This is a fantasy story about my family.   I am Crystal and it’s mostly about my fist sexual experiences.   I’m not implying that it is true or even believable.   It is written just for fun.  
I am one of the “Harmon Girls” according to my grandmother.   My great, great, great grandmother is some kind of a nut or something as she states she was dropped off here from another planet.   I don’t subscribe to this thinking, however; I am unable to explain why she still looks so young and why we all look like sisters.
My father on the other hand was a crook who worked for the mafia until he sold a lot of money from them.   He was a lot more than that as he drank to much and when drunk would treat us mean.  
My memories, pardon the pun, became crystal clear at age five.   There were times I wish I could erase the vivid details implanted in my mind forever, but now the pain is gone and have found peace with bad as well as the good.   Even the horrifying things of my very early years bring no regret.
I remember always crying when in the presence of my father. I was terribly afraid of him.   I recall his alcoholic breath, the pain of his unshaven beard when he would hug me, his anger and name calling when I resisted; then one night in open defiance of my mother, there was a touch in the wrong place.  
When I was being groped wrongly mom pulled me away from him and ran carrying me up the staircase.

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   When we reached the balcony he caught up and she was pulled back down the stairs.   I watched from the balcony as this drunken man beat her with his fist, hitting her over and over again. .  
I screamed at him.   “Stop daddy stop. ” 
“I will kill you daddy if you don’t stop. ”
He pulled her to her feet by her hair and stuck a knife to her throat.
“Did you here that?  Your precious little daughter said she would kill me.   See who does the killing here. ”
“Stop it daddy.   I will take a knife and kill you if you don’t stop. ”  
As if he suddenly came to his senses he let go of her and she slumped to the floor.   He put away his knife and sat on his chair and resumed his drinking straight from the bottle.  
Mom got up.   There was blood dripping from her nose and from the side of her neck staining her blouse.

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   Her left eye was closed.  She climbed the stairs, picked me up and carried me to her room where she locked the door.    
“Wouldn’t it be nice If he went away and never bothered us again?” she asked.  
“Yes mommy it would be nice. ”  Now I was crying because mommy was hurt.
 “I want to kill him mommy, I want to kill him dead”.
Mom made a phone call.   “If you want him, come and get him now, he is drunk and the front door is unlocked.   I will make sure the stairway is open, so don’t ring the bell, just come up. ”
She gave them our address then took me to my own room and put me to bed.   She told me not to come out if company comes.
A few hours later I woke to noises down stairs.  I went to the balcony and saw men pointing guns at daddy.   Mom was there and was totally naked.  She did not smile.

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   She had dried blood on her face, neck and chest.  She didn’t care if the men saw her naked. She brought out a box and the men made daddy sign papers.
“Al would give you the reward Ella. ” 
“No thanks, I have plenty of my own money. ”
“What do you mean you have money?
There was no response. She gave daddy his coat and hat.   He put them on. The men put his hands behind him and wrapped tape around them.
“Hey we can work this out.   I was just going to call Al.   The tape is not necessary.   Hey call him and let me talk to him.   Please guys… don’t. ”
“Al wants to see you and he said dead or alive.

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They wrapped the tape over his mouth so he could no longer talk.
Mom brought a large black trash bag from the kitchen and removed his hat.   She put the bag over his head then tied the bottom if it around his neck. Then she took the tape and rapped it around the bottom of that bag at his neck to make an air tight seal and put his hat back on.
“Is this the way you want it Ella?
“Yes make it dead. ”
“Tell Al I will be out in a week and the place is his to sell.   He should recover most of his loss from the profits.  If not I will make up the rest gladly. There is just enough air in that bag to get him to the trunk of your car so go now unless you want to carry him. ” 
She stood at the door for a while watching their departure down the staircase. Then at the window she watched until he was stuffed in the trunk.   When she turned, she saw me, and began weeping and holding her hands to her face.   I took off my night clothes so I was naked also and walked down to her.
She then walked past me to the stir case.   I followed in that somber procession to her shower.

