Corrine's House


It was quite a small house with a long pathway winding up through the messy garden to the front door. She pushed the door open and I followed her upstairs to her bedroom which was plastered in posters of various bands. She put on some music and began rummaging in her closet, I sat on the bed and looked around the room, admiring all her great stuff. " Here we go, have a shot of this. " she said, having plucked a small bottle of Jack Daniels from out of a pile of clothes. I took a couple of large gulps and almost choked. She giggled and shook her head at me. " Hey, let me show you something. " She said, walking over toward me and opening her underwear drawer. She pulled out an envelope and held it close to her chest, biting her bottom lip, looking naughty. " You gotta promise not to tell anyone. "" OK! just show me will you ?" I squealed, feeling a bit flushed with the alchohol. She handed me the envelope and I slid some photos out onto the bed. I picked them up and looked at the first one which was a picture of Corrine lying on her bed in a black bra and panties. I gasped and she giggled again as I looked through the rest of them. She had such a gorgeous body, her creamy white skin in contrast to the silky blackness of her skimpy underwear.

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   " Wow, you look gorgeous. " was all I could say. " Do you like them ? " she asked. " You bet ! i wish I could look that sexy. "" You do ! Let me glam you up. Go on ! " she pleaded. Well, why not I thought. I had always fantasized about being a sexy glamour girl. Even though it was something I said I hated, I would sometimes pretend to pose on my bed as an imaginary photographer snapped away. I secretly loved the way that the girls on tv and in magazines looked so feminine and sexy. So, feeling slightly drunk I agreed to let her take some pictures of me. She picked out some clothes and lay them on the bed while she fished around her room for the camera. I could sense her excitement as I slipped off my school clothes and underwear, standing there naked. I put on the clothes she had selected for me, a red silky thong with matching bra and a pair of shiny black knee length boots. I looked at my skinny little body in the mirror, just starting to show signs of early womanhood.

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   My breasts were very small and not quite able to fill the bra cups, the fabric rubbed tantalisingly against my puffy pink nipples. My boyish ass looked more voluptuous when encased in the tiny thong and I started to really feel the part. I glugged back a little more dutch courage and climbed on the bed feeling horny and excited. Corrine smiled at me as she looked me up and down. " mmm. . you look so sexy. " She purred, aiming the camera at me. I got to my knees and slowly started to gyrate my hips and pout, running my hands over my encased breasts, lightly down my stomach, into my panties. I was getting so turned on living out one of my fantasies, I didn't think twice as I slid a hand into my panties and started to rub my wet little hairless pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned as Corrine whispered her encouragement, clicking away on the camera. " yes, c'mon. . show it to me. take off your panties.

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  . . show me your cunt Kelly. "I wrenched the damp thong gusset aside and the cool air against my overheated snatch sent shivers down my spine. I licked a finger and slid it inside me, easing it slowly in and out. I was completly lost in the moment and didn't hear the door open. . . " Hello Corrine, who's your lovely new friend ? "I span round in shock to see a man standing in the doorway. I yelped and quickly covered myself, going bright red. " Hi dad, this is Kelly, the girl I told you about. " Corrine said calmly to him. To my horror he walked into the room smiling, he stood behind Corrine and placed his hands on her shoulders. " I see what you mean, she's a lovely little thing. " he said, looking me over.

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  I was so freaked out I couldn't move or say anything. I just watched as he whispered something in Corrine's ear and she smiled. She knelt in front of him and unzipped his fly, grinning at me, she pulled out his cock and began to lick the tip. " Come here Kelly, stroke dad's cock. Let me show you how. "I nervously got off the bed and onto my knees beside her, looking up into her dad's grinning face. I placed a shaking hand onto his shaft and began to stoke him. I felt like someone else was controlling my movements and knew then that I would give myself over to anything. Corrine pushed my head toward his hardening cock, I opened my mouth wide as it filled my mouth completely. He rocked his hips slowly back and forth as Corrine began to slip out of her clothes. I started sucking harder as he gripped a clump of my hair, pulling my head back and forth. " ah, yeah. . . that's my little girl.

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  . suck it . . . . . take it all in. . " he muttered. Corrine knelt behind me and placed her hand on my damp little slit, slowly rubbing my clit and sliding two fingers in. " Daddy, her pussy's so wet, let me watch you put it in her. " He quickly lifted me up and placed me on the bed, hurridly undressing as Corrine picked up the camera again. He yanked my thong down and unclipped my bra, leaving me completly naked except for the shiny black boots. He pushed me onto me back and, holding his enormous erect cock, lowered himself on top of me. I grimaced slightly as I felt his fat tip press against my wet virgin hole.

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   With one long slow movement he slid inside me, forcing me to yell out as he stretched me open. " Yeah, you like that don't you ? " he said gripping my slender waist hard, sliding it right up inside me. "Fuck her good daddy. " said Corrine as she walked around us snapping away on the camera. And he did, slamming into me, my body soaked in sweat squealching under his weight. The force of his thrusts making the inside of my thighs ache. He pulled out of me and Corrine took his glistening cock into her mouth, sucking it greedily. " oooh, fuck me the special way daddy, let Kelly see how you like to do me. . "He grinned knowingly and bent her sexy naked body over the bed with her knees on the floor. " Come here Kelly, come and lick Corrine's pussy. " I dropped to my knees behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart, running my tongue over her pussy lips and anus. Stabbing my tongue into both her holes as her dad wanked himself. I moved aside as he pressed himself against the entrance to her bumhole. I couldn't believe I was seeing this.


   Corrine screamed out in pain as his fat prick forced it's way into her tiny asshole, she was almost crying. " ohh, fuck my ass daddy, all the way in. Give it to me. . . "" You little whore. . . " he grunted. As he began to pummel her ass like a machine, slamming into her quickly with great force. I watched on, franticly finger fucking my stretched cunt with one hand and rubbing his ass with the other. " Yeah, slide it in Kelly, go on. . " I licked a finger and pushed it into his ass, I felt like such a dirty slut. It tipped him over the edge too as within moments of my finger entering him, he whipped his prick out of Corrine's ass and held it over my head.

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   With a groan and a buck of his hips, he sprayed warm gooey spunk all over my face and tits. I swallowed some down as it spilled over my lips and chin, then Corrine started to kiss and lick my splattered face and his sticky cock greedily slurping every bit of cum from us. I lay exhausted and wet on the floor as they both went to shower together. I couldn't believe what had happened. I knew it wasn't allowed to do that kind of thing with an adult, let alone your friend's dad, but it just felt so damned good. I felt like a woman. The story of what happened later may follow. It had to do with the photos Corrine took, blackmail and groupsex. .



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