Cousin Tanya's FirstTime


Topic: Meeting Cousin Tanya and getting her pregnant. Cousin Tanya’s First Time:      I am eighteen and traveling between duty stations in Texas while serving in the military.   I decided to stop and visit my uncle and his family while passing through Dallas.   I called uncle Robert and he said that would be fine that they would love to have me as a guest for a few days.  
     When I arrived uncle Robert picked me up at the airport, and we went straight to the high school where my cousins were at to pick them up.   It was Friday and I had four days before I had to report in so we went to their house and settled in for the night.   Uncle Robert fired up his grill to barbeque, while aunt Renee and my cousins talked with me.
     I should tell you about my cousins before I go any further.   First there is Fifteen-years-old Tanya with a 32c-26-30 figure, and then there is Fourteen-year-old Robert Jr.   Both of my cousins are virgins, and growing up in a strict religious family.      After we ate we sat around and talked until uncle Robert told his kids to get ready for bed around 9:00 PM.   Aunt Renee showed me where I would be sleeping for that night, as we were to leave to go camping the next morning.   Their house was a typical ranch style home, where you come in the front door and the dining room is straight in front of you.   If you turn left you go towards the bedrooms and the kitchen, but turn right and you enter the living room and beyond that is the only bathroom.   I was going to sleep on a hide-a-bed couch that when pulled out had my feet towards the bathroom door.
     I had been laying there thinking about my girlfriend that I left back home, when I heard footsteps coming down the hall towards the living room.

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    Tanya asked in a quiet voice if I was asleep yet and I stayed silent to see what she was going to do.      When I didn’t answer her Tanya came the rest of the way into the living room wearing a shear negligee with no panties on under it.   Tanya then tiptoed past my bed and entered the bathroom leaving the door open as she hiked up her negligee and sat on the toilet to pee.   With the light on in the bathroom I could clearly see everything she did.   Tanya reached for the toilet paper, spread her legs wide and looking straight at me smiled as she wiped her Virgin Pussy dry of pee.   Tanya then let the paper drop into the toilet and proceeded to rub her slit causing her to have a mini Orgasm.   Leaving the light on in the bathroom Tanya walked over to my bed and sat on the edge.   I waited until she was sure that I was sleeping and started to play with her slit some more to make my move, I slowly reached out and placed my hand on her creamy thigh.   Tanya stopped for a short while to see if I had woke up but I went no farther with her, so she went back to rubbing her Pussy.
     I chose that moment to roll up on my side facing her and moved my hand to rest on her bare Pussy mound.   Tanya started to freak out at this but I quickly calmed her down and asked if she would like to really feel good with what she was doing.   Tanya just shook her head yes, so I started to rub her Virgin Pussy letting my finger slip between the lips, and rub through her very wet slit and across her fully engorged Clit.   Tanya really started to shake on the bed so I helped her to lie down while I played with her.
     Just as Tanya was building to a huge Orgasm I heard someone else coming down the hallway.   I quickly stopped what I was doing to Tanya, and pulled the covers up over her and rolled up so that it would look like I was the only one in the bed.

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    I lay on top of Tanya kissing her to keep her from making any sounds.   My hard-on pushed out through the slit in my pajama pants and poked into Tanya’s Virgin Pussy with ease, and before either of us could stop the head and another half inch of my nine-inch Cock was inside of her.   Robert Jr. went into the bathroom shutting the door behind him, I whispered in Tanya’s ear asking her if she was all right.   Tanya whispered back that it didn’t hurt anymore but could I please pull it out since she was still a Virgin and really wanted to stay that way.   I slowly started to pull out of her when we heard the toilet flush, and to keep our secret Tanya grabbed hold of me around my waist and pulled me back down on her causing my Cock to slip further inside of her Pussy.   When I reached the resistance of her Hymen I didn’t hesitate to pull back and slam back into her, tearing right through that piece of flesh that marked her as a Virgin.
     I quickly covered her mouth with my own to keep her from waking up her mom and dad.   I lay still as I heard the bathroom door being pulled open and Robert Jr. was standing there asking if everything was all right.   I pretended to be asleep and didn’t answer, so he turned out the bathroom light and went back to bed.
     Tanya had calmed back down and was softly crying.   I asked her what was wrong and she whispered back that she had wanted to save herself for her boyfriend.   I asked if she wanted to stop, but she just said that we were this far already and we might as well finish.   With that I reached between us and started to rub her Clit to get her cumming again as she was starting to dry out from our lack of motion.

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    It didn’t take long for Tanya to start to moan so I started to kiss her again to keep her from waking the rest of the household.   Tanya was fast getting to the point of no return, and I could tell that it was going to be a huge Orgasm.   I had started to pump in and out of her slowly but as she neared her Orgasm I quickly picked the pace up and was slamming into her like mad.   We were both so caught up in the moment that neither of us thought about protection for her Virgin womb.
     I felt my balls start to tighten up and held off just long enough for Tanya to start her Orgasm before I buried my Cock so deep into her that the head was inside of her highly fertile, unprotected Virgin Womb.   I shot ten or twelve blast right into her womb where my seed found her fertile egg waiting for it.   I stayed hard after cumming and started to pump in and out of her again as she was coming down from her Orgasm.   Tanya started to thrust back against me, as I would pump into her.   We were moving a good pace, and quickly building to another Orgasm together.   This time I let the first stream of jism spray into her before she started to Orgasm.
     Ten minutes later Tanya started to cry again.   I asked if she was okay and she responded with she was wonderful, that she had never felt anything like that before.   My Cock was still semi-hard and inside of her.   Tanya asked if she could help me get off since she had cum several times during our session.   I assured her that I had gotten off, not once but twice while we were fucking.

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    Tanya just looked as if her whole world had come to an end, so I asked her what was wrong.   Tanya started to cry again saying that we hadn’t used any protection and she had just ovulated that morning so she had an egg in her unprotected womb that I had filled not once but twice.   We felt for any seepage but since the head was all the way inside of her womb, it held all of my seed inside her like a plug.
     I rolled over pulling Tanya with me, and staying inside of her I started to grow again and asked if she would like to go again before we went to sleep.   Tanya started to rise off of me but quickly dropped back down, riding me like she would die if she didn’t get more from me.   Having rested for a short while it didn’t take long before I was telling her that I was going to cum again.   Tanya slammed back down onto my Cock driving it back into her womb saying that I may as well fill her again as she was probably already pregnant.   I filled her full again and this time I fully shrunk down to a normal unexcited size.
     Tanya got off of me and went to the bathroom again, and went back to her bed.   Uncle Robert woke us all up at the crack of dawn and we were on our way to the campsite that he had decided to go to.   I helped set up the campsite, and he suggested that I go with my cousins and they would show me the swimming hole.   When we got there, Robert Jr. took off to see if any of his friends were around.   I asked Tanya how she felt and she said a little sore from all the screwing around we did last night but that she wanted to do more.   We went into the water and I pulled her bikini bottom aside to rub her clit and we made love every night and twice during the day while at the campsite.

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    I left that Monday morning so that I could check in on time at the base.   Over the next several months Tanya wrote to me letting me know how things were progressing at home.   Uncle Robert and aunt Renee never did find out that it was me that got Tanya’s cherry and made her pregnant, until she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who looked more like my dads family than theirs, or her boyfriend’s.  
I look forward to being able to see my child in another few years when Tanya can get away from her parents and join me.   I am making a career out of the military, and Tanya is going to come live with me as husband and wife, so that we can have more children together.   But that will be another story.