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    I watched all the blood trickle down her legs then flow down the drain.  I washed the place I was touched over and over.   I did not understand all that I saw at that time, but understood that we were safe from daddy.   When we were standing side by side toweling our hair, I told mom that I hope daddy never comes back.
“I hope he doesn’t either,” said mom.
We showered together often from that time.  It was only in the shower that we discussed daddy’s departure.   We spoke of it over and over and never with regret.   There were no details uncovered or feelings not explored.   In this we both found our healing.
Before leaving to California Gramma came over.   She had transferred money to a California bank for mom and a trust fund for me.   Neither of us would want for the rest of our lives.   I guessed that was a good thing, not to want.
“Ella you never told Jack about your money?
“No mom, he was a Jerk.

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“Why did he leave?”
“I know grandma”, I volunteered. “He left in a trunk of a car with a sealed plastic bag over his head. ”
“Yes mother”, said mom, “the mafia caught up with him.   The bag was my contribution. ”
“Well I guess you put a new spin on the term “bagging a husband”.
They began to laugh, so I laughed also.
She turned to me and said, “Did you know your daddy was not mom’s dream lover?”  All we Harmon girls have guys who dream about us before we meet.  Your mother had a dream lover named Jim who moved away when very young.    I didn’t find mine and that’s why I am lonely today. And something else, if they eat your pussy they do not get old and…
Mom interrupted and told Gramma not to start on that.    I wandered how someone could eat my pussy.
Mom married Jim.   They were married in only a few months after we moved.   Jim told me that mom was very special and he dreamt about her when he was little. I told him I knew that he was mom’s dream lover because Gramma told me.

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   Then I asked him if he knew how to eat a pussy.  He seamed a little embarrassed and he told me it was something very personal between a man and his wife.   He didn’t tell me how it was done.
I peeked into their bedroom while they were having sex and watched Jim eat mom’s pussy so I knew what it meant and knew he would stay young like Gramma said and I was so glad.
Mom was different around Jim.   She was full of energy and happy as she still is today.   Jim liked doing things with us both and, best of all, he liked me.   I always felt good around him.
I began having periods at age 11.   Later in my teens, as if someone flipped a switch my sexual desires were activated.   Even though I had lost my baby figure, replaced by Barbie-doll legs and a wasp like waist, I was slow to develop pubic hair and had nubs for breasts.   I weighed 80 lbs.   I looked very much like mom, only I was smaller.  
Nudity was casual around the house.  Mom at times may still leave the shower wearing only a towel in her hair and tend to small kitchen chores feeling quite comfortable about it.

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    Even in the presence of the maids.   I usually joined her.  None of us wore cloths around the pool.  I felt a wonderful freedom in being naked.   Jim also would swim with us nude.   While I frequently viewed his genitals it seemed natural and I had no special interest.   This changed when I was about nine and everyone was required to wear suits.
 When I was interested in sex I became like a voyeur obsessed with the form on my step dad Jim.  My eyes went directly to his crotch. I stared at the fabric that covers his genitals, eyeing his bulge always hoping to catch an outline of something tubular.   At night when we lounged around in the sitting room reading before bed while he was in his pajamas I could make out the form of his shaft.   Again noticing me I saw him get an enormous hard on that creped toward his knee and tented upward.  
After that mom spoke to me privately. “I’ve got to tell you Crystal, your crotch gazing is becoming very obvious. Try to tone it down as it is making Jim a little nervous.

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“I’m sorry mom.   I know he knows I look at him. It’s just hard for me not to at this time. ”
“You really have the hotts for Jim, Don’t you”, said mom. ”
“Oh yes.   I want sex with him very badly mom. ” …There I said it.   I was the first time I was really honest with myself.   Yes I wanted sex with Jim. I wanted him to be the first.
“I want him to be the first. ”
“Well my little darling, you won’t get him by staring at his crotch. ”
“You mean…”
“Tomorrow we will shower together and talk strategy.   It’s been a while and we have a lot to talk about. ”
“Not about us killing my father?”
“No, laughing, we will talk about Jim and how to trap him.

