Cousin Camping part.1


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Just read Ashlies story about her Uncle Dave and she inspired me to put this one down.
It was the summer of 1988 and I had gone through a really messy divorce and had said fuck it, sold the little that I had left after being raped by the lawyers and moved away. I was living in New England and just happened to run into my cousin Linda. She was 18 years older than me and had babysat for us when we were little quite a few times. She was going through a divorce also so we kind of circled the wagons and started hanging out together quite a bit. She had two teen aged daughters, Tina who was 18 and Tami who was 18 Tina was very much the tomboy like her mom and Tami was the little princess.
The girls spent one week with mom and one with dad as Linda still lived close enough for the school thing to work that way.
I would have her over and make dinner, (Yes Jeff and Robin and all of you other old hands, you know how I fixed the food), usually once a week or so and we would have a nice dinner, drink a bottle of wine, smoke a few fatties and just enjoy each others company. Linda was still a fine looking woman at the age of 40 and I never missed an opportunity to compliment the way she looked. I certainly would not let the fact that we were related stand in the way of anything that might happen.
One weekend we decided to go up to Maine for the weekend and eat some lobster and being that we were related it seemed silly to spend the extra money to get two rooms so we ended up in a real nice oceanfront place with a king sized bed. We decided to taxi to the pound and had a wonderful meal and drank three bottles of wine. This on top of the fatty that we smoked on the beach before we left put us both in quite high spirits. We got back to the room and the moon was full and a beautiful night so we decided to go for a walk on the beach and smoke another joint.
We were walking when suddenly she took my hand and held it as we walked along the shore and it just felt like the most natural thing in the world. After a while she got chilly and we headed back to the room.

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She went into the bathroom and got ready for bed and came out wearing a short blue camisole type of affair and she looked really fucking hott. I went in, brushed my teeth and put on a pair of silk boxers to sleep in. I came back into the room and she was lying in bed surfing TV channels. I laid down next to her and we just watched the tube until the wine and the weed took it's toll and we both fell asleep.
I woke up with a start and realized that she was moaning and softly saying my name and that was what had woken me up. The TV was still on showing just a test pattern, and without letting on that I was awake, I rolled over so that I was facing her. In the dim light from the TV, I could see that she had her hand down in her nether regions and was just going to town, rubbing her pussy. You all know me. Two seconds I was hard as a rock and just laid there listening. Only for a minute though. Strike while the iron is hott, right??
I pulled up the covers like I was just adjusting them in my sleep and slid underneath and over until my chin was on top of her hand with my tongue on her clit and away I went. Linda let out one little gasp of surprise and then took hold of my head, guiding me to where she wanted me to be. This had been coming for months so it was not that big a shock to either of us. I took her soaking wett hand and sucked each finger clean. I went to work in earnest and sucked her for all that I was worth, working two fingers inside of her until I found her G-spot and between my manipulations there and my mouth, had her coming in short order and was rewarded with some very tasty cunt honey.

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I kept at it and gave her two more orgasms in short order and my cock was ready to burst. Suddenly she pushed me away, spun around and took my cock  in her hott mouth. I had envisioned this same scene many times but it was even better that I had dreamed. This girl was a world class cocksucker and it was like being in a vacuum tube. I did not last for more than a couple of minutes. I warned her that I was about to cumm and she just sucked all the harder. I started to shoot my load and I swear that she sucked it out of me. It was absolutely incredible. When I was finished she moved up to face me and we shared a very hott, very wett, cunt honey-cumm flavored kissing session.
I got up in a little bit and got two beers out of the cooler, popped the caps off and went back and laid down, handing one to her. It was a very long rest of the weekend that ended up not ending until Tuesday. This was the start of us together and from that point on we spent almost all of our free time with each other. In 20 years of marriage she had never been fisted or experienced anal sex and we took care of both of them in the next few weeks. It was great.
A month or so after this we had planned a camping trip with her girls.

