Cousin Jennifer


I left to finish cleaning up downstairs and to arrange a few things for the morning. Before going back to Jen, I stripped off my clothes and put on just the big men's t-shirt that I wore as PJ's. I went back to Jen and moved her around on the bed. Her legs wear now hanging over the edge of the bed and she was laid back, spread out. I parted her legs a bit and knelt down between them. She let me lift up her legs and spread them very wide. I told her to hold her legs open and she did. I moved my hands to her pussy and pulled her lips open. I buried my face in her hot, wet, VIRGIN cunt. I licked her as best as I could, alternating sucks at her clit with licks the length of her cunt. Eventually she started cumming and I stopped licking and just sucked at her clit to drive her deeper into her orgasm. When she was finished, I gently licked as much of her cream as I could. I climbed onto the bed and we shifted around to normal sleeping positions and fell asleep in each others arms, occasionally with my fingers down into her cunt. In the morning, we went to the shower room and I showed Jen the sauna. I had asked two sisters (the two horniest girls in the sorority) if they could put on a show for Jen. When I opened the door of the sauna, Jen saw Cindy and Anna, sixty-nining their perverted hearts out.

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   I pulled Jen closer so she could get a good view. Cindy (on top) looked up and said hello. I bent down and kissed her hello. Then I reached into the cunt she was licking and slipped two fingers into Anna's hot cunt. I pulled them out and licked them clean. I slipped them in again, but when I pulled them out I offered them to Jen. She hesitated but took a little lick. Then I pushed Cindy's face back down into Anna's cunt. I pulled Jen to the other side so she could get a good view of Anna licking at Cindy's cunt. Anna laid her head back allowing us access to Cindy's holes. I told Jen that she should try Cindy. Again Jen hesitated but she eventually slipped a finger into Cindy's cunt, pulled it out and tasted it. Then we left them to finish eating each other while Jen and I showered. After I stripped off my t-shirt, Jen got up enough courage to ask why Cindy, Anna, I all had absolutely NO pubic hair. I told her that getting shaved was part of the sorority initiation and that staying shaved was just being a part of the sorority, being a member of the family.

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   We washed up in silence and when we started drying off, she asked if I could show her how to shave her cunt. I willingly agreed and led her to the examination table where all the ritual shavings took place. I got all the stuff and put a hot wet cloth on her mound while I got the lather ready. We used a shaving mug and brush for lathering up a pussy. I took off the cloth and quickly snipped off as much of her hair as I could. She is more like her mother than her father (my uncle) so her hair was short and thin and soft. I brushed the lather into the fuzz left. She wiggled a lot because the shaving brush tickles. Then I took a new razor and began to shave off all of her pubic hair. First from her cunt lips, then across the top of her mound. Then I had her turn over and I lathered up her entire ass, cheeks and crack. I shaved off every strand of peach fuzz from her cunt and ass. I washed all the extra lather off her ass and had her turn over again. With her legs up in the stirrups again, I washed her cunt clean. Then I bent down and licked her freshly shaved cunt until she came.

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   When I finished, I helped her sit up and we hugged long and hard. She asked me if I would sixty-nine with her like the other sisters did. I told her that I would do any sex act with her and led her back to her room. I settled on the bed and invited Jen to climb on and sit her cunt on my face. (I found it is better if a girl is on top for her first 69 session, she won't feel forced or smothered and is more likely to enjoy it. ) Jen quickly threw away all inhibitions and climbed on, gently lowering her cunt until I could reach up and lick her. I started slowly licking the length of her slit. After a few licks, she began to mimic my actions. Eventually she licked at my cunt with her own style, spending a lot of time sucking on my clittie. After we both came, she rolled off and we laid there resting for a while. We got up, I pulled on my t-shirt and I had Jen put on just the top to her baby-doll PJ's. They were see-thru and short, but I told her no one here at the sorority would care. As we walked downstairs for breakfast, we passed Cindy and Anna, heading off to classes. I stopped them and asked how they liked Jen. I had her turn around for them.

