Cora's Carnal Craving - Chapters 4 & 5


"You are mine, Cora, and I'm not fond of sharing. " He whispered in the dark corner taking another long drag off of his sweet smelling cigar. Joe watched as she did everything but fuck the men in the front row, his jealousy and rage made his head pound. With each sexy movement of her body, his cock throbbed and twitched in his pants. He couldn't believe she acted innocent and untouched at home and here she was, humping her bald little pussy so close to those men, that he was certain they could smell her cunt. And, to think, he had his opportunity, and he lost it when she ran away. "The little bitch will pay", he murmured, "she'll pay with every fucking orifice on her body! I should have fucked the whore when I had the chance. Well, Cora, I won't make the same mistake twice. . . . " he trailed off. He sat patiently with one hand rubbing his bulging crotch as he waited for the apex of her routine. He knew his niece had taken dance classes, but he had no idea of her exceptional talent. She had every horny bastard in the place eating out of her hand. "The fucking whore is mine!" He whispered to the men under his foul smelling breath.

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   By the time she left the stage, Joe had a raging hard on. He had to find release for his throbbing cock. He waited for Cora to come out into the crowd like the rest of the dancers and offer her services for a private show. He summoned the waitress and requested a lap dance from Cora. The waitress laughed at him and told him that he'd have to wait in line, like everyone else. But, she could send over one of the other dancers for him, to ‘tide' him over until he could get the new girl. Joe agreed and waited for his dance. He needed to relieve some of his pent up anxiety if he was to think straight. Several moments later a woman sauntered up to his table and began swaying her rather large hips back and forth. He watched as she danced to the best of her ability, but she was nothing like Cora, nothing at all, he thought to himself as she slowly untied her blouse to release her large, and somewhat sagging breasts. Joe found that he was rather repulsed by the woman, with her thick waist and stretch mark covered hips. Her breasts looked like deflated balloons that hung half way down to her waist. Her face was overly made up in attempt to cover the deep creases around her mouth and eyes. He specifically asked for a young girl, not some over the hill hag with sagging skin and lose pussy, he thought to himself. But, he knew she'd be cheap and he was in desperate need of a blow job and quick fuck.

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   "How much for half and half?" He asked her knowing he'd have to settle for less than he desired, this time. "Eighty. " She answered with a smile, displaying her yellowed teeth between her thin lips, seemingly pleased that she'd make a bit of money that night. "How much more for the three?" He asked, hoping she understood. "Oh, no sir. I don't do that. Just straight or half and half. " She replied, still smiling at him. "Never done it? Or just not for rent right now?" He inquired. "Oh, never. Don't like the idea at all. " She said quietly, hoping he'd still be interested. "Well, good enough then. Let's get out of here, I'm kind of in a hurry. " He told her handing her the required amount of money.

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  She followed him into the cool night air, away from the noisy club to his camper in the back of the parking lot. He unlocked the back door and helped her inside. Once situated in the camper, he drew the curtains and turned on the lamp. Joe unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick stubby cock while she took off her clothes and threw them into a corner. "On your knees!" He ordered to the unsuspecting woman as he quickly slipped his belt from his pants. She obliged and knelt in front of him, wondering if it was such a good idea to be so far away from other people, as she unwrapped the condom and slid it onto his fat cock. "Close your eyes. " He demanded as he stepped behind her and pulled her arms together and quickly cinching them into the belt. He tied them securely behind her back, making certain that she would be unable to resist. Alarmed at the bonds, she opened her mouth to protest. The second she parted her lips, Joe put his hands on her head and violently shoved his cock into her mouth, ramming it into the back of her throat. He pumped himself in and out causing her to gag and choke with each thrust. He wrapped her hair around his hands, slowly tightening his grip on her head until she was afforded no movement at all. He pounded his cock into her mouth, bruising her lips and causing her to bite her tongue. His need for release only increased as he fantasized that it was Cora's mouth forced to suck his thick cock instead of the worn out old whore he was face fucking at the moment.

