Crime and Punishment - Part 1 - The Crime


My name is John. It was the last day of school before what I hoped would be the best summer of my young life. I had big plans with my friends to go camping, dirt biking and a myriad of other activities befitting a 18 year old horny male.

I had set my sights set on laying as many girls as possible. I knew with the sexual rep gained over the last few years, plus with the workouts which had shaping my body, that there was a good chance I could tap the hottest teen pussy around.

As I walked up the drive to my house I noticed Mom was home early from work. After I entered I heard yelling mostly from my sister. I walked into the family room and could not believe my eyes. Two vases where smashed with flowers strewn about and even some pictures were broken.

The room had been trashed. The rage on my Mom's face was a deep shade of purple as my 18 year old sister Ruth continued her hysterics. Mom did something I had never seen her do before as she slapped my sister hard across the face leaving a red hand print.

That stopped my sister dead in her tracks. Ruth just burst out crying and ran to her room slamming the door. I looked at Mom and waited until she had calmed herself. Then asked what was going on.

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   Mom said my sister had just been dumped by her latest boy friend which was the third one in six months. She let her temper posses her and waved a hand at the trashed room.

There was nothing for me to say so I got as far away from the disaster as possible. I went to my room and listened to music and surfed the Web for free porn.

At supper time Mom, Dad and Ruth were sitting at the table. I decided not to say a word which fit in as no one was talking. At the first opportunity I excused myself from the table and went to my room again.

In a few minutes I could hear Dad read sis the riot act and knew her summer was likely over. Later I heard my Mom call me downstairs to the kitchen. As I passed the family room I saw my sister crying and cleaning up the mess she had made.

When I got to the kitchen Dad motioned me to sit down. When I sat Mom said that they needed me to do something for them that I would not like. I braced myself, Dad said that my sister was grounded for the whole summer and that she could not be trusted so they needed me to stay home while they were at work to make sure she complied with her punishment.

Before I could say anything Dad said as compensation for my sacrifice I was to get my sister's allowance even though she would still have to do the chores. Also I could use whichever of the two family cars were free whenever I wanted on the weekends and I would not need to pay for gas.

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That one was not as good as it sounded as I usually got a car anytime I asked although I did have to pay for gas. Dad also said that whenever I wanted something after I had fulfilled this summer's request my sacrifice would weigh heavily in my favour.

Both my parents saw how devastated I was. Mom hugged me and Dad put a hand on my shoulder giving it a squeeze. He asked if I would do this for them. Like there was a choice? I said yes. Dad called in my sister. She came in with her head down not looking at anyone.

Dad told her that I had agreed to stay home to make sure she served her time. He said that Ruth better be aware of the tremendous sacrifice I was making and that her actions had not only impacted herself but also her brother.

Mom said you simple must obey John. Dad said if you give John any grief then the grounding would extend into the next school year with additional punishments added. Ruth said she understood and would not give me any problems.

I left and went to back to my room. To say the least I was furious and it was all because of my sister's temper.

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   Ruth had pointed her temper at me from time to time and let me tell you it was not something to be trifled with. In fact I suspected that her temper played a role in her boy friends dumping her.

I called my friends and told them the bad news explaining that except for the weekends they could forget about me as I was as grounded as Ruth. I suspected that some of them were glad. With me out of the way they had a much better chance of tapping the tight teen pussy that I would have claimed.

As I was going to sleep that night I vowed that she was going to pay but I did not know how. The next morning I woke up when I heard a tap at my door and Ruth's voice asking if she could come in. She entered with a tray carrying my favourite breakfast of pancakes.

Before I could ask, Ruth said as part of her punishment she had to get up by 7:00AM, clean the whole house and be my maid including making me breakfast, lunch and fetching drinks when I wanted. A funny picture cross my mind with Ruth in a sexy French maid outfit. This was the moment when everything changed.

Ruth was not a super model but was cute enough with a very hot body. Well if I was going to miss out on all that summer pussy then Ruth needed to give me hers as a substitute. It would take some trickery but considering what she had done I was ready to be as manipulative and evil as I needed to be to punish her for her crimes.

