Cute Sis 2


Topic: Cute Sis 2Part 2: Hi Mom!
I was sitting on the couch watching a movie gently scratching Cassondra’s head on my lap.  We were waiting for our Mom to come home.    Over the last week whenever we went out we acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend so we could make out in public and when we were in the house we were almost constantly having sex.   This was one of the rare times in the last week that my sister and I weren’t fucking like crazy.   Even now I found my hand creeping up her shirt; anxious to get some more of those beautiful breasts.   Just as I got under her
bra she took my hand off her tit.  “Jake cut it out!  Mom’s going to be home any time now.   I don’t know about you but I don’t want to explain to her why her son and daughter are fucking each other. ” 
“I guess you’re right. ” I said as I removed my hand from her shirt.  
Just as I did we heard a knock on the door and I got up to go answer it.   I opened the door and saw a stunning woman at the door.   It took me a few seconds to realize it was my Mom! 
She looked pretty different then the last time I saw her.   She lost some weight (even though she was never really fat to begin with. ) She had the same sharp facial features. She changed her hair from her natural curly brunette hair to straight and blonde; in my opinion this look suited her better.

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    Then there was her body which was always bangin’!  She had 38 D cup breasts and at 38 years old they looked as good as ever!  They looked even better because now her stomach was super flat.   Her ass also looked juicier and her legs looked very sexy.   She must have gotten a membership to a gym or something while I was at university.   
“Hey Jakey!” she said as she gave me a big hug.  
“Hey Mom. ” I replied “Wow you look great!” 
“Thanks honey I’ve been working out a lot over the last few years. ” 
Just then Cassondra walked into the room and my Mom’s eyes lit up.   They ran up to each other and embraced in a big hug.   The comment that Cassondra said after we first had sex kept popping into my mind as I looked at my hot mom and sis hugging.   Do Cass and Mom really have sex? Or was she just kidding?  I intended to find out.  
After Mom, Cass and I had dinner and caught up on each other’s lives my Mom decided it was time to get ready for bed time.   She went up to take a shower and I went up to my room and got my peephole ready; I wanted to see exactly how my Mom’s body had changed.    
My Mom walked into the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and jeans.   She slowly took off her t-shirt; revealing a toned tummy and a conservative red bra that was containing her sexy D cups.   Then she quickly unsnapped her bra and released her big tits.

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    Her breasts were a thing of beauty.   They were almost as perky as Cassondra’s but a full size bigger!  Next she took off her jeans.   She struggled a bit getting her tight jeans over her big ass but with a few jumps and wobbles she did it.   She bent over to pick up her jeans and t-shirt giving me a good view of her perfect bubble butt.   Just like Cassondra my mother had an even golden tan; they must tan nude in the backyard.   Next she peeled off her underwear revealing a clean shaved pussy.    
Just as she walked into the shower I heard Cassondra come into my room.  
“There you are.   I’ve been waiting all day to fuck you!” she said “What are you doing?” 
She walked over and looked into the peephole and saw the outline of my Mom washing her naked body in the shower.  
Instead of being angry or weirded out she simply stared and said 
“Wow she is really sexy isn’t she?” 
“You got that right Cass. ”    
After staring for a bit she turned to me and took my cock out of my pants.     
“We probably don’t have enough time to have a good fuck but let me give you a blowjob. ” She said as she stripped down to her bra and thong.   She started sucking my shaft as I sat there.   I petted her hair as her head bobbed up and down.

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    Then I unhooked her bra, threw it aside and started rubbing her tits.   In a short week my sister went from being an innocent virgin to a horny sex vixen.   And she was damn good at what she did.   I had never experienced a blowjob as good as hers before.   I laid back as I felt myself about to cum.   She pounced hard on my dick and deep throated my dick as I exploded in her mouth.    
“mmmh” she moaned as my hot cum oozed filled up her mouth.   She swallowed as much as I put out and then she laughed 
“I gotta stop swallowing so much, I hear cum is fattening. ” 
“haha. You know you can’t resist it. ” I replied.  
She put on her t-shirt and dancer shorts and put her bra and panties in the hamper.   She sat back down and we talked for a bit.   My Mom came out of the shower, giving both of us a clear view of her naked body.  
“Hey Cass.

