cousins reunited + some other family


       this story started many years ago when me and my cousin were younger. whenever we would get ttogether we would play a "game". this game consisted of me touching my cousin primarily in many different places. after my cousin and i had got to a certain age we had just stopped. there was no reason to us stopping this but we just did.
       now my cousin and i are older but whenever we get together i still think of the games we used to play when we were younger. one time my parents and i had gone to my cousins house for the weekend. when we were outside me and my cousin were riding her parents quads around on her property. when we stopped for a rest back in  the woods i asked her if she remembered the "game" we used to play. she said vaguely so i asked if we could go to her room and maybe "play" again. so she said why not. what i didn't know at the time was that my cousin realy hrny because she had recently broke up with her boyfriend.  whenever we went to my cousins house we would alwsays endup in her bedroom. so when we went to her room it didn't seem suspicious.
       so when we whent to her room i asked her iff she remembered what to do. she answered all i remember was you touching me and i feeling so good.

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   i told her that i remember the same thing. so whe just sat there for a few minutes just thinking. then i said well how about we just get naked and tke it from there. so we both started aking off our clothes. now ill tell you uor figures me cousin is 18 she is slim is 5'9" and has the most amazing 34C breasts. me i am 5'10" my weight is 145 and now i have a 7. 5' cock. the second my cousin pulled off her shirt i got as hard as a rock. when she saw this she said " i see you changed alot from when you were younger. so i said "same for you". then we jus whent down and laid on her bed. for a while we jaust laid there both of us were just stairing at eachother.
      finally when she moved one of her legs i could see the top of the shaven pussy. when i saw that my dick twitched. so she naoticed what had happened and she grabbed my hand and brought it down to her pussy.

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   then she just said "remember this" then she stuck my finger in her pussy. i almost orgasmed right then. i leaned down and started sucking on her nipples. she started getting stiff and i could feel the inside of her vagina tightening on to my fingers. so i knew she was cumming. so then i said "my turn". so she lowered her head onto my cock and started diving me head. this was the best i have ever had in my life. it didn't take mer to long because i had so much stimulation going on before this. once i had jizzed she had swallowed the whole thing i asked her "where did you learn this from" then she said " did have a boyfriend". i was just like "i forgot".
      then we hear the door opening so we hide our selves under her covers. the door opens and its my aunt and my mom. they were kind of confused. so they uncover us and see us just laying there naked.

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   both me and me cousin thought thatt we were fucked.
    so we asked them "are you going to tell our dads" the said "no if we can join in. both my cousin and i were both very surprised. now my mom is my height wieghs a little more and has very nice 34 c breasts just like my cousin. my aunt is a little shorter weighs less and has 32 c breasts that look just like Lindsay Lohan's. both my aunt and my mom bvoth came in  and got undressed both were bi sexual. so my mom grabbed my cousin and they started making out and fondling each other. so while they were busy my aunt grabbed me and by that time i wads hard and sat down on my hard cock impailing herself. she started going up and down and swiveling her hips back and forth. i could tell she was very experienced. i started matching her motions my started cumming this is when i realized she was a squirter. before i cummed myu aunt had squirted 5 times. so she just fell off af me because she was so tired. after she fell off of me i was soft again and by that time my mom and cousin were done. they all came over to me and satarted taking turns getting my dick hard again.

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       but with that much pretty woman around ,me it didn't take long. i sat there and just let them all give me head one at a time.
          my dad and uncle had gone out on a hunting trip and wouldn't be back till late the next day so we all just laid there and fell asleep together. when we woke up in he morning my other cousin who is also a girl who we forgot about had come home from college that same day and she found uds all asleep in my cousin's bedroom. she just stood there and looked in astonishment. then woke us all up. BE CONTINUED. . .