Curious Kayla gets to see part 3


     Friday was coming up, and our parents were heading over to our visit our grandparents for the weekend. I was jumpy and nervous, this was going to be the weekend that my brother got to pluck my cherry. Just before bed Thursday night, in the privacy of my bedroom, he pulled me close, just my thin nightie and his pyjamas between us, and he gave me a searing good night kiss. I felt his hands wrap around my ass, stroking and caressing me, the big bulge of his cock pressing against me, and his tongue swirling through my mouth. When he broke the kiss, we were both flushed, breathing hard.

     "Tomorrow night, no stopping sis. Are you sure you want to do this, I want to be absolutely sure that this is what you want. "

     I loved his consideration, and I replied, "One hundred percent sure Jason. I can't think of anyone else that I rather have deflower me, than my loving brother. "

     He smiled, gave me a last quick kiss on the lips, then whispered, "Until tomorrow night then, baby. "

     Friday at dinner, we couldn't wait for my parents to leave. I kept exchanging glances with Jason, and I knew he was getting just as worked up as I was. Finally, our parents packed up, and with goodbyes, they were on their way. Jason locked the door, and turned to me, a smile on his face.

     "Let's go upstairs, and we'll use Mom and Dad's bedroom. "

     I felt a rush of arousal, my brother going to fuck me, and using our parent's bed.

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   Hand in hand we climbed the stairs and in our parents bedroom, Jason started to strip me, slowly peeling off my clothes one by one, the anticipation was making me hot. When he slid off my blouse, and my jeans, and he saw the sexy, black lace bra and panty set that I had worn just for him, he growled with approval, and my hand felt his cock become rock hard behind his zipper.

     I then took over, and slowly stripped my brother, he liked to work out, and his body was fit, trim, and HOT! His cock was tenting up his shorts, and I was happy to release him from confinement. I saw his 7 inches full on, hard and eager, and it took my breath away. Just the idea of that hardness surging into me made me groan with desire.

     Jason turned me around so he was pressing gently against my backside, I felt him loosen my bra, and I dropped my arms so it could fall to the floor. His hands reached around, and cupping my breasts, he ran his fingers all over my tits, turning them into stiff, throbbing protrusions, his hands drawing designs on my body.

     I gasped, and said, "Untie me Jason. "        My sexy black panties were laced together at the side with bows, he reached down and tugged at the bows, and they fell away.        I turned to face him, and looking into his eyes, I whispered, "I am so ready, Jason, make love to me. Now, my dear brother, I want my virginity ended. "

     I took his hand, and led him to the king sized bed. I turned down the covers, climbed in, and Jason slid in next to me. Jason was trembling, and I wondered if he was a virgin also.

     I pulled him close, and whispered, "Jason, are you still a virgin, just like me?"

     "Yes, I'm still a virgin, so I'll try my best to make it as good as I can for you Kayla, because I love you baby, and want you to enjoy your first time.

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   Lie back baby, I need to taste your sweet juices. "

     I lay back, spreading my legs, and urged him on.

     "Right there baby, lick me, oh fuck I bet I'm gonna love it!"

     Jason quickly got his face down there, I was lightly covered with a sparse, wispy covering of pubic hair, with my thighs parted for him, I could feel my coral pink opening, beckoning to him, glistening with the dewy wetness. The smell of my heated eagerness filled his nostrils, made his cock even harder, and he started to lick at my long pink trail, over and over again. I moaned from the exciting sizzles, and his tongue slid out, and glided up and down my pussy lips, as my tender flesh felt the exciting touch of his tongue. His tongue slid inside, licking up my honey, and his fingers spread apart my tender folds. His mouth went to work, and I gasped as his skilful tongue pushed and probed, licking me all over, nibbling gently, tasting me, making love to me with his mouth. His tongue slid back and forth over the hood of my clitoris. He drew my love bud gently from beneath its covering, and I was panting with desire, as he went to work on me.

I felt fully, completely and gloriously naked and open to him, and my orgasm started to gather speed. I could feel the wild spasms start deep inside me, I felt like I was being eaten alive as I exploded, cumming hard, I screamed and thrashed wildly as my whole body convulsed in ecstasy, and I exploded into his mouth, feeling my juices gush. When the last shuddering had died down he then rose up, and I could see his cock, as hard as steel and fully erect.

     I whispered, "You know where I want that, slide that beauty in me, and fuck away my virginity".        Jason got between my legs, and I gently took his cock and led it up to my entrance. I felt him nudge against my opening.

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   Jason pushed, ever so slowly, and I moaned with pleasure as he entered me slowly and carefully, feeling my opening stretching to take him in, it felt strange, but in a good way.        Jason pushed up against my hymen, felt the obstruction, and whispered, "Baby, I'm about to break your maidenhead, are you ready?"        I took a deep breath, nodded, and Jason pushed. For a second, the resistance held, then my maidenhead broke.

