Cousin KJ & Me


I am what you could call an odd individual. I am a gothic/punk/skater/hippy lesbian freak. I did not, however, foresee that I would eventually have sex with my first cousin, Kelly. But it happened.
Kelly is the first-born daughter of my mom's older brother. She is my eldest first cousin, in fact; about 3 years my senior. Kelly and I didn't really grow up together. I saw her and her sister, Konnie, about once every couple of months or so, and when we were together, I always hung out with Konnie moreso than Kelly, because Konnie and I were closer in age. . . and we both had a talent for trouble that Kelly seemed to lack. She was always the "good one. "
After I was about 18 or so, Kelly and Konnie moved away, and I didn't see or hear from them again until nearly 18 years later. My mom somehow came in contact with their mother, who gave my mom my cousins' addresses and such. I got Kelly's e-mail address, and after some serious debate, decided to send her a message one day, just to say hi. I felt weird talking to her out of the blue after not having had anything to do with her for almost a decade.

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   I knew almost nothing about her, other than that she was married and going to film school in Pittsburg.
It turned out we had quite a bit in common. We began speaking regularly online, through e-mail at first, then through instant messages. We seemed to understand each other in a way that no one else could. It's amazing how close we became in such a short amount of time, especially after not speaking for so long. We became a bit too close, I guess.
One night, I received an e-mail from Kelly telling me about her relationship problems, as usual. Only this time it contained a bit more than that. The e-mail was full of typos--she was obviously drunk when she wrote it--but I could make out enough of it to conclude the meaning. She said things like, "I wish you weren't my cousin. . . " I was utterly speechless. I wasn't sure I was comprehending it correctly, so I re-read it over and over, and finally decided that my eyes were not deceiving me. My cousin wanted me!
I wrote back and told her that it was alright, and that I'd had some of the same feelings before, which was true, but I had dismissed them as quickly as they had formed in my mind, for I never dreamed the feelings could be mutual.

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Kelly was planning to visit Oregon for the holidays that year, and she promised to come stay with me for a week or so, so we could get to know each other a little better. . .
She arrived on X-mas Eve, and we all (Kelly, my sister, my daughter & I) stayed at my mom's house in Portland for the night. It was the first time Kelly and I had seen each other since we were 18 and 14; we were now 20 and 23. I had seen her picture before, but photos rarely do one justice. She was shorter than I (and I'm pretty damn short), probably about 5'3", and a bit slimmer, maybe 110lbs, whereas I'm a whopping 120. It was actually a bit unsettling how much we looked alike. It was even more disturbing how much we sounded alike. Even now, when I hear my own voice on a tape recorder or something, it sounds EXACTLY like Kelly, and it always gives me a little jolt in my stomach.
Anyway, as soon as we were settled in at my mom's, we sat down to watch a movie. Kelly sat right next to me, so close that our legs were touching. Being so close to her immediately sent a wave of hot sensation through my body. It was a mixture of desire and panic, I think. It would have been better if we were alone, but there were several other people around us.

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   Kelly then placed her sweatshirt over both of our laps, and started stroking my hand underneath. My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, my breathing was becoming more labored. . . but I did my best to internalize it all so as not to arouse any suspicion. I think Kelly was thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to me in front of everyone. And honestly, I was quite enjoying it myself!
Eventually we managed to retreat downstairs to where we were sleeping. We laid down on one of the air mattresses together, both of us nervous and excited and fucking horny! We'd been talking for months about the things we would do together once we finally were reunited, and this was finally our chance to act some of those things out.
Me being the nervous type that I am, I waited for her to make the first move, and I didn't have to wait long.
    We began kissing, gently and slowly at first, then more passionately as our want grew into hot, throbbing need.
    I was already a fully-out lesbian at that point; Kelly on the other hand was married to a guy, and had never been with a woman before. For a novice, she really wasn't half bad. I think that the combination of us being cousins and knowing that we could very easily be caught at any moment made it that much hotter. I wanted her more than I'd wanted anyone before, but I knew we couldn't go all the way then. We made out for a while until my sister came downstairs to go to sleep (she was sleeping right next to us).

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       We waited until she was asleep, then resumed our makeout session.
    She was laying almost on top of me, our mouths and tongues were entwined like our bodies. I removed one of my hands from her ass and slid it up the curves of her body to her breasts. I unbuttoned her shirt and began feeling her large taught nipples through her bra. When that wasn't enough, I unleashed them from the bra's confines and played my hot, swollen mouth and tongue all over her chest. Her breasts were large for her size. . . bigger than mine. . . and very firm yet soft, like a perfect pair of feather pillows.
    Soon Kelly began kissing me all over my stomach, then she moved up to my small but perky tits, which at the time were complete with nipple rings. She suckled each one, all the while touching my body all over. I couldn't help but moan with the pleasure I was experiencing.

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       I tried to be as quiet as possible, so as not to wake my sister, but it was difficult. Especially when Kelly finally made her way down my pants with her hand. She slid her hand slowly down my chest. . . stomach. . . and under my beltline, directly into my now soaking wet panties. She ran her fingers over my freshly shaved cunt. I gasped with pleasure and excitement as my cousin slid her fingers over my swollen clit, all the while kissing my neck and body. It felt incredible. I wanted to go even further, but I knew that we couldn't right then, because there was no way I could let her continue without making any noise. I felt ready to cum as it was, so I told her to stop before it was too late. We slowed down the petting after that, but continued to make out for a long time, until we both fell asleep.

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    To be continued. . .


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