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“Yeah Jake?” 
“I was wondering, were you serious when you said you and Mom have hooked up?” “Yeah of course, we probably will tonight too. ” 
This thought made my dick stand up again.   Cassondra noticed this and said “You know if you want to watch, you can hide in the closet and I’ll make sure we put on a good show for you. ” “Enough said!!!” I replied as I jumped up and practically ran into the closet in my Mom’s bedroom.   It was one of those closets with bars so I could easily see the entire bed.    I heard the bathroom door open and my mom say  
“Cass honey let’s go to bed. ” 
“Ok mom. ” 
They walked into the room.  
“Hey Cass where’s Jake?” 
“Oh he went out tonight to catch up with an old friend. ” 
“Oh I wish he told me. ” My mom replied “but oh well I guess that leaves us to ourselves. ” 
Cassondra got up, winked at me and turned off all of the lights except the one right above the bed.   Now the bed was well lit but the corners of the room were dark so there was no was way my mom could see me in the closet.  
Did I mention how much I loved my sister? 
My sister laid down on the bed and my Mom got on top of her and started kissing her neck.  
“Oh god I missed you pumpkin.

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“I missed you too mommy. ” 
My Mom took off her robe revealing her hot body.   Then she took off Cassondra’s shirt and started licking her tits.     
“Ohhh Mommy. ” moaned Cassondra. Then My Mom took off Cassondra’s shorts and started fingering her pussy as she continued to lick her boobs.   Cassondra moaned harder and louder.   My Mom didn’t want Cassondra to cum just yet so she stopped fingering her and started kissing her passionately.   As they were kissing they flipped around so that Cassondra was now on top and she had her tongue buried in my Mom’s mouth.  Did I mention how horny I was right now? I was sitting here watching my incredibly sexy sister and mom making out naked!  I had to resist the extremely strong urge to jump in there and start fucking them both.    Next my Cassondra started sucking on mom’s nipple.   This time my Mom was the one moaning.   She sounded so hot as she moaned and screamed Cassondra’s name to the sky.   As she did this mom pushed Cassondra’s head further down her body and Cassondra started eating her out.   Cass lightly started licking Mom’s pussy.

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    This sent shivers of pleasure down Mom’s spine.   As Mom’s pussy started oozing Cassondra seemed to get hornier.   Now she was going all out.    
“OHHHH CASSS” I heard my Mom moaning while rubbing her nipples  “Let me have some of that sweet pussy. ” 
Cassondra rotated her ass over to Mom while never taking her mouth off Mom’s pussy.   They were now in the 69 position eating each other out.   My Mom reached around grabbed Cassondra’s luscious ass cheeks and brought her head up to get deeper into Cass’ tight pussy.   Cassondra’s hands were splitting Mom’s legs further apart to get easier access.  
It seemed that my Mom found a good spot with her tongue as Cassondra started moaning like I’ve never heard her moan before.   She took her mouth out of my Mom’s pussy and looked up at the ceiling and moaned.   A few moments later Cass orgasmed and her juices flowed freely over my Mom’s face.    “OHHH thank you Mommy. ” Cass said “now let me return the favor. ” She rotated her body right side up and started sucking my Mom’s tits while fingering her pussy.  
“A little deeper honey.

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Cass buried her finger deeper  
“That’s the spot!” moaned Mom.    
With her hand Cass reached deep into Mom’s bubble butt and started fingering her anal with her pinky.   My Mom couldn’t take much more of this and soon exploded like I’ve never seen a girl do before.   Her juices were oozing out of her pussy as freely as a waterfall.   Cass started licking her pussy as the juices were oozing out.  “mmm your cum tastes gooood. ” Finally when it stopped Cassondra laid down on the bed next to Mom.    
“Goodnight Cass. ” 
“Goodnight Mom. ” 
 They cuddled close to each other and Cassondra gently sucked one of Mom’s nipples.  I couldn’t believe how hot that scene had just been.   I don’t even think that porn stars could put together a better lesbo scene than my very own mom and sister did! I waited for them to drift asleep.   When I heard them both softly snoring I crept out of the closet and snuck downstairs to the couch where I would be sleeping.    
The next day I woke up and went into the kitchen to get something to eat.   My Mom was in there with her robe open exposing a black thong and bra.