     I flinched and gasped at the zing of pain, it felt like a bee sting, but as Jason paused I whispered, "Don't stop!"        Jason pushed in, surging past my torn hymen, I could feel his cock stretching the walls of my virgin pussy apart. My mind was a whirl, my brother is giving me my first fuck, and it just made me hotter than ever. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he went in, right to the balls, filling me completely, the feeling was out of this world.        I gasped, "Oh my god, it feels so good!"        My pussy and clit were throbbing. Jason gasped, the hot, tight gripping cling of my virgin pussy made his cock sizzle. He pulled back, and thrust into me again. He got a steady rhythm going, I could feel a slight tenderness from the remnants of my deflowering as I got my first fuck, but it in no way diminished my enjoyment, it amplified it, He clamped his lips to mine, his tongue sliding out, and I was quick to do the same, our mouths clinging to each other in a tongue filled swirl of passion, I felt like I was going to fly apart from pleasure. Each out-thrust made me pant with longing, and each in-thrust filled me up, sending wildly lustful twitchings surging through my body. My fingers and anything else that I had used to bring myself off while masturbating, couldn't even come close to the feelings that were shooting through me now. My virgin tightness squeezed Jason's cock, snugly buried in my love sheath of tight, hugging heat. I was gasping, my body trembling wildly, I could feel the burning fire of orgasm rising in me, it felt like I was going to explode, and I did.        Breaking the kiss, I howled "Cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming, Oh my GOD!", 

        My body exploded, my orgasm tearing through my pussy, setting me on fire.

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   I howled with the pleasure, it was almost like an assault. I felt his cock swell up tight, with a huge thrust he buried his cock as deep as possible. The spasming tightness of my pussy took him over the edge, and with a wild grown of pure pleasure, he exploded, his cock pulsing and squirting wildly inside my steaming tunnel. I could feel the sizzling heat of his hot load filling up my eager womb, his cock spewing out thick ropes of spunk, his hot cum coating the insides of my pussy, as he lost his load deep inside me. I jerked and writhed through the blissful wave of orgasm, my pussy milked and sucked at him, draining his throbbing balls into my hungry depths. Exhausted for the moment, he collapsed on top of me, both of us gasping like race horses, I enjoyed the feeling of his still hard cock buried deep inside me.

     "Jason, oh my god that felt so wonderful. Thank you so much, my sweet brother, for giving me such a wonderful fuck, and opening the door to a world of sexual pleasure", I cooed to him.

     "Oh baby, you were fucking wonderful, it felt so good to lick you and then fuck you, I've wanted to do that for so long, with such a sexy sister how could I resist you? And you've given me a just as enjoyable introduction to sex.

    I felt your hymen break, and I think it might be a good idea to jump into the shower, so we don't get our fluids all over our parent's bed" he said, with a grin.

         With our bodies still joined together, we carefully slid right over to the edge, then he quickly pulled out and jumped up, while I did the same. I could feel a huge glut of spunk ready to gush, and I cupped my hand tightly against me, to hold it in, while I noticed his half-hard cock was streaked with the blood of my torn hymen. We quickly headed into the shower, and with the hot water going, I let my pussy go, and I felt the mixture of thick sperm and virginal blood streaming down my legs, as the water rinsed it away. Jason took the soap, and worked up a thick lather, stroking my body all over, I could feel his touch everywhere, like little electric shocks zapping my body, getting me up to speed again. I saw his cock, back up to its full stiff 7 inches, and I wanted to suck it, and have him fill my mouth.

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         "Jason, I'm going to suck your cock, and I want you to squirt every drop into my mouth, I want your load!" I growled.

         I have been sucking cocks since I was 18 I've had 3 boyfriends, and each one of them got to fill my mouth after every date. It was a great way to remain a virgin, and still get their stiff cocks to fill up one of my horny holes. I made sure that I had a great cock sucking technique, and now i was gonna apply it to my brother's prick.

         On my knees, I licked at his throbbing head like a lollipop, enjoying his sounds of pleasure. I parted my lips, and slid down his shaft, clamping my lips around the base of his cock, making my cock a tight, sliding ring of pleasure as I slid back up, and down again. I call it my "Milkmaid" grip, I wanted to milk his stiff cock for every drop. I perfected it in my early cocksucking days, and I wanted every drop. I slid up and down, over and over, Jason started to grunt, his cock started throbbing.

         He grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, damn, you got great cocksucker lips sis, yeah, suck out every drop!"

         I was ready, and I sucked his cock hungrily, my mouth was watering, bathing his cock in my saliva, I was hungry for that thick, wet spray of sperm.  His cock jerked and swelled, ready to blow, and I kept my lips tightly around his prick, not wanting to spill a drop.

        "Fuck, oh fuck, yeah, suck it, yeah, gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, cumming, yeah, oh fuck YEAH!"

         His cock started pulsing wildly, the first spurt hit the roof of my mouth, his cock gushed wildly, thick creamy rich streams splattering over my tongue, his cock filled my mouth, and I swallowed quickly, so I could fit every drop in. I kept him in my mouth until I had every drop, and swallowed the last little bit.

         "Yummy, you have such delicious cum dear brother, I'll want a lot more of that thick, tasty whitewash, when you want to masturbate, let me suck it out of you. My pussy and my mouth will be happy to take every drop you have.

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         "The same goes for you sis, when you want to get off, my fingers, my mouth and my tongue will be happy to do it for you. "

         Out of the shower, we toweled off and we headed for my bedroom, and stretched out on my queen sized bed. Jason cock was quickly reviving, wow, it was like it could go all night, and I intended to see if I could make that happen!