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   Cindy said it was a shame we found out about Jen's horniness so late in her visit. Anna patted Jen's ass and said that all of us would have loved to give her a good licking to satisfy her desires. Jen blushed alot but enjoyed it. After breakfast, we went back to Jen's room to pack. I was going home with her to spend the weekend visiting. I had Jen stay naked the whole time. Then we went to my room to pack my things. When we were packing my underwear, Jen asked why I wasn't packing any bras. I told her that I hadn't worn a bra since my first year at college and sometimes didn't even wear panties. When I went to the closet to get my skirts and slacks, Jen picked up all the panties I had packed and put them back in my drawer. I laughed and told her I should make her go the entire weekend without bra and panties as well. She laughed and said she would do anything I did, so we both went without. After packing, she hugged me and pulled me down onto my bed and asked me to get on top of her for another 69 session. I turned around and positioned my cunt a few inches above her tongue. She propped her head up and eagerly licked at my cunt without me having to lick her first.

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   When I did start licking her, her cunt responded with flows of slick lubricant. I was holding her asscheeks, sucking on her clit, and watching the cream flow down across her little ass pucker. I moved one hand in closer and used her own cream to lubricate her virgin asshole. She squirmed a bit but as I worked more lubricant into her, she calmed down and took my finger into her tail. And eventually she came while I was sucking on her clit and pumping her tight asshole. On the bus ride back to her home, we talked about her sex life and her fantasies. I asked her why she didn't get her cherry popped by someone around her hometown. She said that there was no one her age that she wanted to fuck with. She did tell me that she fantasized and masturbated about her little (16-year-old) brother's best friend. She said that if there was some way to get him, she would do anything. When we got to the bus depot, her brother Jim and his friend Tony were there to meet us and drive us home. I took one look at these two wrestling team superstars and I told Jen that I would be willing to take them both on. So that evening we laid our plans. On Saturday morning, I spent time visiting with my aunt and uncle before they had to leave for the afternoon. When they left, Jim said that he had to go to the store and got ready to leave.

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   I walked him to the front door and just before he opened the door, I opened my bathrobe to show him my clean, willing little body. I took his hand and put it to my hairless cunt. I put my other hand to his crotch and massaged his growing cock while I kissed him. I told him that if he brought back his friend Tony that I would give him a lot more than just one quick feel. I turned away and scooted up the stairs. When Jim returned he had Tony with him and Jen and I met them at the door. Jen took my bathrobe off and tossed it aside while I did a little turn to show the boys my naked body. Then I walked over to them and gave Jim a deep sexy tonguing kiss. His hands were all over my tits and ass. I broke the kiss, went to Tony and repeated it with him. Then I went back to Jen and disrobed her. I turned her to face Jim and Tony and asked them if they liked the way she looked. Both boys whistled and said yes. I sent Jen forward to kiss both guys and get fondled. She didn't kiss Jim very long but was really tonguing Tony when I broke it up.

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   I motioned Jen to drop to her knees with me. I opened Jim's pants while she undid Tony's. I kissed and then licked Jim's cock to a complete erection and then checked on how Jen was doing with Tony's cock. She had gone a bit further and had his cock in her mouth and was sucking away. I returned to Jim's hard rod and sucked him into my mouth. We sucked on those cocks until I knew they would be willing to fuck both of us, regardless of family relations. I pulled off Jim's cock and pulled Jen off Tony's. We got up and led the boys into the living room. There we had laid out a sheet on the floor to protect the rug from the sex stains that might occur from our performance. We stripped the boys all the way and I laid down on the floor. I lifted my legs up and spread them as wide as I could. I invited both boys to inspect my hairless cunt as closely as they wanted. Soon I had fingers from both of them pumping in and out of my hole. After they pumped me to a quite pleasant orgasm, I invited Jim to fuck me. He climbed on top and put his cock near my hole.

