Cora's Carnal Cravings Chapter 10


"Good morning sweetheart. " He said with a smile, standing to drop the soiled paper towels into the trash can. "Morning. " Cora replied coyly, still embarrassed about the events from the night before. "Hungry?" He asked, motioning her to sit at the table for coffee. Cora nodded as she lowered her aching body into the chair. She let out an audible wince and Billy looked back at her and chuckled. "Little sore?" He said smiling brightly. "Uh-huh. " She replied, taking a sip of coffee with the hope that the cup would hide her face from his view. "Well Cora dear, I have nothing for breakfast-" Billy began but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Cora waited in the kitchen for Billy to return, after a few moments she decided to take the opportunity to dress. She took her coffee and returned upstairs to the bedroom. When Billy returned to the kitchen, he was about to make re-introductions, but he saw that Cora had disappeared. Rather than bother her, he had a few moments to talk to his brother alone. They went to his office and while waiting for the computer to come on line, Billy told Bobby about the prior evening.

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   Clicking the mouse on his in-box, Billy opened a note from his college buddy. He was flabbergasted when he read what Mike had to say about Cora. He chuckled out loud and shook his head from side to side, "Hey Bobby, come here, read this!" Billy exclaimed, trying to digest the information. "Ah-hah! I knew it, I just knew it. " Bobby said, "She's setting you up bro, there's no way something like this happens by accident!" Bobby uttered excitedly watching his brother's reaction to the news. Billy was in shock, he couldn't believe what he read. Still shaking his head from side to side he looked up at his brother. "What do I do?" He asked out loud, trying to decide his next move. He had his suspicions all evening, but he pushed them to the back of his mind. "She seemed so familiar Bobby! It was strange and I knew she was way too good to be true. " He said still dazed and confused. However, secretly, he had to admit that he was aroused now that he knew the truth. "Hey, you really think she's setting me up?" He asked Bobby. "Dunno-man, where is she now?" Bobby asked, raising one eyebrow for effect. "Bet she's upstairs making herself all cozy, thinking she's gonna be around for a while.


  " He snickered. "Or- she could be going through all your stuff, deciding what to steal!" He said chuckling loudly. A few moments passed, "I think it's time to turn the tables. " Billy finally stated, turning his computer off he stood and left the room without another word. He returned to the bedroom to find Cora curled up, sleeping peacefully with the thick bed spread tucked up around her neck. He noticed that her clothes were laid out on the chair as if she fell asleep as she prepared to dress. It wasn't surprising, considering the work out she got the day before. Making certain that she would not wake, he pulled the drapes closed and turned the lights down before he approached the bed. He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath and slowly pulled the spread off of her sleeping body. He carefully opened her robe exposing her creamy white flesh to the soft light of the bedside lamp. Rolling her onto her back, he gently straightened her legs, pulling them apart being careful not to wake her, just yet. Opening the night table, he retrieved several long black nylon scarves. He smiled to himself, thinking about what he had in store for her. Ever so carefully, he placed a nylon strap around each ankle and one at a time he tied her legs to the bedposts. His cock jumped in his pants when he saw that her swollen pussy lips opened up, almost beckoning to him to dive into her velvety pink tunnel.


   He repeated the procedure with her wrists, tying them securely. When he finished, he stood back and looked at her, wondering how she was going to react when he told her what he found out, and that he was about to spoil her plans. He sat beside her on the bed and gently caressed her small freckled boobs. Savoring the feel of her firm young flesh in his hands. He squeezed and kneaded them in his hands, no longer caring if she woke. He let his hands travel over her flat belly and down to her small pubic mound, he twirled his finger in the strawberry tuft. With his finger and thumb he spread her still swollen pussy lips, and watched as her little clit seemed to jump out at him. He repositioned himself so that he was between her legs and opened her cunt with both hands. Looking into the hot pink core that he'd come to love, he dipped his head down and licked the length of her slit. Still no movement from Cora, he must have really wore her out, he thought to himself as he sucked her clit into his mouth. He rolled it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, sucking just hard enough to make the blood rush to the little nub. He slid his finger into her and found that she was just as tight as before. He couldn't believe the heat he felt deep inside her. He pumped his fingers in and out as he sucked on her clit. Wondering how long it would take her to wake up.

