Crazy Hot Cousin


I rolled off her and we laid there catching our breaths. The way her tits rise and fell were hypnotizing. They were milky white orbs with cute little pink nipples in the center. "What cup are you?", I ask not taking my eyes off her chest. "36B", she said in a dreamy voice. As I watched her chest my mind wondered and I found my self thinking about early this morning.

"Thanks for letting Danny stay with you for the summer, The company couldn't afford to send him with me to Japan", I barley heard my mother talking to my aunt Susan because my focus was drawn to the girl siting with me on the couch. She was hot and she was my cousin. I hadn't seen her since we were four, since we lived so far away now. She had long died purple and blue hair, pink glasses that framed beautiful blue/gray eyes, she had a nose and lip piercing, and If you haven't guessed she was a little goth. She wasn't full blown goth though. She wore a pink hoodie with little black skulls all over it, the zipper was down enough so you could see that all she had on under was black bra. She had on green pajama pants with monkeys on it. It was still early in the morning so we probably woke her up. Her parents had to go to work and my mom had to leave so I soon found my self alone with her.

"Let me give you the grand tour", she got up and I followed.

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   She showed me the house and as we walked we made small talk, mostly asking each other questions about each other. We were into a lot of the same stuff. "This is my room, it connects with yours by a bathroom. There's a lock but I don't like to use it so we'll have to be careful not to walk in on each other", she gestured to the bathroom. "I'm not shy", I couldn't believe it, somewhere between the kitchen and the laundry room we had started flirting and now that we were in her bedroom it was like playing chicken, who's gonna back down first. She smiled at me and for the first time I noticed her braces. "Do they hurt", I asked her. She stepped closer to me, "Only when I kiss someone else with braces, so were lucky your metal free, buddy", she tapped with her finger on my lips. She slid pass me. "Let me show you our last stop, My parents room, they've got the big bed", I followed her.

She jumped on her parents bed and the springs squeaked loudly. "Loud huh", she asked. "Yeah, I bet you can her your parents when there going at it", I replied. "Yup, my moms a screamer but the bed is almost as loud as her. Let me show you", she unzipped the rest of her hoodie, she had a pink belly button piercing.


   "Really you dont mind that were cousins?", I asked. She opened her legs wide and my attention was drawn to her crotch, "My pussy doesn't discriminate against, sex, age, race, or relations", she laughed probably at the look of shook on my face. "I'm just kidding, I'm a virgin, now get your butt over here or I'll still be a virgin by the time my parents get home", she told me while playfully sliding her pajama pants down.

I didn't need any more convincing. Fuck she was tight. I thought she was lying about being a virgin to make me feel better but sure enough I hit her hymen. I stopped and looked at her face. We were in the missionary position since it was her first time, she joked we could try more exciting things later. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her fuzzy socks tickled my butt. She bit her bottom lip looked at my dick or what was still showing. "Go head and push it all the way in. I want to feel your balls slap my ass", she sounded so sure but I could feel her shake a little.
    I pulled out a little and then shoved in. If it hurt her she didn't show it, all she did when I popped her cherry was give a small moan, then I hit her cervix.

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       I had never bottomed out on a girl before. I was only 18 so I wasn't that big only about 6 inches.

    Her legs tightened around me, holding me in place. Her pussy closed tight around my cock and pulled me into her more, so much that it hurt a little. She held me so I couldn't move but she was going crazy. She was moving her hips like a paint mixer, grinding into me so hard that I thought she was gonna rub me raw. Her moans turned to high pitched squeaks like a mouse. Her nails dug dip into my neck and she let out a long stream my curse words. I felt her warm juices explode around my dick and then I felt her pee. Yup, when she came she peed on me a little. It wasn't nasty, some girls did that but it was surprising since it was the fist time a girl did it to me. When she calmed down a little I stammered out that I was about to cum, that I needed to pull out. She tightened her grip on me. "Fill my womb with your cum, plant your baby in me!", thats when I realized that maybe I was in over my head, I didn't want a child, were only 18 but my balls had other plans. I blew my load in her and it seemed to go on for ever.

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       She reached up and made out with me for a couple of minutes while I went soft and slid out of her.

    So there we were. I had just got to my Aunts house three hours earlier and now I'm laying in her bed, soiled with mine and her daughter's cum, sweat, pee and blood and to top it off she might be with my child now. She turned over and molded herself to my body. Her head on my shoulder kissing my chin. Her arms wrapped around me, her tits pressed into my chest, her wet slit was against my thigh and her long slender legs were intertwined with mine. "Your mine now, forever", as she said it I knew it was true. Then she got up and straddled me. "I want you again, right now", she wasn't asking.