Cousins Delight


Topic: Cousins Delight This story is set in my grandmas trailor at night which now belongs to my uncle. Some time ago my grandmother passed away. It was a very dramatic time for the whole family because it was a very big surprise. She was 81 years old and in great shape for her age. No, this isn't about me getting with my grandma. I may be twisted enough for incest, but to that extent. Anyways, she died because her doctor overdosed her on some medicine which caused a heart attack. Needless to say we were all very pissed off. So when the time came to go to her funeral, I didn't want to see her as dead. I loved her and didn't want to remember her that way, so instead I volunteered to watch all the young kids at her old trailor. My cousin Shanon was there aswell, so it was me, her and the kids.  Shanon and I were sitting in the living room while the three kids were in playing on the computer. We were chatting about my grandmother while we waited for the kidspizza to finish. "I don't know. I don't like the fact that the Doctor didn't notice the symptoms for the medicine her prescribed, but I also don't think it was done on pure intention. "I leaned forwards cupping my fist in my other hand.

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  "I don't care. I think it was his fault. Mal-pratice! And if I see him or get his name I intend to fucking kick his ass. And he's lucky my bro doesn't find him. He wants theguy dead. Fucking murdering asshole. ""I don't think violence will help the situation any. "Shanon got up and started walking towards the kitchen. "Hang on a sec, I'm gonna check their pizza. "For some reason my eyes locked on her ass swaying as she walked. I had always been attracted to her for some reason. But I never tried to think about it. So I got up, and wentto the bathroom. "Be right back, gotta take a leak. "When I got into the bathroom I leaned against the sink looking in the mirror.

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   I didn't really see myself, I was lost in thought. Of all the things that my mind would pick ata time like that, it choose to think about Shanon ass naked. My cock started getting hard thinking of her firm round tits, and perfect picture of an ass. She was a petitebrunette beauty that any guy would fuck. So, instead of holding back my urge I decided to satisfy it so I wouldn't get caught and make an ass of myself when I went back out. I unzipped my pants like I was going topiss and pulled my rock hard cock out. Then with my back to the door I began rubbing my dick. About 3 minutes in I heard Shanon call to me. "Chris, where are you? Can you come here for a minute. "So instead of ignoring her and finishing, I figured go see what she wanted and come back later with more images of her in my head. I tucked my 7 1/2 inches of pride away, zipped my fly and went out to see what she wanted. "Do you think this is done yet?"She leaned towards me holding the pizza pan out in one hand while the other held her up as she leaned over the counter. My eyes were no where near the pizza. She had undone thetop buttons of her shirt near collar. It was one of those shirts with two buttons near the top that woman undo to reveal some clevage.

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   She noticed what I was stareing at andsmiled as she spoke. "Hey, up here buddy. "I shook my head and started going off in embarresment of how sorry I was. She simply smiled and winked at me and said she understood mens urges. I quickly apologized againbefore saying that the pizza was done. Then, for some stupid reason, I walked back to the bathroom. Once I shut the door behind me, I yanked my zipper down and ripped my cockout, and began pounding on it quickly. Suddenly the door opened and I turned in shock as my cousin pushed the door shut behind herself. She smiled and looked up at me with adirty grin, then looked back down and spoke. "I thought so. "I looked down and noticed my dick was still in my hand. I didn't know what to do or what to expect. Suddenly she moved forward and her hands found my cock. Both her handsgripped it as my hands fell to my side. She began rubbing back and fourth on it while licking her lips.

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  "What about the kids? They could walk in. ""They are all busy with the pizza and games. We wont need to worry about them for a bit. Relax, lets just have some fun. "With that, she leaned forward on her knees and took my entire shaft deep into her throat. I felt like I was gonna burst instantly, but I held back. My hands went to the sidesof her head as it bobbed back and fourth towards my stomach. She continued to suck on it as I leaned forward and my hands began to wander. I pulled her cut off shirt down revealing her wonderfull breast as my other hand found her skirt and pulled it up enough to get my hand into her panties. I began rubbing around her clit and her tits withmy other hand as I felt my climax coming. I straightend and leaned back with my hands on the sink counter behind me as I felt the sudden burst shoot through my manhood. Load after load entered my cousins mouth and my eyes never left her pretty face with those deep blue eyes stareing up at me with a slight smile and hungry look in them. Thatalone made me shoot more cum then I ever imagined. When I finally finished shooting off my load, she pulled back covering her mouth with her hand and made a gurgling sound. Then she leaned forwards placing her hands back on my shaft as she opened her mouth tand stuck her toung out a bit revealing my creamy load all over her tongue, and under it.