I told Ruth that making me breakfast would be enough, I would make my own lunch and the fetching was definitely not required.

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   Her face lit up and she thanked me. I did tell her that after I had eaten and showered that we needed to talk in the family room.

In an hour I went to the family room soon Ruth came in saying she had just finished her daily list of punishment chores. I told her to sit beside me on the couch. When she was settled I asked for her version of what had happened.

It quickly became apparent that her own high hopes for the summer were dashed when she was dumped. Adding to that pain her so called friends told her they did not want her around in case she started chasing their boy friends. Her hot body would be a significant temptation and her friends knew it.

So she got double dumped. When she came home the prospect of having nothing to do all summer made her loose her temper and I already knew what happened then. I asked well how did the temper tantrum work out for you. She admitted it just guarantied that her worst fears would come true and worse.

I asked her to calmly tell me why she thinks she got dumped so many times. Once or even twice could be bad luck but three times seemed like a pattern. She did not say anything, so I asked her to tell me the incident in each case that lead to the dumping.

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Ruth said that with the first BF they were necking and he grabbed her pussy hard enough to hurt and she slapped him and yelled at him. Then stormed out of his house. Latter she found out that his Mother had over heard and grounded him for two months.

The next guy wanted her to sleep with him after the second date and when she refused he told her she was frigid then she went ballistic. He dumped her saying she needed psychiatric help.

The most recent dumping her BF said she was just too inexperienced sexually and he did not have the time to teach her. She should come back when she could at least give a decent blow-job. I thought to myself well at least I know she would given head.

I asked her if any of these guys had made her come and she said no. Then I asked if she had ever made herself come and much to my surprise she shook her head. I said so let me get this straight, your telling me at 18 years old you have never had an orgasm? She looked away but said I was correct.

We sat in silence for a while and then asked if she would like to learn how to keep a boy friend? Ruth said she would do anything as she wanted to enjoy boys and have her friends back. I said OK and told her that the first step was that she needed to get used to having orgasms as it would make her more open to sexy fun.

She looked at me and said how and I replied that if she was good I would teach her. I reminded her that she may as well let me be her sex coach as she was well on the path to become an old maid.

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   These were the important developing years that would shape her into a well adjusted sexually women and if messed up she might as well start collecting stray kittens.

I said you already know I have the qualifications to be your coach. My sister said she had heard that I had quite the little harem of "friends with benefits". In fact she often had girls in her grade ask for an introduction.

Just then the phone rang and I answered it. Mom was calling to make sure everything was OK and Ruth was not causing any problems. I told her so far everything was working and handed the phone to Ruth. Ruth told Mom she had done all her chores and was doing what John wanted.

When Ruth hung up she came back to me and said she wanted my help. I said that I did not want to start her lessons and then have her get mad and loose her temper. The lesson would involve being nude and letting my touch her any way I needed to make her come.

She went red in the face and you could see her hesitated. Before she could answer I said fine have it your way old maid, got up and walked to my room closing the door.

As I suspected, minutes later Ruth was knocking on my door. I told her to come in.

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   She asked me to please give her an orgasm. I said for this to work she needed to loose her inhibitions with me. She needed to get aroused when showing off her body to a man's lustful gaze.

What is most important was that I was not going to pretend I was her boy friend. I was her brother and she needed to always think that she was a sister enjoying the sexual pleasuring her brother was giving her. She could never substitute a boy from school into her thoughts, she was giving her body to her brother for his and her pleasure.

I saw the doubt again and said forget it as you was hopeless, all I was trying to do is help you. If it was not for you I would be pleasuring some hot teen at this very moment. I left her standing there and turned on music ignoring her.

Ruth must have come to a decision as she turned off my music and asked me what I wanted her to do. I said wait a second and put on some soft music with a good rhythm and moved her to the centre of the room and said give me your most seductive strip tease, now get naked.

She closed my curtains went back to the centre of the room and started to sway her hips then undid the first two buttons on her blouse. I told her to stop, you are not a bored stripper in a cheap club you are trying to seduce your brother by being the sexiest most desirable women on the planet. By the time you are naked your body should be telling you to rip my cloths off and fuck my brains out making me die with a smile on my face.

