Custody of Chelsea - Chapter 2


Our sleeping accommodations continued the same although not as regular. However, each time we went to bed together we both knew it was for the one purpose of making me cum and giving Chelsea equal grtifiction. Although I was dating off and on Chelsea knew I was not getting sex on a regular basis. Between work and taking care of my Daughter I really didn’t have time for an ongoing relationship. “I’ll take good care of you Daddy,” she said, referring to my need for sexual relief. Always she would make me put a condom on. On several occasions she asked and for reasons unknown I let her put it on me. Here again I knew this was not normal, but it felt so innocent not to mention stimulating. At some point our relationship moved to a different level. Rather than rub her butt against me, she casually and innocently started to pump me off. I in turn would gently rub my had between her legs. Often when she would feel me cuming she would simultaneously have an orgasm. Sometimes she would take my fingers and place them where she wanted them on her pussy. Moving my hand about her wet pussy and making her climax was rewarding to me. It felt so good and natural for both of us. We knew what we were doing was taboo, but we always seemed to find some justification.

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  It seemed once Chelsea found out how great and orgasm was, she wanted to do it more and more. She acknowledged that she was masturbating at least once a day. It was already obvious to me that she was enjoying self gratification as her panties in the laundry always showed signs of her activities. I assured her there was nothing wrong with masturbation and that Daddy did it regularly. Soon our little get together’s were not just limited to my bed. Her bed listing to music, the sofa watching a movie, out on the boat. We eventually even took showers together and everything seemed to become less and less taboo. “Daddy, I love being in the shower with you. The water spraying down on us is so stimulating. ”Stimulating was hardly the word for it. We would lather each other up rubbing the soap from head to toe. Dropping the soap once I knelt down to pick it up. As I raised my head and right at eye level is her gorgeous peach fuzz pussy. What a beautiful sight. “God honey you look so good, I’d love to kiss you between your legs,” I gasp.

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  “Oh Daddy you can do whatever you want. ”With the water gently running off of her body I place my hands on each cheek of her butt and pulled her pussy to my lips. Ever so softly I ran my tongue lengthwise though her clit. She became exceedingly aroused. Even with the shower running I could taste the juices emanating from within her little body. I could not help myself and continued as she became more and more aroused. . I had become so excited myself that I though I was going to shoot my load without even touching my cock. Instantly she screams, “Oh I am cumming. . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh my God.

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . oooooh. ”“Please stand up Daddy let me pump it out of you,” she says. No sooner had I come to my feet than she grabbed my penis and started to stoke it. Within seconds I was spuing my white milky cream all over the place. “Chelsea, we have got to stop this relationship as it is. This is wrong. We are committing incest,”I tried to rationalize to my beautiful and fully naked daughter. For being only thirteen Chelsea she was very mature in her thinking and she was extremely articulate. In a very prolific dialog Chelsea says, “It is only wrong in the eyes of others. Between you and me it is a beautiful convergence of our love and understanding of each other. ” That was heavy. Continuing with, “We do not have to share with anyone else what we do. I have no guilt for my actions and I don’t want you to either. ”“We are not the only Daughter and Father that do these kind of things,” she concludes.

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  “What makes you think other people do this,” I ask. “Well Sara and her Dad do it and they have done more than we ever had. They have sex all the time. ”“You mean they have intercourse,” I ask in amazement. “Yes Daddy they fuck, pardon my language, at least twice a week and she has been doing it since she was nine. ”“What’s more Sara’s Brother and Mom do it too. ”Aghast by what I had just heard, we dried off and put on some underwear and retreated to Chelsea’s room where we discussed Sara’s family more in detail. “Did you tell Sara about the playing around we have been doing,” I asked. “Yes, Daddy I did, but don’t worry she won’t tell anyone. In fact I had promised her that I wouldn’t tell even you about her and her Dad. ”And then to my amazement she blurts out, “Sara’s Brother wants to break my cherry, but don’t worry, I promise I won’t let him. ” “He has taken his clothes off for me before and I have watched him jack off, but that is all. ”“He jacks off for his sister all the time and they have masturbated each other. ”I was experiencing information overload and still recovering from shock when she said, “See Daddy we are not the only ones that have intra family relationships. ”We then continued to dress and left to go out to dinner.