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   At the last minute, Tami the 18 year old had something come up and could not come so it was Tina, Linda and I.
We left at noon on Thursday and headed out to the mountains where we had camping reservations. We got there around four and had the camp set up and the cooking fire going by five. I grilled swordfish steaks on the fire and made some steamed shrimp. After dinner was done and the mess all cleaned up we just sat by the fire talking and enjoying the starlit night. We had a bottle of wine and allowed Tina to have some with us. Rather have her learn about drinking with us around. About 18 o'clock Tina was yawning and falling asleep so she went off to bed in the tent.

    Linda and I sat for another hour or so, drank some more wine and smoked a joint, just holding hands and talking, enjoying the company. She started fooling around and I could tell that she was horny but did not see much chance of anything happening with her 18 year old in the tent with us. We finally called it a night and she went in to get ready for bed. I got a pair of boxers out and changed there in the dark. I crawled into the tent and Tina was laying on her side facing the tent wall and Linda had made a space in between the two of them for me. Talk about a thorn between two roses. Sounds like a sandwich to me.

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       (Always seems to come back to food, huh?)
    I laid down and got settled in. She had laid one large sleeping bag down for the three of us to lie on and then covered us with the other. We lay there for a few minutes when Linda reached for my hand. I thought that she wanted to go to sleep holding hands but she immediately pushed it under her over sized tee shirt into her hott, wett pussy. Not a problem. Except that I can only finger a pussy for so long until I have to get my face into it and get my favorite flavor. My one character defect. I think she counted on this cause she did not argue that her kid was there when I moved my torso down to eat her.
    I started licking her slowly, trying not to make too much noise. She was fucking delicious as usual. This went on for a few minutes when I felt her hand pulling my now stiff cock out. Imagine my surprise when I felt a soft pair of lips wrap around the head of my cock and start gently sucking me. I am now pretty stoned and trying to wrap my brain around this cause she has not moved so unless she cut her torso off and set it down here this is not her mouth. I reached down to feel this head and realize that it has long hair. Linda keeps her hair pretty short for ease of getting ready for work in the morning and the only head that should be in this tent with long hair is.

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      . . . . . . DAMN!!!
    Sure enough it is 18 year old Tina with my cock in her mouth and I have to say that for one so young that she is doing quite a respectable job of it. I continue to eat Linda's pussy trying to figure out what the hell is going on here. I mean I know what is going on here but what should I do about it? Do I play the indignant adult and make a scene or do I just continue enjoying what I am doing and continue enjoying what she is doing? She has taken more of me in her mouth and is slowly fucking me with her, what I must admit, is a very talented mouth. Linda solved the problem for me.
    "How does it feel having your cock sucked by a 18 year old", she says to me. "Pretty fucking good as long as you are ok with it", I reply. She proceeds to tell me of how she came home one day early a few weeks before and caught Tina in her bed room, naked and spread eagle on her bed, one of Linda's vibrators in her pussy and a dildo in her mouth. I had been away on business for a couple of days and Linda said she was horny as fuck and this scene was too much for her lust addled brain. She had no will to stop her depraved thoughts or acts.

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       She stripped down and climbed on the bed and got between her daughters spread legs and started sucking her off. That led to an all night incestuous lesbian fuck fest. Thank God that Tami was gone for the night.
    Afterwards the two of them talked about what had happened and it came out that Tina was dying to suck a real cock. And my cock was the one that she had her heart set on. She had spied on us one night and the next day found her mom's stash of fuck toys. "This is all well and good but she is about to find out what it feels like to have a real cock shoot a load of cumm in her mouth", and with that I blasted off and shot my load down this hott little 18 year olds throat. Goddamn she is one fucking hott little cocksucker!!! I felt her throat muscles working and she managed to swallow every drop. Like mother like daughter.
    This was just the beginning of a beautiful thing. Maybe I will write the next part tomorrow. Let me know what you think of it.