Custody of Chelsea - Chapter 1


Although she had not had her first period, she was well versed in sex by age ten. I believed that I should be open and honest about the subject. We discussed the various aspects of sex regularly, such as masturbation, birth control, her periods and so on. We did not exclude incest and spoke about the stigma attached. Sex was never a consideration when I would snuggle up and hold her. Eventually we would fall asleep and awake the following morning with my princess still in my arms. As she matured the practice continued. She would say, “Daddy hold me real tight. ” With her back to me, with my legs drawn up I would pull her closely to my body. I noticed one occasion when we were in bed she gently ground her little butt against my penis. It felt so good that I acted as if nothing was wrong. This continued for many weekends thereafter. One night when we were in pose, I became exceedingly aroused and ejaculated in my shorts. I said, “Chelsea, I’ll be right back Daddy has to go to the bathroom,” and proceeded to clean up my cum. Not having sex on a regular basis and resorting to masturbation the change was exhilarating to say the least. The following morning I was taking a shower when in walked Chelsea.

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  Out of the clear blue sky my now 12 year old daughter says, “I made you cum last night didn’t I?”Always being forthright, however embarrassed, I said, “Yes you did. I think we need to talk. ”Over breakfast I said, “Chelsea, you are getting too old and should not be sleeping with Daddy. It is not proper. If your mother found out she would take you away and have me put in jail”“But, Daddy I love you and I promise no one will know other than me a you. ” she said as she flashed her pretty blue eyes at me. Needless to say our sleeping arrangements remained the same. She would regularly rub her sweet little but around my cock until I would ejaculate. Each time excusing myself to go clean up the mess. On evening she said, “Daddy why don’t you just put a condom on. That way it won’t be so messy. ”“Chelsea, I can’t believe you said that,” was my surprised reply. “Daddy for Gods sake I am not any little girl. I know all about condoms,” she said, “Me and Sara talk about stuff like that all the time. I have even seen the kind her Dad uses.

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   And oh yes I saw the ones you have in that stand beside the bed. ”“My you are quite the lady of the world. ”She was right about one thing she wasn’t a little girl any more. I had to start keeping tampons and pads in the bathroom for her. She was also developing a shapely figure. Soon she would be thirteen although she could pass for several years older. Her firm little tits seemed to be accentuate by her perfectly curved butt. She had also become very beautiful losing her baby features. She was now a very petite young lady with short blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' tall and maybe 80 pounds at the max. Basically she looked all grown up in a little girls body. We were both very liberally open minded. Seeing each other naked after taking a shower or changing clothes was never given a second thought. She was a knock out without clothes and yes I was taking note of her body. I paid particular attention to the peach fuzz sprouting between her legs. She was a true blonde both top and bottom.


   Regardless of how tempting and erotic her pubescent body was I kept my distance. By now clothes were another facet of her life. Regularly we would go shopping for the latest fashions. “Daddy, I want this,” and since she had me wrapped around her little finger, would get her what ever she wanted. If it looked sexy I found myself buying it for her. She loved the fashion and I loved the look. While at the mall one evening, she towed me into Victoria’s Secret. “Daddy will you please buy me these,” she said with that puppy dog look. She already owned at least twenty pairs of sexy panties but assured me she needed more. I was getting an erection from looking at the merchandise. Not only did I end up buying her panties, but matching bras for each color and against my better judgement several sexually alluring nightgowns. Later that night she casually displayed them for me. My little girl in nothing more than panties and bra turned me on. God she sure looked good. Puberty was treating her well.

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  “Damn it Sweetheart, you are getting Daddy aroused,”Always saying what was on her mind and never at a loss for words, she expounds, “Am I giving you a hard on?”She was indeed doing that. Later that evening we once again cuddled up in bed. Despite my protest, she had worn only a pair of her new sheer bikini panties and bra. Black no less. Knowing what she was about to accomplis she said, “Daddy, you had better put a condom on or you will be messy”I reached over to the night stand and got one out. “Let me watch you put it on,” she said quickly turning on the light. As I rolled it on I could not help but notice her panties were pulled slightly to one side highlighting the lips of her pussy and just a bit of her pubic hair. It was very tempting, but I knew better. Turning out the lights we got back in bed. She once again gyrated her little ass against my cock until I came. Several weeks later I told Chelsea that if Sara’s mom would let her she could come spend the weekend since it would be her birthday. Chelsea was ecstatic. When the girls arrived for the week end I was dismayed. They looked like little hookers. I could not believe the short skirts, skimpy tops and makeup the had on.

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   I was almost a little weary to take them out to dinner. At age thirty-one I was still being carded when I bought beer. I was wondering what people would think. Nevertheless, I kept my mouth shut and as it turned out had a great time. Sitting across from them I could plainly see their panties as the crossed and uncrossed their legs repeatedly. Sara’s black ones and Chelsea’s metallic gold ones were a great sight. I had to believe they were intentionally flashing me. Chelsea later that evening confessed to me she and Sara had done it on purpose to see if they could get “Daddy turned on. ”“Dad you are so cool,” she tells me and Sara continues with, “I wish my Daddy was as young and good looking as you. ”Once back home they proceed to get ready for bed as I watched the eleven o’clock news on TV. They must have paraded between the kitchen and bedroom at least a dozen times. On each occasion I would admire their sexy and very sheer night gowns. Sara was a bit more developed than Chelsea. I would guess 34B maybe. It also appeared Sara had considerably more pussy hair.

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   She was not wearing any panties and through the white nightgown you could clearly see every detail of her tender body. Chelsea had told me before that Sara was not virgin. In fact she said she was only nine when she had sex for the first time. I never bothered to take the conversation any further, as the pictures of getting into Sara’s pants ran trough my mind. When they were finally ready to go to bed, Chelsea came over to give me a goodnight kiss as she had always done for as long as I could remember. I could not help but notice her gorgeous 32B breasts plainly visible through the nightgown. Likewise she noticed the tent in my pants. She kissed me, reached between my legs and said, “Sorry Daddy, I can’t help you tonight. ”I laid in bed stroking my self to the thoughts of Sara and Chelsea. Damn how I thought it would be so nice to lay Sara. After I ejaculated, I snapped back to reality. .



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