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   After finishing with a rich chocolate dessert, Chelsea convinced me we should go for a walk and burn off some of the calories we had consumed. While on the rather brisk walk we once again spoke of Sara’s relationship with her Father and how much she appreciated and enjoyed it. Chelsea kept telling me just how much Sara like having sex with her Dad. I kept pressing for more information about the intricacies of her activities. Her details about the various positions they used made my penis erect and sparked my curiosity. I was so horny I almost asked Chelsea if she would give me a hand job. After working up a perspiration we returned home and took separate showers. I took a cold shower to get rid of my raging sexual urges. Chelsea went into her room and I into mine. I was just about ready to turn the light out when Chelsea came in wearing a rather plain flannel robe. “Daddy I am scared, can I get in bed with you,” she says with a twinkle in her eye and a smile. “Lets snuggle like we used to,” she says. That is all it took to make the blood flow to my lower extremities. With that I turn the light out. With my back turnrd Chelsea removed her robe slipped under the covers.

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  I then got under the covers myself and scoot towards her. I wrap my arm around her to pull her closer. “You don’t have anything on,” I say “Nope, I am plum naked,” was the reply. “I love you so much Daddy. ”“Daddy, now don’t get mad, but can we have sex?” she says in a most gentle voice. “Honey we shouldn’t,” I say. However, recalling our conversation earlier about Sara really had got me in the mood. “Please, please Daddy, I want you to show me what it is like, Please Daddy. ”“But sweetheart I might hurt you. You are still a virgin. ”“Daddy I know, but you will be gentle. Please,” she pleads“Are you sure,” I ask, thinking she will have reservations. “Yes, Daddy hold me tight. ”I then caress her and gently kiss her breast and feel her tiny nipples becoming stiff. The same time running my had to the peach fuzz that I have so dearly loved.

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   I can feel my erection becoming even more intense. Chelsea reaches for my waist and pulls my briefs over my hips. Then clutches my penis and softly wraps her hand around it. With an ever so delicate touch she stokes me. “Daddy, you are getting wet. I can feel your pre cum and it is getting me so excited. ” she says. And I reply, “You are getting wet too Sweetheart. I want to get you very moist before I enter you. ”“Oh Daddy, you are making me feel so good and I am getting so hot. Keep rubbing your finger where you are, it feels soooooooo gooooood. ” she says while breathing heavy. “Sweetheart, wait just a second while Daddy puts on a condom. ”I explain, “I am going to use a Trojan Ribbed.
    It is lubricated which should make it gentle and the ribs more enjoyable.

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      ”“Oh Daddy hurry. I am so hot. ”I continue to massage her clitoris and run my finger gently in and out of her vagina. Her fluids are flowing and she is becoming even more moist. She moves her hips with each movement I make with my finger. I move to the foot of the bed and spread her legs. With the glowing light of the clock I can plainly see her beautiful little body. I cannot resist and press my lips against her pussy. Her juices are so ever sweet. The smell of her body is captivating. My penis is throbbing. With every movement of my tongue she moans. “Oh my God. . .


      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daddy I am going to cum”Continuing the rhythm, I can feel the contractions with her body.

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       I can then sense a moment of rest. “Sweetheart, are you all right,” I ask. “Yes, I am fine. It is so wonderful,” she expresses. “I have never felt this good before. ”With that I lift myself to my knees, spread her legs a bit further and bend her knees slightly. Her pussy is flooded with moisture and presents itself as so inviting. The thought of putting my cock between her legs and slipping into her is electrifying. I move further forward and slowly proceed to place my cock at the entrance of her vagina. My penis touches her body and she wraps her arms around me. She pulls me closer. The tip is now resting at the very beginning of her love canal. I press forward. Very gently I insert a little more. “Am I hurting you Sweetheart,” I ask.

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      “No Daddy, I am OK. ”Just then I sense discomfort, as she bites her lip and a tear flows from her eye. I withdraw a bit, and she says, “Daddy I’ll be alright. ”Very, very gently I bring my body closer to hers and I can feel my chest against her breasts. Her nipple are erect. I continue to insert more and more. Every movement seemingly bring pain to her face. And then the pain turns to obvious pleasure. She moves her hips in synchronization to my thrusts. With each stroke I interject my penis deeply in to her very receptive pussy. “Daddy, this feels absolutely wonderful,” she exclaims. It did feel wonderful. I could sense the tightness of her vagina tugging at my cock. It was as if her pussy was sucking the cum form my penis. Heavenly.

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      Our rhythm continued in perfect harmony. After perhaps there or four minutes I cold feel myself about to explode. “Honey, I can’t hold back any longer. I am going to cum. ”I could feel the semen busting from my penis and exploding into her body, only restrained by the condom. “Daddy, let it go. . . . . . . . . oh I am going to cum too.

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      ”“Oh, Sweetheart, you are making me feel out of this world. ” I say as my orgasm pinnacles. As we relax, Chelsea say, “Daddy, thank you ever so much. That was the best first time any girl could ever have. ”“Daddy I am glad you have custody of me. ”.



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