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“You are not upset because I want to have sex with Jim?”
“No dear it is expected as you are after all a Harmon girl. ”
After our early morning shower we went shopping. We picked out some very petite sheer lingerie.   I was to wear it for Jim tonight after mom leaves for grammas suddenly and he and I would be alone for two weeks.
She took me to her doctor for the pill.   He put me on a table with my feet in stirrups to do the pelvic exam and probed a little in the most uncomfortable way.
“She is not sexually active!  She is a virgin”, said the doctor.
“But I will be soon” I replied with enthusiasm.
He looked to mom and she nodded the affirmative.   He shook his head and wrote the prescription.  
Next she took me to a hair dresser and my hair was cut short and a soft perm set.
To my anxiety about loosing the hair mom replied, “Trust me, trust me on this. ”
 “But it’s all the hair I have anywhere”.
Early that evening mom got a phone call from Grammy.   She packed her bag as she explained her departure to Jim.


“You need this time with Crystal for bonding. Since there is no school and you two can spend the time together.
Latter Jim asked of any special reason mom went to Grammy’s at this time?
“Jim, she went so you and I could be alone together”.   I called him Jim instead of daddy as to sound grown up.
He had a quizzical expression on his face and was silent for a moment.
“Won’t you be bored with being just with me?”
“Oh I hope not daddy” I replied then all I could do was to look at him smiling.
“What would you like to do?”
“For now just hang with you.   Later we could do things like the zoo and beach. ” 
“I really like your hair”, he said, “You are quite lovely that way. ”
“Thanks, could we take an early shower and just lounge around in the living room in our pajamas so we can talk this evening and discuss some of the things we could do,” I suggested.
His eyes had a gleam as he said, “Ok, but the last time we lounged around your eyes seemed to wander a bit Crystal. ”
“Ya I guess. ” Still smiling, “of course you could lounge around without your pajamas, clothing is optional. ”
He laughed it off and we went to our respective rooms.
After my shower, I unwrapped the lingerie and put it on.

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    I was delighted that my skin showed pink through the delicate fabric.   My breast nipples could easily be seen. I now had little buds and my nipples were sticking straight out. The lace at the hem was above my belly button to reveal my curves. I put on the matching panties which were equally sheer and very scant.  They had a lace band that hugged my hips and curved downward to the fabric at my mound which was scantly covered. My slit could be seen slightly visible through the fabric.   I practiced turning in front of the mirror.
I opened the door and began descended the stairs slowly with Jim watching from the sofa.   His eyes were fixed on me.  He had left his shirt unbuttoned and the draw string of the pants was tied loose enough to allow the flap to be open at the top. The fact that not knowing what I was up to and that he intended to be exposed a little excited me.  As I neared the base of the staircase his fixation was on the fabric over my mound.
      From the last step I could see a small amount of pubic hair through the flap and his erecting pole began to tent straight up beside the flap, making a large exposed gap in the fly.  
    I stood before him and slowly turned.

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       He began telling me how fabulous I was.  When I was facing him again I pulled down my panties exposing my slit fully.  
    “Daddy, this is my surprise to you from me and mom. ” 
    The phone rang.   Jim reached to the end table and answered with a croaking voice into the receiver.   It was mom so he put it on the speaker. “Hi dear, I will land in New York in about two hours.   Is Crystal wearing her white lingerie yet?”
    “Most of it, is there something we need to talk about?”
    “This is our gift to you Jim.   Enjoy her.   Bye?”
    I reached down to remove the panties and Jim ordered me to stop.   “That’s my job. ”
    I jumped into his lap and kissed him sitting so to straddling his large erection.  
    Jim pulled me away and laid me out on the couch where he kneeled beside me.   He began lovingly caressing me by first stroking my temples and telling me how beautiful I was.   He lifted the nighty off of me and caressed my small budding breast  telling me how lovely they are.

