Cousin, Friend and Me Part2


*******This is wear it gets real good******************About a year later, we were at my cousins place for the summer, seen they had a pool i thought this will be great again. It was a hot summers night and Cooper, Michelle and me decided to camp out in the backyard, so we could get up early and go for a swim, we all slept in our bathers (that was not a good night sleep, i also had a boner and seen i was 1ft away from the girls, I decided not to go nuts). Morning came and we were woken up by a car drving away, our parents were going out to some farm for the day or something nuts and crazy. Of course Michelle jumped up and jumped up all over us 2, making us all wrestle. Cooper suddenly unzipped the tent and went for the pool. So we both fellowed her, but this is wear i thought GOD DAMM. They were wearing the same bathing suits from 1 year ago. So my cousin was almost bursting out. And Cooper was kinda as well. We all jumped in and played a about a hour or so. Anyway, Cooper wanted to play a "Good" game, and I said truth or dare (always leads to somehting good). Cooper went first and ask Michelle, Michelle said "Truth". "What size cup are you?" Cooper asking in a hestircle voiceWe all laughed and i said a big one, and we laughed even harder. "C, ok Cooper what size panties are you?" replied Michelle after we had calmed down. We again started laughing and i said "big, very big for her big ass". Cooper calm over and attacked me, i apologies and said "you have a cute ass".

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  Cooper smiled and said "thanks, and i am a size 4". It went quiet for a bit, we were all looking at each other. And also Cooper didn't realise it was her turn again. "Ohhh, my turn against. . . . . ok Brian, truth or dare?" Cooper said to meI thought about saying dare, becuase guys always say dare, but i thought, nah, not yet. "truth" i replied. "okkkkk. . . . .


  . . . . How big is your penis?" Cooper openly said. All of us were laughing and shocked. I replied with "i actually don't know, I have never measure it, but it is about the length of my hand, from palm to index finger tip". Michelle ask if that was small, and we all shrugged, we didn’t know. We paused again, all taking it in. It was my turn to ask, I went for Michelle, Michelle said dare. I was sitting there trying to think of something she could do, when i got caught up in her bikini top, then it hit me. "I dare you and Cooper to switch tops, in the pool" I didn't want to sound like i want to see my cousin breast. They looked shocked and at first they both were like no way, but i said that is unfair. So they  turned around and switch, i could see there naked backs, which had no tan lines seen it was the start of summer. They turned around and then i basically started to laugh my head off with them.

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   Michelle bust was pouring out of Coopers tiny top, the top was jsut coving her nipples only. Where as Michelle top was giving the perfect outline of Coopers bust, i could see the outline of her nipples perfectly. We stop playing then, the girls switch back there tops and we got out of the pool and layed on the deck sunning ourselves. Of course i got the job of putting suncreen on there backs, and then Cooper ask me to do the front, it really turned me on, I did her, but Michelle did her self. I layed inbetween them and we jsut chatted, and then cooper held my hand, and started to squeeze it. I could tell she was into me. Cooper leaned up and said "ok lets go for a shower". We all ran inside rushing for the bathroom. My cousin had one of those big shower cubicles. So we all fitted in. The hot water came on and we started to wash ourselves. Then suddenly i felt a hand got on my back and then my stomach, it was all soapy and i turned around and it was Cooper. She slowly started and then said "you can touch me you know?"I grabbed some shampoo and washed her hair for her, and then i ask Michelle if she wanted hers done, she nodded and i did. It got pretty steamy in there, and i was getting a massive hard on. We Cooper and i bumped into each other and we kissed.

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   Just a little peck at first, then we went a little bit longer each time. Michelle stood there looking a little bit out of place, she was playing with her hair and stunned, not knowing what to do. i leaned over and brought her closer to Coop and I. I kissed her deeply, no tounge. I pulled back and then kissed Cooper again, by now i was so hard from the girls rubbing up against me and against each other. We then kissed all at once and breaking our lips to use our tounges. I felt a hand go down to my penis, and to my suprise it was Michelle's. Copper saw me look down and then she saw Michelle's hand, Cooper joined in. I leaned back enjoying the feeling. I leaned in to kiss there cheast and feel around. Cooper's was so soft and felt great. They were perky, and small but felt great. Michelle's, OMG. Imgaine small girls breast, but 5 times bigger. They were bigger but still perky.

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  We did this for about 5 minutes, but nobody was naked yet, so i turned off the water and got out, we dried off and i said lets go to Michelle's room. We got in and basically kept kissing. "stop wait i want this to be as sexy as possible" Cooper demandedCooper went through some underwaer she had bought up with her, and handed them to Michelle. They went out to the living room to get change. Mean while i riped of the blanket off the bed and left a sheet. I pulled my board shorts off, and got under sheet. (yes it did look like a tent with my boner lifting the sheet up)The door open and they both walked in, both wearing light blue undies and bras. All lacy and stuff. Cooper walked over to me and got on top of me and kissed my face all over. I grabbed her as, and she was only wearing a g-string. Michelle came sat on the end of the bed, just staring again. I asked 'whats up?""i am just going to watch, I don't know if i am. . . .

