Crossing Lines Part 2


Natalie and Leonard were relieved when the only punishment they received was being grounded when both of them were caught fucking in their parents' bed.   They knew that it would be impossible to keep the two separated and had simply insisted that Natalie make sure to take her birth control pills.   Since then, having to come home straight from school every day simply meant that they fucked every day before their parents got home and then again when they went to bed, usually in Natalie's room.   He was fucking her so hard every day that she was still sore every morning when going to school.   Her 36DD breasts were swelling even bigger from the constant sexual stimulation.   Her bras were so tight that she had started going without one.   That had gotten her looks from a lot of boys in her class.   Her t-shirts were very tight and her stiff nipples pushed out the fabric.   Lots of boys stared at her.   It was getting Leonard angry to where he would confront them about it.   One day it got really bad.
"You like looking at her?" Leonard shouted down the hallway where they went to school.   It was during one of the rare moments that could be together, what with being in different grades.

  "Take a good look!"  He totally surprised her be grabbing the thin cotton of the shirt and ripping it straight off of her.   Now topless, she struggled to cover herself.   But Leonard was not done, proceeding to strip off her shorts as well.

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    She now stood in the hallway in panties, her shorts around her ankles, covering herself with a book. She blushed crimson.   She was more embarassed than anything else, and shocked he would strip her right there in the hallway.
"What about these?" the boy he was arguing with asked sarcastically, grabbing the panties and ripping them off of her.   She stood there in tears and embarassment. Fortunately a teacher came to break things up  and escorted them to the principal's office.
"Wow!" Leonard exclaimed as they sat waiting for the principal, "Tahat was so sexy, seeing you naked in the hallway.   She was sitting now with her shorts back on and a jacket wrapped around her top.   She had to admit that it had been arousing having everyone looking at her.   She was actually a little moist now.   "Yeah," she said, "definitely more exciting than just getting naked at home. "
The principle came in and so they had to wait to talk further.   He said that he had talked to the other boy and realized it was his fault and that they were free to go.   Both of them breathed a sigh of relief.
Since it was so late, their classes would be over soon, so the to of them headed down the hallway.

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   Natalie smiled as she got an idea.   The hallway was vacant with everyone in class, so she stripped off  the jacket and dropped her shorts.   "Let's fuck right here," she said, pulling off her shoes and socks.   Totally naked, she looked too hot to resist.   Leonard grabbed her hips and spun her around to face the wall.   He had her lean forward to touch the wall as he unbuckled and lowered his pants.   Fucking her out in the open during the school day was turning him on.   He started ramming into her pussy,causing her to moan louder and louder.   Itmust have been too loud, however, since a few students had come out to see what was going on and caught them fucking in the hall.   But they were so into fucking, they did not care and kept at it until Leonard came hard.   Soon after, another teacher came and literally had to pull him off of her.
Natalie smiled as she was led away to a room separate from Leonard, wondering what her punishment would be but knowing it was worth it.



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