Ruth's jaw dropped and she just stood there.

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   I got off the bed and told her to start moving her hips but this time run her hands all over her body just like she would wanted a man to touch her to make her body hot with sexual desire. She needed to grind her ass into my crotch to make me erect as she stripped. Then I said start again and do it with conviction.

She started and I took noted where her hands first touch. She definitely liked her breasts squeezed and nipples pulled. I already had a semi so she had something to contact when her ass ground into me.

I prodding her to be more active, tousle her hair and give me her most sultry looks. Feel your body and mine rub together. I said I expected her panties to be at least be damp by the time she took her jeans off.

Sis started to get into it. I think this is the first time she really had started to loose her inhibitions with any man. After her blouse was off and she unfastened her bra flinging it away. On display were the best tits I have ever seen on a teen. Firm full with eraser nipples that begged to be sucked.

Ruth revelled in my lustful gaze.

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   She smiled as she started to unfasten her pants turning around, bending at the hips as she shimmied the pants off leaving only her thong. While still bent over Ruth looked around her legs and asked if her big brother could please take his little sister's panties off.

I got on my knees behind her and slowly pulled her panties down. I gave her butt crack little kisses coordinated with what was revealed as the panties came off. When her pussy was exposed I licked her slit and she gasped and pushed back into my face. I nuzzled my face into her pussy using my nose to part her lips and gave her one more slit to clit lick. Then I told her to go lay on my bed.

I went to stand next to the bed, pulled my shirt off, turned around and lowered my pants and the little vixen pinched my butt. I thought you wait sis as I am going to make you my fuck toy before this summer is over.

I turned around and Ruth could not help stare at the large bulge in my under ware. I told her that her strip tease was better after my coaching but she should have gotten me completely hard instead of only a little stiff. I actually saw the bitch's temper flare.

I leaned close to her face and yelled at her to get out of my room and do some more chores as I would not tolerate even a hint of her temper which had ruined both of our summers. That scared her and she submissively apologized begging me to continue. I said that was her last chance.

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I moved to her feet and told her to hold onto the bed board behind her. If she took her hands away then she was done for today and all my help would end. By this time with the confusing feelings I had stirred up it made her comply without hesitation.

With a pillow tucked under her head so she could clearly see me. I paused to say Ruth if you are a good sister for your brother I am going to lick your pussy until you come, Ruth moaned.

I raised one leg up until I could kiss the bottom of her foot while lightly massaging he calf to knee. Then I began to kiss and suck on her toes. She began wiggling her ass as I went to work on her other foot.

My hands rubbed her thighs as I moved her legs over my shoulder kissing and licking the inner calves. Soon I placed her feet on the bed with knees bent, legs apart. My sister had her eyes closed and was squirming her ass and panting.

I kissed down one thigh stopped and blew my warm breath up and down her pussy slit and placed a hand lightly between her navel and pussy. As soon as my hand touched, her pelvis raised and I had to push her down saying not yet.

I moved to the other thigh licking and kissing all the while drawing the light circles nearer and nearer to her pussy. On the third pass when she was starting to twitch I forced her knees as wide as I could and gave her a lick from her taint to her clit and then sucked on it hard.


   Her pelvis raised and she screamed my name then came almost convulsing.

Her toes curled so hard I thought they would fracture. I moved up and kissed her on the lips and removed her hands away from my head board as her knuckles were white due to her intense grip. I pulled her into my arms and we snuggled.

When she finally opened her eyes I said never forget that your loving brother gave you your first orgasm even after all that you have done. That is my gift of love for my sexy sister. She whispered she would not forget and gave me a long loving kiss.

She held me so tight she could not let go of me and I massaged her back and touche even rubbing her anus a little. I asked if she wanted to come again for her brother and she smiled. I started kissing her neck and nibbled on her ears then eventually worked my way to her beasts.

I straddled her so I could use both of my hands to massaged her breasts. Dam they were firm then I pinched and stretched both of her nipples and she moaned. I flicked my tongue over one then the other stretched nippled and she begged me not to stop which of course I stopped immediately telling her she was my student not my coach and she needed to know her place.