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   She continued to sleep right through his ministrations of her sweet little pussy. "Ah, Cora, wake up for Daddy. " He said as he rubbed her clit with his bristly chin. He saw her start to stir, her eye lids fluttered open and she tried to sit up. "Oh, what?" She said half dazed from her short nap. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked, alarmed at her predicament and wondering why she was tied to the bed. "No, Cora, you did everything just right. " Billy cooed to her, hiding his devilish grin as he lowered his head to suck her clit into his hot mouth again as he finger fucking her tight little hole. Cora moved her hips with his mouth and fingers, she felt a little tender down there, but she forgot all about it once she felt Billy's hot mouth sucking at her sensitive little clit. "Oh!" She cried. "It feels so good!"Billy liked to hear those words, he like knowing that he had complete control over her delectable little body. He lifted his head and asked, "Ready for more Cora?" Not waiting for a reply before sucking her clit deep into his mouth and biting down ever so slightly on the hard little nub. Cora squirmed and tried to roll away as he nibbled on her. The sensitive little thing couldn't take the manipulations. "Oh, no, please stop!" She cried.

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   "It's too sensitive daddy, it almost hurts!" Billy lifted his head to watch her face as he inserted anther finger into her pussy. "You like it don't you Cora?" He whispered as he forced yet another finger into her. "I have three fingers in you now Cora, do you want me to stop?" "Yes! I mean, no, I don't know. " She replied frustrated at herself for not knowing what to say. Billy fucked them into her hard, and pulled back out, forcing a fourth finger into her tight hole he watched as she grimaced from the discomfort of feeling so full. "Feels good to have your pussy stretched and full, doesn't it Cora?" Billy taunted as he fucked all four fingers in and out of her. Cora didn't think she could take much more when Billy lowered his head and sucked her clit into his mouth again. He was almost gnawing on it as he finger fucked her with his hand. Cora felt her pussy twitch when Billy found those little grooves deep inside her cunt and began rubbing them with his fingers. Her pussy clamped down onto his fingers and spasmed several times before Billy abruptly pulled his fingers out and lifted his head to say. "You're my little slut, aren't you Cora?""Yes," She replied breathlessly, almost thankful that he stopped, and yet wanting so badly for him to continue. "Yes, what Cora?" Billy asked as he harshly pinched her swollen nub between his finger and thumb. His need to control her building within him and becoming evident by his callous handling of her tender little pussy. Cora jumped, "Yes daddy, I am your little slut!" she cried almost in tears from the overwhelming sensations. "You're going to do everything I say, aren't you sweet Cora?" Billy told her more than asked, but still emphasized his words by squeezing her clit even harder.

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  Cora's body almost came off the bed, "Yes Daddy! I will do anything you want!" She cried to him. "Promise?" Billy asked her. "Yes! Yes, I promise daddy!" She screamed. "Good girl Cora" He said releasing her swollen clit. Billy stood and retrieved two more nylon straps from his night table. He tied them securely to each of Cora's knees and pulled them tightly to her arms, fastening them at her elbows, stretching her wide open for him. There was no way that she could escape, not that she put up much resistance to begin with. When he was satisfied that she could not move, he sat between her legs and lovingly rubbed her velvety pink slit. "Such a beautiful little pussy you have Cora. Almost as if it was made just for me. " Billy said with a mischievous grin. "Thank you daddy. " Cora replied nervously, wondering to herself why he was behaving so strangely. "No, thank you Cora. " Billy replied.

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  "Now daddy's going to have a bit of fun with you. " Billy explained as he pulled her puffy cunt lips apart. He slowly inserted two fingers into her and said, "Ah, my sweet Cora, how tight you are around my fingers. Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers Cora?""Yessss. " She moaned writhing up and down on the bed, as it was the only movement she was permitted. "Cora, I want to hear you say ‘daddy, please finger fuck my cunny. ' Say it out loud for me. " Billy instructed. Cora did as she was told. "Daddy please finger fuck my c-cunny!' She moaned, begging him for more and moaning loudly as he slid his fingers in and out of her tight hole. "Ohhh, mmmmm, yes, daddy, feels so good. ""Do you want my cock Cora?" Billy asked. "Yessss Daddy, I want your cock!" Cora cried breathlessly as Billy fucked his fingers in and out. Billy stood and removed his clothing. Stepping onto the bed he stood over Cora and said, "Do you like daddy's cock? Do you want to feel my cock in your tight pussy?""Yes please, I want to feel it!" Cora cried looking up at the large dick dangling over her face.

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   Billy knelt over her, straddling her shoulders he guided his cock to her mouth. He rubbed it against her cheek and over her crimson lips. "Suck it Cora, suck my cock like I taught you. " Billy leaned over so that he was on his hands and knees and began pumping his hard dick in and out of Cora's sweet mouth. "Use your tongue! That's what it's there for. Flick it up and down, go in circles around the head of my cock. " Billy ordered, giving no thought at all to her discomfort as she struggled to do as she was told. Cora took the large dick into her mouth and sucked hard, swirling her tongue around the tip. She felt him push into her mouth, and begin to pump up and down into her. Her uncertainty shone brightly in her wide eyes as she tried to please him. In his haste and aggravation, he pushed himself in so hard that she could barely breathe, pulling back just in time for her to inhale before she passed out. "Good girl, keep those teeth out of the way Cora. You don't want to hurt your daddy, do you?" Billy asked bitterly, feeling annoyed when he felt her teeth grate against his cock. Cora looked up at him wide eyed and nodded her head ever so slightly, almost afraid of what might happen to her if she made a mistake. She sucked him as well as she could but wondered why he was being so aggressive all of a sudden, as if he was angry with her.

