Cousin Lovin'


The weekend had been planned well in advance. Me, my sister and my mum were going to my grandparents' house, so we could catch up with all our relatives that live in that town. Now, i have secrectly been harbouring a crush on my 18 year-old cousin, Alice. She has tanned skin, long brown hair, brown eyes and a slim, toned body. I'm not sure how big her tits are, but they're probably 34A.
When we arrived, i found to my pleasure that Alice and her two younger sisters were staying with us at my grandparents' house that weekend. I made a mental note to try an get Alice alone as much as possible that weekend - I had seen the way she glanced at me, and i knew she felt the same about me as i felt about her.
Well, later that afternoon, everyone went out for a walk saying that they'd be back in an hour or so. Alice expressed a wish not to go, so i said i would look after her at the house, whilst everyone else went walking. My grandparents agreed with that, complimenting me on my thoughtfulness for the wellbeing of my cousin. Haha, more like thoughtfulness for the pleasurement of my cousin! Anyway, everyone left, and it was just me and Alice sat in my bedroom.
There was one hell of an awkward silence right then, but i thought i'd break the ice, and planted my lips upon Alice's. Momentarily she seemed shocked by that, and withdrew a few millimetres. But right after that she returned the kiss, and it quickly turned into a snog. We embraced tightly, with our hands exploring each other's bodies. My right hand went straight to her bra clip, whilst my left hand made a bee-line for her skirt.

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   Meanwhile, her hands unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, then slipped them down my legs to my knees, and from there they fell to the floor. As my jeans made their journey south, i unclipped her bra and pulled her panties down to her knees, close to my tented boxers.
Alice unbuttoned my boxers and my erect, 7" cock sprang forth, swaying and twitching in anticipation. I had her panties to the floor now, and her skirt rolled up to her hips - my eyes engorged themselves on the wondrous sight before them; my 18 year old cousin's downy-haired pussy. It was pink and glistening from the cum leaking from within, as was the head of my dick. I laid my cousin out on my bed, and she spread her legs without my having to say so. I positioned myself between her legs, and rested the head of my dick against her opening. Slipping it in a little bit, i bent to her face and whispered "I love you, Alice"
I half-heard her identical reply, as the explosion of warmth eveloped me. I don't remembered much of what happened during the next 18 minutes, only suggestions of movement - the in-out movement one associates with sex, the exclamations of "yes" and "uh" that are so primal and yet so meaningful. I awoke as if from a daze, mid-loving, tender kiss with the cousin i had just had passionate sex with; our arms wrapped around each other as we lay side-by-side in my bed, my slowing softening dick retracting from her glistening, pink pussy.
"I love you, Alice. I want you to be with me always"
"I love you too, James. I want be with you, too"
"But, we cannot tell anyone about us"
"I know, but maybe one day we can"



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