Cousin, Friend and Me Part1


It was about 2001 when i went on this holiday with my family, and my cousins family. I (Brian) was about 16, my cousin (Michelle) was 18 and her friend Cooper was (14). We arn't the richest families in the world so we went camping and stayed in caravan parks a lot. But this was where a sexual fantasy started, and eventually came true. The caravan park was right next door to the beach, and the first couple of days we spent in the beach, we are all keen surfers so we all wore board shorts and rash vest. But i could see the outline of my cousin and her friend bikini tops through the vest. Anyway, about 2 days into the holiday, it got a little cold, so we decided to use the indoor pool at the caravan park, which was a little to hot for the rash vest. I was planning for to go for a swim, and i went to see where hte girls were, apparently they had already gone up there without me.

So I went up there. When i got to the pool, a hot rush of air and the smell of cholrine hit me. The pool was packed. I scanned for a little bit and then i saw them, on the other side. I went into the change room to get into my board shorts. I better describe myself. I am now 18 and 5ft 7 (yeah short), i play tennis and are getting a six pack now, I have white pale skin and my penis is 7 inches. I came out and hopped in the pool, and Cooper came running upto to me and jump up and i catched her in the water.

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   She was wearing a small blue bikini, and i mean small, it was partly riding up her holes. She had small breast, just developning. But she was a swimmer and had a athletes body. I passed her back to my cousin Michelle. Michelle waswearing a old bathing suit, it wasn't that revealing, but it was tight on her, and well it was partly see through seen it was old.
    So i could see her nipple outline in the hot water. Of course i started to get a boner, so i started playing with the girls. Swimming underneth them and then i was giving them big bear hugs and wrestling them. There skin was so soft. I grab Cooper and i pressed my hips into her ass, her ass was small and hard. Then i let her go, I grabbed my cous  by her legs and pulled her up to me so her legs were around me and my croutch was touching hers. She asked me what i was doing, and i just let her go. About 5 mins later, the pools water slide came on, and we got out and queued up for it, the stairs went out side the building so there was a cold breeze. My Cousin, who was more developed then Cooper went hard. Both her nipples were stuck out.

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       And her bottoms were sticking to her bottom. We went down the water slide one by one. We did it a couple more times then we got out, it was the last time i saw them, in there bikinis before it happen. The next day we left to go on more of a camping trip. <!--[if.