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  Then with that, she closed her mouth and swallowed before reopening her mouth to show me it all gone and then smiled. She began rubbing my cock once again, her eyes neverleaving mine as she tilted her head down a bit. She stuck her finger in her mouth and licked and sucked it, then placed it slowly between her legs and made a gasping soundof delight. She bit her bottom lip and stood, leaned forward, and pulled her panties down to the ground. She stepped out of them, and then moved back against the wall. I knewexactly what she wanted. I myself had been thinking of it, and a position against the wall was as good as any. She lifted her leg to my side giving me a slight open to her. Iheld her up by placing my hand under that leg, and then she hoped up lifting her other leg as I quickly placed my other hand under her other side. So there I was, holding herup against the wall like she was sitting, and lowered her to my cock. Her hand went between her legs and took a firm hold of my cock. Then as I lowered her she guided it toher deep warmth. As soon as I made penetration I went wild. I didn't care about anything or anyone but her at that moment. Her skirt was rubbing against my chest because itwas pushed up to allow me access to her womanly charms.

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   I began bouncing her against the wall and off my rock hard cock with a firm grip on her ass. Her tits in my face mademe all the more wild, and after sucking on them for a full minute I couldn't help it and continued up, connecting mouths with her even though I knew she had swallowed my loadearlier. It didn't matter at that moment. I reasoned it out as she swallowed it all so I had nothing to worry about. My tongue found her mouth and she sucked on it for a majority of the time.
    Finally, what seemed an eternity of happiness was reaching it's ending point as my climax was coming on again. I think it was the dirty talk she started upnear the end. Stuff like "I want your fat cock in me all fucking night. " and "Oh yeah baby, fuck that fucking pussy. " and what not. Nearing the climax I readied to pull out, but quickened mypace. Suddenly her gasping got more rampant, her language more dirty, and she not only pushed against the wall slamming herself down on me in aiding me get off, but her vaginalmuscles tighend more then ever as she spoke so load I was afraid the kids could have heard. "Oh my fucking god! Holy shit!"She rapped her arms around me as our embrace tightend. It was obvious she had reached her peak aswell. But I was worried because of what she was saying and what it could lead too.

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      "Oh my fucking god! I'm cumming. "Any move I made to move back made her tighten her grip. I couldn't pull out. "Shanon, i'm gonna cum. I need to pull out or your gonna get knocked up. "Her head rolled as she pulled at me tighter and slammed against me faster spewing dirty stuff. "I don't fucking care, just don't pull out. Holy shit! Holy shit! Oh my god, cum in my pussy. Oh god, come on baby. "I don't know if it was the sex or the talk she did that was getting her off, but as soon as she arched her back and tried to scream, no sound came out. I felt her juices flowingover my cock and all down my legs and her jerky movements and muscles gripping my cock set me off. With each thrust I got deeper, and with each thrust more and more cum shot out into her. For a full minute I shot what must have been the longest and largest load ever! Evenwhen her orgasm was done, she kept on with the dirty talk to help me finish my orgasm. With one final thrust that put my dick deep within her till my balls almost entered, I shot my last big load before pulling back and leaning against the counter. She leaned forward and kissed me and spoke.

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       I knew what just happened was wrong, but neither of us wanted to worry about it untill we had too. She smiled an inch away from my face and bite her bottom lip as she spoke. "How was that baby? You like cumming in my pussy. ""Oh man that was amazing. I'd like to do that again sometime. Shit, if we can we should hook up for a night and fuck till we fall asleep. ""Ummm, i'd like that. Get you in my nice comfy bed and roll up in the sheets. I want to ride you so bad. "Her lips met mine, and we embraced in a kiss for a few minutes. Then we dressed and went out to check on the kids and such. After a while the desires left our bodies and werealized what had happened and what it meant. Of course we were scared, but later on we found out that it was okay. Somehow we got lucky, she wasn't pregnant. It didn't stopour sexual relationship.

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       We did meet up quite a bit actually and fucked as we desired. We just used a condom every time now.
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