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  . "she replied in a really soft voice. So i continued with Cooper, I remvoed her bra and finally i got to see her nipples. They were pink and hard. I licked and sucked them for moment. She pushed me back so i was laying back, and then kissed my schest and went down and removed the sheet, revealing my penis. She grabbed it and and started to jerk it off slowly. I looked at michelle and she was stunned but i could see it was a good stunned. Cooper then put my cock in her mouth, and we did go nuts, but slowly licked it, and kinda savered the flavour. I cummed, it went all in her mouth and all over her cin and down her chest. She looked a little shocked, i got up and kissed her and licked all over it up. "I want to see one thing" she saidShe grab my hand and place it next to my cock. "wow you were telling the truth" she said smiling. We all laughed, even Michelle which look like she was kinda leaning in, but just couldnt get passed a hurdle, i spose the cousin thing might of been hard to not think of. I said "well if we are seeing if we lied, then lets see what size you are"I quickly flip Cooper over to how i was, and removed her panties looking for the label, "Dammit, size 4.

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  . . . wow you were right" I said in a over sacastic voice. "i would never lie to you" in a overly sexy voice coop replied. I slowly leant forward and kissed her. i worked my down quickyl to her pussy. She was shaven, not jsut shaven but bald, so smooth. O touch it and rubbed it, and then i just licked her, Using all my tounge, going in and out. licking her thighs I was in heaven. "OOOOO, OOO,ooo, ahhhhhhh" cooper moaned out. I suddenly felt my cock ben rubbed again, i turned around and saw my cousin hand touching my cock and rubbing my ass. I continued eating Cooper out untill she was wet and hot from my her own body, i stuck my fingers in and she moaned so loudly. "OMG that feels so good, push your fingers up again, I think that is the spot" she ordered me. I did as i was told and then suddnely a little stream of flui came out.

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   And her back arched up and she took in one depth breath and held that position for 5 secs.
    she relaxed and pulled me up to kiss and lick my pussy juice covered face. Michelle fellowed up and join in licking my face and her hand was still on my cock. I asked her if she was ok and was ready. She replied with a small nod. Cooper got out of the way and i layed Michelle down, kissing her all they way. I went down to her neck and then to her bust. I said "let see if you were telling the truth. I reach around and took her bra off and saw a B. "lies" i yelled out. "no, i am wearing Coop's underwear, touch them and you will see they are a C" she replied in a begging voice. I kissed her nipples, which were brown, for a call that had pale white skin, i couldnt beilieve she had dark nipples, but they were fantastic. She started to giggle a little bit, it was becuase my cock was pressing against her pussy. So i decided to make my way down there. I had left a small pre cum stain of her panties.

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       I slid them down and gave them to Coop saying "heres a present"She gave me a smile and sniffed them. we all laughed. I looked at my cousins pussy, she had shaven and left a small strip of hair along the edge. I am guessing she was nervous she would cut her self if she went any further. I rubbed her a little bit and she squirmed around. She then pressed against my head  with her hand saying "licked it like you did with cooper"I slwoly licked the outside, and then i stuck my finger in the bottom of her pussy and licked the top. I don't know why i went differnt with her, it just felt right. Again i felt han feel my ass, this time it was Coop, but she was feeling my ass crack and then my hole, i didnt turn around or want to see, it felt good but kinda grossed me out. After about 2 mins, megan Arched he back and yelled out my name and then she push her hips out and my head got covered by her cum. She pulled me up and kissed me and licked my face. I then said "Michelle, you O me, you need to finish me off"she looked puzzle, and then realised she need to blow me, "ummmm i dont know how too" she replied in a shy voice. "Dont worry i will teach you" Cooper said, " it is easy and he is ready to go"I leaned back and both girls went down on me. Cooper softly kissed my cock, and my cousin jsut stuffed into her mouth, and sucked, both felt great. I eventually cummed in my cousins mouth, after cooper rubbed my balls a bit. (that felt great).

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      We all took a little rest then. We all spooned each other, Then Cooper started to kiss me, i reach into a bag i brougth in early and pulled out a comdon. I put it on and made sure it wasnt going to come off. I Rolled over and Copper got on top of me, laying on me. I felt my cock slowly enter her warm pussy, her eyes lit up. "Ohhh, there you go, lets go" she said to me. Michelle watch as we went up and down, It was our first times as well, and i would like to say, it isnt warm apple pie when it is a little pussy,i cant tell you how it feels apart from excelent (Bill and Ted style). Cooper sat up, and started to bounce on me, i moved up an down with her. We both reach a point toghert and we cummed. She grubbed her pussy and just moaned. she fell beside me and we kissed. Michelle jsut sat there looking at us, and then we all went back to spooning, and we fell asleep. *************TO BE CONTINUED*****************