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   The veins in his neck protruded as his heated blood coursed through his body. No longer able to disguise his anger with her, he fucked his cock in and out harder. "Yeah, that's it, suck my dick. You're daddy's good little cock sucker. " Billy growled through his teeth, seething with maddening desire. He watched as his cock slipped in and out of her rosy swollen lips, glistening with saliva. He couldn't stop himself, with one long deep thrust, he sprayed his load deep inside her throat. He pulled out and held her mouth closed as his cum dribbled out the corner between her lips. "Swallow it Cora so you don't choke. " He demanded, glaring at her from behind his angry green eyes. Cora reluctantly gulped down the salty tasting cum. She didn't particularly care for the taste and it was evident by the look on her face. Looking up at him in dismay, she was afraid to say anything. She didn't understand his anger and in her confusion and fear she fought back tears that were threatening to stream down her face. "You'll get used to the taste in no time.

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  " Billy said with an evil smile. "I want you to swallow my cum every time I fuck your mouth, understand?" He told her showing no mercy for her predicament. "Yes daddy, I understand. " Cora replied, licking at the corners of her mouth. She was uncomfortable being bound so tightly and opened her mouth to protest. Billy sensing her discomfort, placed his finger over his lips and said, "Shhhh, it's time for something different. " Billy stepped off the bed and pulled a long rubbery red dildo from the night table. He applied an ample amount of lubricant and even squirted a bit onto Cora's open pussy. He watched as she squirmed from the sensation. Billy worked the oil over both ends and patted it against her cunt. He rubbed it up and down over her clit watching her face as she closed her eyes and waited for what he was about to do next. Slowly, Billy pushed the head of the dildo into Cora's waiting pussy. He watched her face crinkle as he inched it into her. "Do you like it?" He asked. "Do you want me to fuck you with it?"Cora moaned and nodded her head.


  Billy slid the dildo in a few inches, watching as her stretched pussy closed in around the rubber cock. He felt the resistance of her tiny cunt but pushed harder. Cora squirmed and moaned as she felt it going deeper and deeper into her hot hole. She struggled against the bonds that held her tight, desperately trying to free herself. "Don't fight too much Cora, I don't want you to hurt yourself. " Billy said with a chuckle as he slid the big fake cock into her about six inches. He then turned it upside down and pulled it back out. He heard Cora groan as the cock left her cunt. "Don't worry sweet Cora, I'll fill that pussy again in a minute. " He assured her. Cora watched as Billy squirted the lubricant onto his hard dick. He stroked it several times and asked, "You want my cock?" Cora only nodded her head in anticipation. Billy positioned himself and took aim with his half erect cock. She felt the heat of Billy's semi hard dick against her bottom as he rubbed it up and down her well lubricated slit. Feeling pressure against her tiny rosebud, she cried, "Ohhh! Noooo, won't fit!" But her cries fell on deaf ears.

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   Billy continued to push into her trying to force her tiny hole open. ‘Relax Cora, it will only hurt for a second. " Billy assured her, annoyed with himself for not maintaining his usual rock hard cock. Cora relaxed and held her breath. Billy squeezed the head of his dick trying to make it smaller, but in fact it caused the head to swell up even larger. He pushed into her, watching the expression of discomfort on Cora's cherubic face, and it brought new life to his almost dead dick. The head swelled and his cock was almost rock hard in seconds. He pushed into her again, watching as she scrunched her face in discomfort. Refusing to relent, Billy pressed on until the head of his cock stretched her tiny hole and popped inside her. He looked down and saw that her sphincter was wrapped tightly around his cock like a rubber band. It was so tight in fact that Billy almost came from the sight of it. "Aaauugghhhh! Oh, oh, oh!" Cora panted trying to catch her breath when Billy forced himself inside her tight hole. "Oh baby, this feel so damn good!" Billy said excitedly ignoring her protest. Still guiding his cock with his hand, he pushed himself deeper into her and watched as her whole center caved inward while Cora instinctively tried to squirm away. Her face was all scrunched up and her little fists were clenching and unclenching at the discomfort.


