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ÂIm from florida and love life. Recently i received a phone call it was my cousin, shes from up north and was coming down to vacation and gave me a ring to say she was staying at my place. I said sure no problem. She came down about a week later. I went to the airport to pick her up. So there i am waiting for about 18 mins, you know how airports are now days. You have to be there early even if you not flying haha. So there she is, coming down the isle. Shes about 31 5'9 130ish with red blondish highlights. Baby blue eyes and a nice set of tits and ass to go with it lets just say. Also has a kid and a husband. I havent seen her in about 5 yrs and she stood there before me looking gorgeous. She comes closer and gives me a kiss on the lips and a big hug. Which i wasnt expecting either or. . I grab her bags and proceed to walk her out to the car.

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   We get there i load the bags and we jump in and start heading towards my house. We get there and settle down and sit on the couch to catch up on old times. We chit chat and iÂguess she was tired she just past out right there in the middle of a conversation. I soon went to bed and did the same not long after.

 The next morning she wakes up me up and we head out to go see family friends ect. We visited some of our aunts uncles cousins and family friends, get food and talked for what seemed like years. We finally decided we both had enough talk and family for the day . It was one of those looks like lets get out of hear now! I was diggin it. We left took off and couldnt figure out what we should do. I decided we should go to the beach it was getting late but thats when the fun starts. We get all the way there and she decides she wants to go back to my house cause she didnt feel well. So we turn around drive home. She gets changed into these short short boxers and a cut off tshirt. We watch tv she props her legs up on my legs an i put my hand on her legs. Smooth and silky.

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   Love that . As im rubbing her legs shes telling me how good it feels. I tried backing away thinking it was wrong. She insisted i kept going and massage them. About 5 mins into the massaging she starts making slight sounds. Agian like before she passed out then agian it was 130 am. I get a blanket an tuck her in on the couch careful not to disturb her. I tuck her feet in wrap up her legs and go to tuck her in around her upper body. Suddenly the cut off shirt is revealing the bottom of her sexy c size breats. I started to peek a little bit more moving around looking at better angles i finally lifted up her shirt and seen her quarter size pink nipples. She suddenly stirred i finished tucking her in and headed straight for bed. All i could think about was if she knew what i was doing to her. If she did i didnt want her to think i was sick. . I soon fell asleep nervously.

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 The next morning i woke up to her agian.

This time she was standing over me in a bikini. I mean her bikini bottom and pussy was right there in my face. I glance up i see this white bikini bottom all fuzzy sense i just woke up. I looked up at the face and it was her. In a whit bikini with a smile telling me to get ready to go to the beach. I give in but couldnt help but look in amazement at her beautiful body. Specially her bikini line. It had these perfect neatly trimmed pubic hair stubbles . It instantly got me hard. I hurried an put on my trunks an met her outside she had the empty cooler in the trunk and we headed to the nearest liqour store. We picked up some capt n coke ice beer and i think more beer. This is where everything is a blurr. We finally arrive at the beach park the lawn chairs out and start pounding beers down. The beach we went to very few people know about so its very secluded.

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   Not even a house within 18 miles atleast. So needless to say we didnt see anyone in sight thats for sure. Soon enough shes laying out and asking me to rub body lotion on her. At the end of the she took off her top while laying face down. We started talking drinking being goofy. After about 1/2 a bottle or so shes drunk out of her mind. She suprised me by just rolling over and tanning semi nude in front of me . I couldnt believe it. I was in ahhhh. I soon realized i had my glasses on " hater blockers" mirrored glass's. I then start scoping her out noticing i dont have to look her dead in the eyes cause im scared what she might think for me scoping her out. I glane over her beautiful breast. Perky nipples hard and shinny. I move my way down her flat stomach an down to her bikini line. Perfect still has stubbles this time they stand out better from the sunlight.

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   Im hard as a rock. Somehow being florida it started to rain for no reason at all. We run back to the car by that time we are soak wet an cold. We shivered for about 10mins tring to warm up. With my courage i went back out to retrieve the cooler and her bikini top . she puts it on and we leave to head back home. By this time shes sobered up and so have i. We get changed and shower ect and meet downstairs.  We decide we should finish off the liqour and beer. She pulled out a roxycotton and swallowed. I asked her what it was she told me what it was and i just couldnt believe she did it i guess. . I asked her why she did take one she said so she didnt wake up with a headache later on that night or with a hangover or both. I popped open a beer and sat on the sofa . .

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   She plops down on the sofa and sips threw a straw her capt n coke. She place her head right on my cock. I didnt say anything just sat back and tried to make her comfortable.
    Soon shes moving it around and starting to get me a little to happy. She sits up sips and put her head back down on my cock. . It gets harder and harder. She placed her hand on my inner thigh and i started to just throb. She continues to rub on my leg and arouse me. I grab her hip and start to massage it, working my way threw the elastic band on her shorts and underwear eventually down to her bare hip bone and soft skin then across the top of her panty line up her stomach and around her breast back to her side and shoulder. Im so worked up by now.  She asked me if i was tense and was i ok with what was going on.  Me being drunk and her too, We knew what was going on just didnt have the will power to stop ourselves. Im not sure what she seen in me but all i felt was sensations. Then agian out of nowhere she fell asleep.

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       I was drunk and continued rubbing on her. She was passed out and didnt know what was going on. I eventually made my way past the panties, going down i felt very short short hairs getting longer and longer all very soft into a full dense bush. I was so hard my balls start to hurt. I soon got up and peeked better i pulled her panties and shorts down to her knees and her shirt over her head. This way if she woke up id have enough time to pull up her panties. There it was the perfect bush. I almost came looking at it. I unzipped my pants and started pumping my cock . My balls sweaty and cock wet i couldnt handle it anymore. I pulled up her panties and pulled down her shirt. I called her name a couple of times no reponse. I slapped her face lightly and gave her wet willys and nothing at all. I decided to carry her and put her in my bed. I got her in the room on the bed and she was still out like a light.

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       I rubbed on her nipples nothing happend. . I started to rub her bush threw her panties and she was out. I pulled her panties off all the way now and then proceed to get on top of her. i lift her shirt up to expose her tits. I undid my belt buckle and then my buttom . Unzipped my pants pulled out my cock in my hand. I then just started to just find the entrance. I was so swollen i had a hard time forcing it in. I had my hand on the top of my cock pumping it hard and it just was so tight. Feeling the pussy hair so soft agianst my ball and pubic hair ,agianst  my cock and balls was amazing. I finally gained entrace by pumping it in after about 7 times i slide finally all the way in. i was almost about to release my cum inside her when she sighed. i pumped two more times and she woke up. IÂcummed all inside her and pulled out to see cum dripping out of her hairy tight muff and oozing out down her crack and all over her bush.

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      . She woke up and grabbed the blanket and looked at me. She told me to come lay down. I did so and she just suddenly went down on me and sucked me dry one more time to release in her mouth. She kissed me and then we went to sleep.

    The next day i woke up to a note saying thanks for a good vacation and a phone call later that day. it was great.

    A true story:)




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