In her groan you could almost hear her kick herself and she promised she would do as I instructed from now on. I went back to her breasts licking, sucking, pinching and even chewing lightly on her nipples.

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   She was moaning big brother your baby sister will do whatever you want, please make me come.

Eventually I moved down to her stomach kissing, licking and teasing. I found out that licking her stomach caused her to laugh as she was ticklish. I commanded that she control herself or I would not pleasure her pussy. She tried to keep herself in check but soon I saw beads of sweat on her forehead and knew she could not take much more.

With one hand I continuing to lightly rub her stomach and she relaxed just a bit I took two fingers and got them all wet with spit. Just as I started to kiss the top of her pussy mound I looked up and told her to spread her legs wide. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue lapping up her copious juices.

Her pelvis started to raise pushing my face hard into her pussy. I timed the insertion of my two fingers with my lips pursing on her clit and then I started to hum.

Much to my surprise she came harder then last time but I was not about to stop. With my fingers plumbing her depths fucking her fast and then slow along with my tongue lapping up her juices then flicking her exposed clit, she was soon going from one orgasm to the next with no real lapse in between.

If her legs had not been clamped around my head I would have been deafened by her climatic screams. I am sure she went through all the cliche pleasuring phrases. I realized that some of my anger was being taken out on Ruth by making her come again and again.

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   I intended to make her my little sex slave, getting her hooked on what I could do to her body. I wanted her to beg me for my magic touch.

I stopped when I heard no more sounds. I do not know if she lost consciousness but she was definitely out of it. I just hoped Mom did not call as the was no way she could talk coherently.

Again I cuddled her in my arms and kissed her lightly telling her how much I loved her and telling her to remember who had given her such pleasure which her brother could have been giving some other lucky girl. I made sure my hands were caressing as much of her as I could except her pussy which by this time it was over stimulated. She snuggling up real tight.

Eventually she even cried a little thanking me for helping her in her time of need. I told her that anytime she needed to come, I would help her as by now her fingers and even a vibrator may not give her the release that her brother could.

I checked the time and my parents would be home soon. I asked my sister if she wanted more lessons on how to keep a boy friend and she said definitely. I told her to shower and calm down before Mom and Dad got home.

As she was about to leave I told her she had one more sexy task to do. I said that I wanted to see her pick her cloths up in the most sexy way possible trying to seduce her brother into having sex with her.

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I said to imagine the feel of sucking my cock and getting me so hard that I could not help but bend her over the nearest table and thrust deep into her until I sprayed my cum trigger her to come at the same time.

Her eyes widened at my suggestion and then to add a exclamation mark I sliding my shorts off revealing my hardon. As I stood back up her eyes were transfixed on my dick I said, get moving show me what you got. I started to slowing stroke my cock.

She jiggled her ass, bent over at the knees picked up her bra looked at my cock and slid a finger up and down her slit and continued staring while doing a slow reverse strip tease. By the time she was done she was panting and still staring.

She walk over to me and groaned when I gave my cock a slow stroke and precum drooled out with a single drop stringing down to the floor. She was a foot or so away when I saw her knees begin to bend then I told her to get out and do as she was told. If she was good she would get another lesson tomorrow.

Sure I needed relief as my balls were blue but I wanted to drive the indispensable sex with brother hook so deep into her that she would willing do anything for me without hesitation.

I jerked off to relieve the pressure. I usually do not jerking off as my cum should only be shot when it is wrapped in velvety pussy or a wet mouth even if I needed to wear a condom.

I surfed the Web to get some ideas on what depravities to use on my sister slut. I was not into piss and shit but some bondage and light torture was not out of the question. I wanted Ruth to beg me to use her in ways she would not have imagined yesterday.

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Όλες οι ιδιωτικές εγγραφές τις διαχειριζόμαστε με τη μέγιστη προσοχή και ασφάλεια για να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα διατηρηθούν πλήρως ασφαλείς ότι και να γίνει. Επομένως, μην χάνετε άλλο χρόνο και βιώστε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες Συνοδών στην Λάρισα εσκορτ ανακαλύπτοντας τις σέξι κυρίες, επειδή σίγουρα θα τις λατρέψετε!

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