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        The sensation was spine tingling.
    He then applied lotion and massaged my entire front.   When he came to my panties he removed them and began at my feet massaging in lotion.   All the while his eyes were fixed on my young mound.   When he got to my knees I flexed them a little and spread wide as I could to give him total access.    He stared into my pussy and continued massaging my thighs.   Again the sensation was intense and made me quiver a little.   When he reached my upper thigh he put his mouth to me and began licking my pussy.   Immediately waves of sensation went up my abdomen and it made me breath fast. When he took me into his mouth and began sucking and licking my clit, I thought I would faint.  I rocked back and forth and extended and retracted my hips pressing against his face.   My back arched almost painfully in spasm and I let out an involuntary scream.   He let me catch my breath a little then stood when I tugged at his pajamas. I striped him of his pajamas freeing that enormous cock.   I put my hands on it feeling it and gestured for him to lay on the carpet.

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        I climbed over him and sat straddling the head of his immense hard on.   With my hand I spread my lips the best I could to receive it and forced my self down over it.   I felt no pain and continued to push.   At one point I had my full 80 lbs balanced on the head of that immense cock.   I bounced and suddenly it popped all the way inside and I was sitting on his balls.   I began moving up and down, gently at first and then picked up the pace as I went.   Jim could not hold on long and exploded into orgasm.   He pulsed inside me which only added to the pleasure.   I had not quite reached my climax but was well satisfied.
    Jim catching his breath asked if I was all right.  
    “I feel wonderful”, I replied.
    Jim started talking horny and asked if he could eat me right now.   He wanted me to sit on his face letting cum oz into his mouth.   Gads he was a sex fiend.   I began to warm up t o the idea and then remembered my cherry.

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        There may be blood in there.  
    I know said Jim, but it is special.   I want you in my mouth.   I pulled out quickly and turned around backing up and straddling his face as he licked and sucked.   His penis was thick and limp only momentary, then again it was inside me, and this time Jim was on top and Oh…
    Mom kept her promise of two weeks.   Jim and I had very little time for any thing but sex.   Even the maids were exposed to our nakedness and frolicking as they cleaned and cooked.   Once while the maid was using a cloth and carpet cleaner to clean sticky spots from the plush carped we began making love again and fucked right beside her while she continued cleaning. We never put on clothing for days at a time and did everything openly in the living room.
    After the two weeks were up I had very little interest in sex, that is, almost no interest in sex.   Nudity became standard for us three after those two weeks and once in a while Jim and I got together again.
    Mom and Jim had another daughter they named Elena. I occupied most of my time in colleges within commuting distance and had masters in business before I left the roost. Elena was twelve.  
    I had a dream about a young man at the U of W.

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        He was a hunk but in my dream I could never make out his face.   I moved to Washington State, bought a large home outside of Redmond, and spent time on the U of W campus auditing classes.  
    A real hunk of a guy stared at me every time our classes were together.   I felt warm while he looked at me.   I was sure he was my dream lover and waited impatiently for him to make the first move.   Finally a few days later he walked up to me and asked if I were Crystal.  
    “You may not believe this but I knew your name long before I finished high school.   I have been dreaming of you for a long time. ”
    “Yes, I dreamt of you to.     
    I moved him into my Redmond home just like that.   We were in love from the start.   That first night I undressed in front of him while he sat in the living room and jumped into his lap.   His behavior was the same as Jim’s.   He laid me back on the couch and enjoyed me from head to toe. I raised the maid’s salary to keep her from leaving.

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    Mom called, “Elena’s birthday is next month and Jim does not want to go through this again. Could you and Jim come for the summer?”
    James may be writing the next chapter called Elena.  



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