   With his other hand he reached up and pinched her clit. He rolled it between his fingers as he guided his cock deeper into her most private orifice. Cora cried out in pain, "Oh, god! No, please daddy!" She begged him to stop. "Oh, yes Cora, yes! Daddy's fucking you in the ass!" Billy cried back humping himself in and out of her now without the assistance of his hand. His cock was rock hard and he worked her tiny hole desperate to bury himself to the hilt inside her. With no regard for her cries, he pushed in and pulled back out, repeating the movements until he managed to work four inches into her tiny hole. He placed both hands on her pussy and spread her lips wide open with his thumbs until her clit stuck out from under it's hood. Sliding both of his thumbs into her pussy, he stretched her cunt hole open and continued to pump his cock in and out of her ass. He found his rhythm and forced her to accept his cock and thumbs at the same time, pulling out to watch her holes clamp shut, only to push forward again and make her accept the large intrusions again and again as she squealed and cried from both pleasure and pain. "Cora, you're so fucking tight! I almost don't mind the games you play. " Billy moaned as he watched himself going in and out of her little holes. Cora stopped speaking altogether. Her head loped from side to side and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She could only manage to grunt and moan as Billy forced his cock into her over and over again. It felt so good and hurt at the same time.


   Her body was in turmoil once again. She loved feeling so full, but the discomfort of having such a large shaft driven into her tiny bottom, had yet to subside. Her eyes were clenched shut and a million thoughts ran through her mind. When she worked up the courage to open them, she looked up at Billy. His eyes were filled with lust as he watched his cock disappear into her ass with each hard thrust. His jaw clenched tightly as he gritted his teeth and the veins in his neck bulged disturbingly, evidence that he had succumb to his raging anger. Billy was watching his cock slide in and out of her, mesmerized by the sight of her little pink anus stretching wide to accommodate his throbbing dick. The whole sight, with Cora tied down, legs spread wide open and his thumbs stretching her tiny little cunt was more arousing than anything he could have imagined. He liked to watch her struggle, and he liked to make her grunt with each hard plunge into her ass. ‘She deserves it,' he thought to himself, picking up momentum as he worked out his anger on her tiny ass. Cora saw the look in Billy's eyes, he was enjoying the fact that she was helpless and being fucked for all she was worth. Her heart dropped in her chest, her eyes open wide with fear. Billy looked up and saw that Cora was watching him watching her, "You like that I'm watching you, don't you my little slut?" He asked while pumping away at her bottom. Cora could only nod her head in response as she watched Billy pick up the big red dildo he'd carelessly thrown on the bed beside her. He placed the tip of it at the entrance to her pussy and before she could protest, he shoved the fake cock deep into her wet cunt.

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   He slid it in and out, keeping in rhythm with his hips as he pumped his cock into her bottom. He worked a finger in beside the dildo in her pussy so he could feel how tightly her cunt grasped the fake cock as he thrust it inside her. He thought about doing the same with her bottom, but as luck would have it the urge to cum came on quicker than he had anticipated. With several hard thrusts each followed by loud guttural grunts, he yelled, "Oh fuck yes! I'm going to cum in your ass Cora! I'm, . . . cuuuumming!" Cora felt him swell up inside her bottom, and she cried out again but was never heard over his loud moan as he reached his goal. She thought he was going to rip her in two as he continued to pump her ass, ramming himself and the dildo into her harder and harder with each thrust. When finally his body went rigid and he shot his load deep inside her ass. She felt the warm stream squirting inside her, bathing her bowels with his hot spunk. Her pussy spasmed against her will and the feeling was overwhelming, she couldn't believe her body would betray her as she felt her orgasm overtake her senses. She screamed out, making embarrassing guttural noises as her core spasmed and convulsed, clasping tightly around Billy's cock and the dildo he continued to drive into her. "Yes! That's it, cum for daddy! Milk the cum from my cock with your ass! Ahhhhh, good little slut!" Billy cried out when Cora's body contorted and he felt the spasms around his cock and finger. He continued to fuck her ass, long after he shot his load, ensuring that her orgasm was both agonizing and exquisite. Pumping himself into her over and over he watched as globs of white goo dribbled out of her stretched ass hole and listened intently to the whimpering sounds of his sweet young conquest.

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   Billy stopped abruptly several moments after Cora's convulsing body came to rest. He pulled his half limp cock from her and he heard a slight plopping noise when it fell free. He slid the dildo out from between her swollen pussy lips and left his finger in to see how long it would take for her cunt to close in around it. After a few seconds he felt the walls close in and he pulled his finger free. Reaching up he tweaked her nipples and looked at her body, glistening with perspiration. "You're a pretty good fuck Cora Lee. " Billy told her still trying to catch his breath. His words fell on deaf ears, Cora had passed out. Billy untied her and left her on the bed to rest while he went back downstairs to make a few phone calls. Thanks for taking the time to read the latest chapter of Cora. As suggested by other writers here, I am taking my time with the remaining chapters so that I do not disappoint the readers with a rushed version of the ending. Please don't forget to comment and scroll back up to score the story. Your comments are more helpful than you realize - so please fee free to share your thoughts. ~W~.