Cousin experimentation


From childhood my cousin and I always shared a bit of an attraction for each other. Linda and I were almost exactly the same age and we often  found ourselves sharing each other’s company during summer camping trips or at visits to other’s homes during the holidays. These gave us plenty of opportunities to indulge in a bit of mutual exhibitionism that started innocently enough but, over the years, gradually became more sophisticated. We were careful not to let anyone else see our flirting and didn’t ever give our parents any reason to believe we couldn’t be trusted to be alone with each other. Who’d suspect anything between us cousins? 
On the times when we were alone together our interaction often included the usual assortment of adolescent thrill games such as “truth or dare” or strip poker. These games were usually just silly excuses for us to get naked and observe each other’s mysterious anatomy. She’d offer to show me hers if I would show her mine. Overall, our meetings remained fairly innocent and our mutual fascination with nudity was more out of curiosity than sexuality. There were a few times, though, when we also discussed the mysterious topic of sex and the functions our different body parts apparently served in it. We had some vague ideas but no details.
The summer we were 18 I spent several weeks at Linda’s house on an extended visit that provided us many more opportunities to be alone together. Linda and I had gotten bolder with our games and we used my visit to continue our mutual nudity and sex discussions. We often dared each other to get completely naked and then we’d cavort around inside her house in the buff for several hours. We did many common adolescent activities like chatting, playing games, or listening to music but we did it while naked. We continued to enjoy our mutual interest in nudity and we somehow managed to keep it secret so no one was the wiser.
Yet during those naked sessions I couldn’t help but notice that I was becoming erect more and more often while with her.


   While erections had occasionally happened before, the frequency and intensity of my boners this summer was something new. I found it could happen at any time. While we listening to music or playing cards my penis would suddenly spring to life and stand up straight. Boners were a bit embarrassing for me and very interesting for her. She’d make some gentle jokes about it but it was clear that Linda was intrigued by my penis, even more so when it became erect. Even though our nudity had never included us touching each other I think she was pleased by the sight of my wood and she was beginning to realize she was the cause of my erections.
Our sex discussions also became more interesting. We talked and talked about what we thought sex was all about. One day we’d looked at a softcore porno magazine featuring photos of naked women in provocative poses. We both found it fascinating and I remained erect for the remainder of our afternoon together and my balls continued aching. Although we were still vague on many of the details, at that age we were both aware of how enjoyable sex was supposed to be and why people men and women humped each other. We both knew sex involved partners getting into bed together and laying on top of each other so they could rub their bodies together. I suspected that the humping act involved men ejaculating sperm, like the wet dreams I’d been having, but beyond that the details were vague.   
Linda and I both began to notice a hot and flushed sensation that overcame us during our magazine viewing and sex discussions. We noticed it got even stronger each time I became erect and it was clear the feeling was something more than the usual glow we felt we felt when we were naked together.

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   We didn’t fully recognize that the heat building between us was strong sexual attraction and how powerful it could be.
That all changed during one hot afternoon. She’d been acting a little edgy that day and when we found ourselves alone she’d suddenly said she wanted us to get into her bed together. That gave me pause. I knew that what she was suggesting was a bit beyond our usual innocent games. It would involve kissing and touching and humping and other things we’d talked about but never tried. I felt a bit of apprehension but also overwhelming excitement. Everything I’d ever read and heard about bed play said that it was exciting. So, I agreed.
We wasted no time in stripping off our clothes. That part was routine by now. But the anticipation of being in bed together was something different. It felt more exciting now. My cock certainly had no problem responding to her suggestion. It was erect before I ever removed my jockey shorts and it remained stiffened to its maximum length while I stood there watching her remove her bra and panties.

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   The heat and tension in my cock felt more urgent this time, like it was expecting something important to happen. Meanwhile, Linda was already climbing onto the mattress of her four poster bed and waiting there for me.
The sight of her bare ass and pussy wiggling as she worked her way across her bed on all fours stoked me even more. Somehow they both now looked much more attractive than they ever had before and I felt a burst of what I later recognized as raw lust. I was feeling flushed again and couldn’t really think clearly because the heat sensation was now much stronger. My heart was pounding and it was all I could do to think in small chunks. I was alone with her in her bedroom. Her frilly female underclothing was strewn all around me. My naked cousin wanted me to join her in her bed. I felt hot and hard.
I didn’t really know what to do next but my cock was throbbing rapidly and directing me toward her bed like a compass needle. So I followed and burrowed beneath the sheets with her and we lay side by side for a few moments, barely touching. My erection was creating a mountain in the bed covers but neither of us was quite sure about what to do next.
I asked her if she knew what to do and she replied that I was supposed to get on top of her. I knew that bed activities usually involved men getting on top of women so they could rub their bodies together, which was supposed to feel very good.