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   I told Jen to help his cock find the right place. She reached in from the side and grasping his shaft in one hand, poked him into my hole. I told him to plunge right in, which he did with a virgin's fervor. He fucked away at my cunt until he had induced another orgasm in me and then until he shot his first load of cum into a hot cunt. After Jim and I rested a bit, it was Jen's turn to get fucked. I had her take my place on the floor and I pulled her legs open. I invited the boys closer for a good look at her clean cunt. They pulled her lips open and probed her wet hole a bit. I had made sure she was very wet and properly stretched before the boys got back. Jen was moaning with pleasure, but she needed a fucking. I told Jim to get on the other side and hold one leg while I hold one leg and help Tony into Jen's virgin hole. Tony got into position and I grabbed his rock-hard cock. It was so nice I just had to bend down and give it a bit of a sucking before leading him to her pleasure trove. I rubbed the head of his cock up and down Jen's wet slit, occasionally rubbing it around the edge of her hole. Finally she was begging for a fuck, and I pulled Tony's cock closer to her and poked the head into her hole.

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   He wasn't far enough in to really qualify as deflowering her so I let go of his cock, slapped him on the ass and told him to fuck her. Tony bent forward, kissed Jen on the mouth and plunged his cock into her waiting hole. He began pumping in and out, Jen was moaning louder and louder. Tony's strokes got faster, harder, deeper. Jen's moans became shouts and Tony shot his load into her no-longer virgin cunt. Tony collapsed on Jen and they hugged and kissed and enjoyed the afterglow of orgasm. When Tony pulled out, I bent over and licked the mixed cum off his softened cock. We rested and talked and found out that Jim and Tony had never even been sucked until we worked on them. I kidded Jen that she would have to give the boys lots of practice at licking cunt, in return for sucks and fucks. Eventually both boys had recovered and our sexy talk had hardened their cocks. Jen and I went to the kitchen to put the sodas away and I put my hand on her ass and started poking my finger in her backdoor. I walked her back to the living room with my fingertip in her tail. I told the boys that now it was time for them to try assfucking. I popped my finger out of Jen's ass and got down on my hands and knees. I told Jim to get in front of me.

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   I told Tony and Jen to start lubricating my asshole. When they started, I looked up and sucked Jim's cock into my mouth. I let him pump his rod into my mouth at his pace and pleasure. Jen was a bit hesitant to lube my asshole, but Tony enjoyed it and soon I was ready. I pulled away from Jim's cock and told him to go behind and help Jen hold my asscheeks open. I told Tony to have his pleasure with my asshole. He took hold of my waist and positioned his cockhead at my backdoor and pushed into me. One long slow push buried his cock fully into my tail. He held me tight and then began fucking. It didn't take him long before he shot a load up my ass, but it was very enjoyable, especially when Jen and Jim reached under me and both rubbed my clit and fingered my cunt. After I recovered enough to stand, I had Jen take Tony to the bathroom so she could clean his cock. When they returned, Tony's cock was halfway hard again (Jen's naked body does things like that). I had Jen get down on all fours and had Tony kneel in front of her. She eagerly took his cock all the way into her mouth. I instructed Jim on how to lubricate Jen's virgin asshole.


   He also hesitated a bit, but eventually enjoyed working on his older sister's tail. When Jen's asshole was ready to get fucked, I had Jim get behind her and had Tony come along side. Tony and I pulled her asscheeks apart and each squeezed one of her sexy tits. I told Jim to start pushing his cock into her waiting asshole. He put his cockhead against her pucker and slowly pushed in until her tail engulfed his cockhead. He paused and I asked Jen if she wanted to continue. She begged Jim to fuck her, hard and fast, the way Tony had done my ass. Jim agreed, held her by the waist and plunged into her as deep as he could. Jen gasped as her tail filled with his manhood and then she moaned as he withdrew. He repeated several deep plunges followed by slow withdrawals, until Jen was begging for a fucking again. Then Tony and I moved our hands from her tits down to her hairless cunt and we began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunthole. Jim switched speeds and began a full force fucking. Soon Jen was writhing in pleasure and Jim finished his orgasm shooting deep into Jen's tail. We finished that afternoon with Jen and I each being the middle of a sex sandwich between Jim and Tony, with the boys getting the hole they didn't get before. That night Jen and I spent one more night licking each other's cunts.

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   And on Sunday afternoon, before Jim and Tony drove me back to the bus station, they all helped me pack, and Jen helped them both fuck my cunt one more time before I left. My cunt dribbled their cream all the way back to school. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.