He then began to rub my stomach, then my hip and gradually got lower towards my wet, shaved pussy
"dad! I never knew you felt this way", I said.
"honey, every time I see you, I thnk of my dick inside of your tint little cunt. "
he began to slowly rub my pussy tenderly as I continued to moan.
My dad then rubbed it faster and faster until I was jerking with pleasure.
    He turned ge water off and carried me to my bed where he spread my legs and looked at my beautiful pink cunt.
    "Bree, you're a sexy little slut!". He began to suck me' and flicked my clitoris with his tounge. We played and teased for hours as I intimately sucked his massive cock.

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       I knew he wanted more.
    "Just lay down and speed your legs wide open. Relax. Close your eyes and count to three. "
    " one. Two. Three. I felt a rush of emotions as his long cock slid into my wet, tight cunt. We fuck for hours in all types of positions and heard a knocking on the door.
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