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She smiled and said “Good morning Sleepyhead, I’m making eggs.   Just sit down and make yourself. ” 
“Sure mom. ” I sat down. I saw my Mom in a completely different light now.   I always thought she was extremely sexy but I always thought she was pretty innocent.   After last night’s performance the innocent thing went right out the window.   My new image of her as a sex vixen turned me on even more.  
Cassondra came downstairs in a low cut tank top and thong and sat down across the table.   I gave her a thumbs up as a sign of thanks for the show she put on yesterday.   She smiled.    
As my Mom bent down to put the plate of eggs in front of me I found myself gaping at her big beautiful breasts which looked like they were about to burst out of her bra at any time.   I think she knew I was staring but she didn’t say anything.   She simply walked back to the sink and started washing the dishes.  
After breakfast my Mom told Cassondra to go take a shower.

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    After she heard the shower turn on she took a seat beside me.    
“Jake I saw you looking at my chest earlier. ” 
“um mom. ” But before I could reply she cut me off “Oh Jake I thought this whole phase would have passed by now.   I knew you used to sniff my undies and use your little peephole to spy on me in the shower but I thought you would have grown up by now I was so embarrassed.   My Mom knew this whole time that I wanted to fuck her? 
She continued 
“I don’t know what to do Jake.   Do I need to send you to a psychiatrist?” “No mom, that is definitely not necessary. ” 
“Ok well then if you don’t want to do that we are just going to have to start talking things over. ” She continued “have you had sex Jake?  It’s alright if you haven’t” 
“Yes Mom I have. ” I couldn’t believe I was talking about this to my Mom.  
“How many times? And with how many different girls?” 
“I don’t know mom a lot of times with a bunch of girls. ” In my frustration I almost wanted to say that I’ve fucked Cassondra about 20 times this week alone.    
“Well if you have, then why do you still have this obsession with your own mother?” I decided to tell her the truth 
“You’re just way hotter than any of the girls at my university Mom. ”  I saw her face soften up so I continued, “I mean you’re perfect, you have breasts like pillows, a super fit body and a butt like I’ve never seen before.   Honestly I think having sex with you would be better than having sex with the entire female student body at my school.

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My Mom was starting to blush.   She took off her robe and said  
“I think I’ve found a way for you to get over it.   You can fuck me, just this once.   And then you’ll see that I am no different than any other girl. ” 
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.   My childhood dream was about to come true! 
“Just wait till Cassondra goes to sleep tonight.   Then I will sneak downstairs and we can do it I guess. ” She said half ashamed and half excited.  
After hearing this I decided to come clean about Cass and I.  
“um Mom, we don’t have to shield Cassondra from anything.   The truth is that in the week you were away me and Cass fucked almost constantly. ” 
She had a stunned look on her face.   Before she could talk I continued 
“And I saw you and Cassondra fucking yesterday. ” 
Her face turned red with embarrassment 
“You saw that?” 
“Yea Mom but don’t worry I loved it.   And don’t you realize that since you had sex with Cass, and I had sex with Cass, and we are about to have sex with each other, we could just let go of all of the secrets and have a threesome!” 
She thought about it for a moment and after a while a naughty smile crept over her face.


We went up to the bedroom and I laid down on the bed.   The bathroom door opened.   My Mom called out 
“Cass honey come into the bedroom please. ” 
Cassondra came in wearing a bra and thong quite like my mom’s.   My Mom took off her bra revealing her sexy D cup tits.    
“Cass, it’s come to my attention that you’ve been fucking your brother and it’s come to Jakes attention that you’ve been fucking me so I’ve decided to put it all together and have a threesome.   So will you join us?” 
“With Pleasure!” she said as she quickly unsnapped her bra, took off her thong and jumped on to the bed.   My Mom then slipped off her thong.   There I was on the bed; my naked Mom on one side and my naked little sister on the other.   I couldn’t believe what I was going to get to do!   
“Wait till you see Jake’s body mom, he is so hot!” 
“Can’t wait. ” Said my mom as she licked her lips 
My Mom took my shirt of and started rubbing my chest.   My sister quickly dispatched of my pants and underwear.   Cass started licking my balls.   My Mom took notice of my 8 inch cock, but she wanted to take her time before she played with it.   She sat on my stomach; I felt her cushiony butt cheeks on my chest.

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    Then she on her knees over me and bent down and started French kissing me.   She was an amazing kisser!  I felt up her body as she kissed.   After so many years of dreaming my Mom’s body did not disappoint.   In fact it felt better than any fantasy of mine.   Her natural d cup breasts were so bouncy and soft.   They cupped into my hands perfectly as I grabbed them.   Her ass was simply indescribable.  It had more fat on it than Cassondra’s whose was more tight and firm.   But it was in no means flabby.    
I felt Cassondra’s tight pussy on my dick.   My Mom raised her ass and told me to split apart her ass cheeks so Cassondra could eat out her ass.   I grabbed each luscious ass cheek hard and split them apart.   I felt Cassondra’s hair on my hands as she started eating out my Mom’s ass.   My Mom stopped kissing me and moved her body forward.   She dropped one of her big boobs in my mouth and I started sucking her sweet tits.