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   That was probably the reason why dicks got hard, so they could be rubbed against girls. And rubbing it probably meant I’d ejaculate sperm, like the wonderful wet dreams I’d been having lately. I knew those felt good. If this was going to be an opportunity to ejaculate, then I was all for it.
I moved over and hoisted myself up on top of her while she scooted beneath me. I rested my weight down on her and we found ourselves face to face, the weight of the blankets smashing us closer together. I quickly found it was awkward trying to find a comfortable place for my stiff cock which was poking her.
Nevertheless, we found the closeness enjoyable and arousing rather than annoying. Gravity was actually acting to make this easier. Her boobs were pushing against me and my erection felt like it was lodged right in her crotch. I’d never touched her pussy before with my fingers but I was now doing do with my cock. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to hold her tight. That felt good and I thought I was beginning to see why people liked this.
She suddenly started kissing me, catching me by surprise. I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to kiss my cousin like this because we never had before.

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   But she continued licking and sucking me and I soon caught on.
    We enthusiastically began mashing our mouths together and curling our tongues around each other. It was fun although our teeth sometimes clacked together and her hair tickled my face. But our eagerness to explore didn’t stop. Our breathing got heavier and I could feel her heart pounding beneath me. I found I was enjoying this immensely and hoped she was as well. She certainly showed no sign of wanting to stop.
    Our bodies began writhing and soon she opened her legs wide. That proved to be an even more comfortable posture because I was able to slide more closely between her thighs. Her open legs allowed our waists together more easily and my erection began throbbing directly against her pussy lips, as if this body position was intended for just such a purpose. Then I felt her hands clutching my hips and butt and the sensation drove me to higher arousal.
    I continued rubbing my waist against hers, my cock and balls sliding smoothly against her pussy lips. This must be fucking, I thought to myself. I didn’t know if what we were doing was correct but it sure felt good. I continued to pump my waist against hers as our breathing increased and the look on her face told me she was enjoying this as well.

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    The head of my cock soon began to feel wet but I wasn’t sure if it was from her or from me. Was she getting too excited and peeing in her bed? I didn’t know and I didn’t care because this was too much fun to stop. We were so far gone in excitement anything was possible.  
    Suddenly my cock found a receptive place in the wetness. The head stopped sliding and caught in a soft spot momentarily. Halting my rhythm briefly, I re-adjusted my body angle and by pure instinct I began to push my cock forward into her. To my surprise the cock head sank into her a bit and the sensation suddenly felt much better. Bingo! This must be fucking!
    I began pushing gently, shoving my hardness against her waist. Her hips writhed under me and her pussy was receiving my cock although I’d only just started to get the head into her. It felt like a challenge to see if I could gradually slide myself further and further into the wetness and warmth waiting for me.
    I busied myself with my pushing but as I did so I began to feel heat and tension in my groin that was very enjoyable. And the tension grew more and more enjoyable even as it became ever more urgent.
    In a flash the urge became too much to control and I gasped. Before I could push any further, a slick flood of semen surged out of my boner, squirting powerfully. Then another.

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       Rope after rope pulsed rapidly into her half opened pussy and squirted everywhere. The pleasure was so intense my torso involuntarily thrust forward and in animal instinct I pinned Linda to the bed underneath me as I inseminated her.
    When she felt the wetness she got a puzzled look on her face and struggled to move aside. The tension in my body was too strong for her, though, and I held her down. My only thought was to allow the surging to continue as long as it could. I gasped and gripped her hips tightly as the splendid feeling radiated out of my groin and into my whole body. My climax lasted less than a minute but, oh, what a minute it was. When the surging finally stopped and my breathing resumed, my body relaxed and I sank back weakly between her thighs.
    We remained like that for a few moments as our hearts slowed down and I regained my breath. When I hoisted myself off her we both looked down at our waists. Semen was thoroughly smeared over her smooth pussy as well as her belly and thighs. White globs were dripping out of her pussy lips onto her sheets and a rogue strand of it still hung from my cock head down to the bed. I was amazed and puzzled because none of my wet dreams had caused this big a mess. Those had only been a few drops, easy to clean up. This was a veritable flood.

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    We both sat up and looked at each other, unsure what to do next. She said we ought to clean ourselves off and so we climbed out of the bed and retrieved two towels from the bathroom in the hallway. My cum continued to drip out of her as we mopped ourselves dry and she blushed a bit at the dribbling mess. I was still a bit astonished at what we'd just done.
    We chatted, naked, as usual for the rest of the afternoon as we washed the sheets on her bed. It had been risky and thrilling and everything else I’d hoped but somehow our enthusiasm was tempered by the subconscious realization that we’d crossed a line this afternoon, the line that divides childhood innocence and curiosity from adult experience.