Cousin, Friend and Me Part3


When i awoke, i was facing my cousin, and Cooper was spooin me from behind. it was about midnight, we had been playing with each otehr since 11am. Michelle my cousin was awake and staring at me, i ask if she was ok. And she replied "i am ready". Through the course of the evening, my cousin looked a little hessitant, about me. So i decided not to push her. I slowly, reach over Cooper not to wake her up, to grab a comdon. But my cousin pulled me and said she wanted to really feel me inside her. She reach down and grabed me , i out my arm around her wait, and rolled her up on to me. She leant down and kissed me slowly, and i kissed back. She leaned back and she slowly placed my cock in her, she squirmed a bit, and then i notice she started to smile. She was happy, great sign, so i started to move back and forth. and did the same.

She started to moan instaly and wit hte shaking of the bed, Cooper woke up and said "Finally, about time, i was waiting to watch this" we agina all laugh. We got back to it, and then Michelle said she wanted to be fuked. I fliped her over and i took my cock out.

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   She was on her stomach with her but up showing me her pussy, i inserted my cock and we did it doggy style. 1 min later we both came, she was so loud, i couldnt believe it, my cum was dripping out of her pussy. She said she felt my hot load in her and said it was the greatest she has ever felt. We got up and had a shower togehter and then got dressed. We constally kiss each other and every so often we do go back for seconds.