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     “OHHHHH” my Mom moaned.  
Cass and I were too busy to moan but my Mom had her mouth free at the moment.   My cock exploded after a good 18 minutes of Cassondra hopping up and down on it.   I was still horny as ever.   Cassondra got off of my now limp cock and focused solely on my Mom’s ass.   I moved my mouth down from her tits to her pussy and I went to work.   My Body rubbed with Cassondra’s.   With my hands I started playing with Cassondra’s sexy boobs and every now and then we would kiss each other before going back to our Mom’s pussy and ass.   After a few more minutes of this oral pleasure my Mom exploded like she did last night.   Cassondra and I licked up as much of our mom’s juice as we could.  
Before I knew it my cock was rock hard again.   My Mom noticed this and said 
“Let me return the favor honey. ” 
I stood up and Cassondra and my Mom got on their knees in front of me; bowing down to my 8 inch cock.   Cassondra started licking my balls and my Mom went straight for the cock.   I had never experienced double head before.

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    It felt so good!  They alternated sometimes but it was mostly my Mom that attended to my cock.   Since I had just cummed a few moments ago it would take a while for me to cum again.   My Mom and Cass didn’t seem to mind.   After a few more minutes I couldn’t hold it any long and finally exploded (mostly in my Mom’s mouth).   Cassondra and Mom both looked up, opened their mouths wide and closed their eyes.   I tried evenly dispersing my cum evenly between my Mom and Sis.   After they noticed that my cum had stopped dripping they swallowed and opened their eyes.   They started making out with each other on the ground and I took a moment to watch.   I couldn’t believe how hot they were!   
After this sight my cock stood up again abnormally fast.   Cass and Mom stopped making out.   I lifted my Mom in my hands and dropped her on the bed.   I turned her around and started rubbing her ass.   She got up on her knees and stuck it out as far as she could.   Her ass looked unbelievable!!! I stood up on the bed and brought my dick close to her pussy.   My childhood dream of fucking my Mom was finally about to come true!   I started gently stroking my cock in and out of my mom’s pussy.

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    It felt amazing.   Her big ass cheeks cushioned my cock as I fucked her, and her pussy was so tight and warm; she must not have sex often (with a guy anyways).   I heard her moan as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy.   Cassondra slid under my Mom and they once again started making out passionately.  
“Fuck me harder Jake. ” my Mom whispered.   I started going a bit faster.   I reached around her leg and slid my hands down from her waist to her sleek stomach and I started rubbing it.   As I fucked her harder I reached down further to her breasts.   Her and Cassondra’s breasts were squished together.   I jammed my hand in between and grabbed whatever I could.   As I started going as hard as I could I grabbed my Mom’s big tits and squeezed them tightly.   This made her scream in pain and pleasure.   She was screaming uncontrollably, she was about to orgasm again.   Soon another scream joined her.

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    It was Cassondra, my Mom had been fingering her pussy and anal the whole time.   I went as hard as I could and finally I cummed in my Mom’s pussy.   She exploded the same time I did and soon Cassondra couldn’t take any more either and she orgasmed.   We all went limp and fell on to the bed.   I was again in the middle and Cassondra and Mom were on each side of me.    There we were lying on a bed which was soaked with our sweat and cum.   We didn’t speak for a while.   It was for the best because no words could have done what we just did justice.   We had a triple orgasm!
Finally my Mom said 
“Wow that was amazing!” 
Cass and I agreed with her.   She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.  I admired my Mom’s beautiful body as she walked out the door.    Cass and I were left on the bed.   She cuddled close to me and started gently petting my cock; giving it acknowledgement for its outstand performance tonight.   I stroked the small or her back; letting her silky blonde hair fall on my hand.  
“Cass you know I have to go back to school in a few days right.

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“Ugh don’t remind me.
” She said in sadness and disgust “Can’t you just miss a few weeks, I mean I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve had with you. ” 
I laughed  
“It’s university Cass, I can’t afford to miss many classes at all.   But you still have a couple months off so how bout you come with criticism, praise and suggestions for the next part would be much appreciated.   Thanks for reading!



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