Cousins compare


When I was 18 I went to stay with my Auntie and my 2 cousins krissy and Shelly. Krissy was a 18 yo gymnast and her sister was 18 and should have been a model. As my hormones were running rampit at that age I use to always try and catch them getting change and would wank in the shower everytime i stayed there.
On this occasion my mum cam with me so she got the spare room meaning that i had to sleep on the floor between my 2 cousins single beds. When it was time to go to bed i was as horny as hell and already my young cock had started to get hard. I went to bed first knowing that the girls would have to come in and get changed. Shelly was first and she quite openly dropped her skirt to the floor and pulled on some pj bottoms then turned her back to me while she put on her top.

I was staring uncontrolably and as she jumped in her bed she looked down at me and said get a good look? i turned red and said nothing. Not long after Krissy came in and instantly stated that i had to leave so she could get her nightie on. To my surprise Shelly told her to not be so silly and that I was her cousin and to just turn the other way. Krissy walked to the end of where i was sleeping and took her top off first. From where i lay i could just see the side of her breast as she took off her bra and quickly slipped her nightie over her head. she then let it drop and did one of those grl manouvers where they take off there panties and use the nightie to keep anyone from seeing. Once again my eyes where fixed on my cousin and when she turned around to get in to bed i averted my eeys to my other Shelly who was staring at me smiling. The light got turned out and we all settled in to bed.
I had a raging hard on and couldnt sleep then after about 45 mins i felt a hand tapping me on the shoulder.

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   It was Shelly.
    she beonned me to get into bed with her and signalled me to be quiet and pointed at Krissy. I wasted no time i stood up in my boxers and slid under her covers. She put her arms around and lent into my ear and whispered "so who has the better tits?" I layed in silence concerntrating on not letting my hard cock come into contact with my cousin as we layed close. I didnt see urs i whispered back. "Do you want to see them" she purred Yes i nearly said allowed before she put her fingers to my lips.   Shelly un buttoned her top and out  sprung 2 amazing breasts that I now know are about a c cup with the perkiest nipples. I stared at them and she grabbed my hand and placed it on her left breastt. I nearly came in my pant instantly.
    You Like? She asked in her sexy purring whisper. Yes  very much I replied while starting to caress er tits with both hands. "seeing as your  touching me she said with a wicked grin and her hand went straight down under my boxers and gripped my hard cock. I moaned and was so close to cumming that i had to tell her. Im gonna cum any second I said embarrased by my lack of staminer. "Its ok let me make sure we get none on the sheets and with the disappearedunder the doonah and put her mouth round the head of my cock.

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       I instantly started cumming in her mouth. I bucked and moaned as she sucked evey last drop.
    She came up from under the covers smiling and then we heard . . . . . . "What are you guys doing?