Dad and his friends plays with his daughter.


Hello guys! This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it.

The following story is completely a fantasy.

I have been married to a woman for 2 years. She was beautiful and intelligent. I was quite happy with her. But there was a serious problem. She had a daughter named Alice, from her previous husband. She was 19 years old and was very sexy. She was as beautiful as her mother but she has one advantage that she was young. I have always been attracted to young ladies. And this girl was really sexy. But I have always tried to control my feeling as I know she was my step daughter and I don’t wanted to mess up things. But even then I have masturbated a lot of time fantasying her. Even several times while having sex with her mother I was fantasying her. Her body was smooth and soft, I can imagine her soft body under my hands.

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   Her boobs looked so perfect. I wanted to lick her nipples and put my dick in her young and tight pussy. She has really made me mad.

One day, my wife was going on a tour for her some office work. She was going to be out for at least 4 days. She asked me to take care of the house and her daughter. The first day went out. Since, I was getting bored, I asked my friends to come to my house and play cards. So, the next day my friends came. I had two friends Eddie and Sam. Alice was out with her friends. Me and my friends started playing cards. After few rounds were over Alice came back. She was wearing pink colored mini skirt and a white colored tank top. I could easily see her sexy legs and her beautiful curves of her breasts. 


As she went to her home,

Eddie said, “Man, you daughter is so hot”.

To which Sam added, “Really, your daughter is so hot. You are so lucky. I wish I as you. ”

 I replied, “Lucky Me!,  no way, I have the worst luck. I see her every day from morning to night fantasying about her every second even then I could not do anything”.

Eddie – “Why you saying such thing. You are her dad. Go grab her. ”

Sam – “I have been fucking my daughter for years. And she is your step-daughter even then you couldn’t do anything”

Me – “What the fuck! You have been fucking your own daughter. You are so lucky. Guys! Help me out.

Even I wanna fuck her. ”

Eddie – “OK! Here’s the deal we will try our best to let you fuck your daughter, but in return you have to let us fuck her too.

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Me – “What the fuck! You want to fuck my daughter. Ok! Whatever you guys help me and I let you fuck her too. ”

We all then started thinking. We started to make plans. Eddie and Sam were giving so good ideas that I could not wait to implement them. We were thinking and then suddenly Alice come to me and

Says, “Dad! I saw a beautiful dress at the mall and I wanna buy it. Can you please give some money. My friends are also buying that. And I really want it”.

Me – “But few days back you have taken money for your dress. I cannot give it again. ”

Sam – “Hey Alice, You could do one thing, Why don’t you play with us and if you win you can take the money”

Alice – “That’s a good idea, but I don’t have much money”.

Eddie – “No Problem, you start with your less money only and as you will win, you can get more”

Alice – “Ok”

We all started playing cards. Eddie and Sam were very profession with cards and they didn’t let her win. Soon, She lost her money that she had.

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Alice – “Oh god! I lost my all money. Now I have nothing. Now what to do. Now! I don’t even have my pocket money”

Sam – “you can do one thing. Instead of money you can play with your cloths. For every turn you could drop your cloth. ”

Alice – “Have you gone mad. How could say like that. And Dad! Could you even hear that. ”

Eddie – “It’s completely upto you, if you want money then play and if not then you can leave. And don’t care about your father, It is just a game. You might have played such games with your friends for fun, now you play it for money”

With no delay, Alice takes her top. And says – “OK! Lets do it you perverts”

She was wearing a black bra. And her breasts looked so delicious.

Soon, she lost that game and Sam asked her to take out her skirt.

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   And She did so. She was now seating in black bra and panty.

Again she lost the game and took out her bra. For the first time I was seeing her those big boobs. And it was getting difficult to control my feelings.

She again lost the game and took out her panty. Her pussy was shaved. I could feel that she was not a virgin any more.

Eddie distributes the cards and again Alice lost the game.

Alice – “Now I don’t have any thing”

Sam – “Yes you have! Since I have won this game you give me a blowjob and we let you play more”

Alice gave Sam one of his best blowjob. In the next game Eddie asked her to let him lick her pussy. And She did because she has no option.

    Now, Sam again distributes the card. This time they cheated. They let me win that game.

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    Eddie – “Rules are rules. Fuck your father”

    Alice – “Have you gone mad. He is my father. ”

    Sam – “Step-father. You fuck him and you can take all the money for your pocket money, your dress and anything you want to buy. ”

    Alice then comes to me and Says – “let’s do it quick”

    She opened my zip and put down my pant. She then inserted her hand in my underwear and with her soft and warm hand pulls out my cock.

    Alice – “WOW! This is so huge. I guess I am going to enjoy. ”

    She softly put my cock in her mouth and started giving me strokes. I could see that she was enjoying it. I felt so good. She increased the speed of the strokes. I was enjoying it so much. I took her to the couch and placed myself upon her.

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       I started licking her lips. Then I started kissing her whole body. Kissing her body I came down to her pussy. I hold her legs and started licking her pussy. I tried to put my tongue as deeper as I could put it inside her. And all I could herd is “AW AW AAHH” from her.

    Then she jumped on my and took my cock as deeper as she could. Gave me deeper strokes. She was rubbing her tongue all over my cock. I pulled her and inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was all wet and warm. First I started slowing and then started doing it faster. We both were enjoying.

    I lay her on the couch and put my hands on her breasts and again inserted my cock inside her. I tried to make different positions to have the pleasure as much as I could.

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    Soon Eddie and Sam came. They both took out their cloths. Alice – “Fuck me you perverts”.

    Sam holed her from back, Eddie came in front of her and I was laying beneath her. My dick was inside her pussy, Sam inserted her cock inside her anal. And Eddie was sucking her boobs. We all were enjoying every bit of the second.

    Afterwards, I have been fucking her almost every day.