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  He looked down and watched his cock disappear into her mouth with each thrust. Finding it hard to maintain the fantasy that it was Cora while looking at her, he quickly pulled his cock from her mouth. "Bend over. " He ordered. Afraid of what he might do if she resisted, she did as she was told. Still on her knees she bent forward until her head was on the floor in front of her and her large ass was sticking up in the air. Joe looked down with disgust at her rippling flesh, he gave her a hard slap and watched as her ass jiggled from the impact. He worked up a gob of saliva as he spread her large cheek. He spit the wad onto her ass and watched as it oozed down her crack. With his cock in his hand he took aim at her hairy slit, and with one thrust he drove his cock into her. After several disappointing pumps into her pussy he pulled his cock from her. "You have the loosest cunt of any whore I've ever fucked. " He announced in annoyance. He reached down and held the belt in his hand, making certain that he was centered behind her and that she could not move away from him. Without warning he pressed his cock against her anus and pushed into her all his strength.

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   "Aaaauuughhhh! No, no, no!" She cried in pain, as her virgin hole stretched wide to accommodate the girth of his thick cock as it ripped into her bowels. "Ahhh, does it hurt?" He asked between gritted teeth driving his cock into her without mercy. "Yes! Yes! Please stop! You're hurting me!" She cried to him, hoping for sympathy. "Good!" He said as he leaned back to violently slap her ass. "I'm trying to hurt you. Beg me to stop, or do whore's like a hard fuck in the ass every once in a while?" He taunted as he drilled his cock into her again and again watching as an angry red welts rose to the surface of her plump behind. "No, no, please stop, pleeeeease, pleeeeease, it hurts so bad!" She whimpered, desperately struggling against him, but unable to escape the thick cock lodged deeply in her ass. "That's it, beg me to stop, tell me how much my cock hurts, bitch!" He bellowed, slamming into her so hard that with each thrust, his body made a smacking noise when it came in contact with hers. "Take that cock, take it deep in your ass, you fucking whore!!" "Noooo, nooooo, nooooo, please, I'll do anything, please!" She cried, tears streaming down her face from the pain ripping through her core. "Oh, oh, oh god, pleeeeeease!" She panted. "Is my cock to big?" He taunted pulling his dick out of her ass. "Yes, yesss, oh thank you!" She cried in relief, finally able to breathe. "Well then, let's see if this is better. " He sneered as he jammed his thumb into her swollen little hole. She jumped in response, but the pain didn't sear through her like his cock.

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   "Yes, yes that's better. " She murmured, thankful that the intrusion was of smaller diameter. "Good, how about this?" He groaned as he rammed his cock back into her ass beside his thumb. "Do you like this? Does this feel good, whore? Does it hurt your little ass hole?" He mocked. "Oh, fuuuuck! No! Oh god, you're ripping me, stop, pleeeease stop, ohhh, ohh, ohh. " She panted, trying to breath through the excruciating pain that tore through her body. "Yes! Fuck yes! That's what I like to hear. Beg for mercy whore!" He yelled at her as he drove his cock into her again and again. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Joe quickened his thrusts into her. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Cora pleading for mercy as he slammed his cock into her tiny ass. He felt his balls tighten as he brutally fucked in and out of her previously virgin ass. Her cries were no longer discernable above her whimpering and sobbing in pain as his cock ripped into her again and again. Her small whimpers slowed into short grunting noises that met his every thrust. Her acquiescence only served to drive Joe into a state of unimaginable rage. "Fight me whore!" He bellowed in anger when her body went limp from the pain.

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   "Try to get my cock out of your ass! I paid for a ride and that's what I want!" He demanded, pulling on the belt causing her to cry out again as her shoulders were almost ripped from their sockets. She could no longer fight, her entire body was consumed in pain and she lay there praying it would end soon. Her refusal to do as she was told angered him even more. He lifted his arm and swung down with his open hand, slapping her ass with all his might. "That's better. " He told her when she jumped from the stinging swat. "Ride my cock, you fucking whore! Ride it!" He continued to slap her, alternating between one cheek and the other to get her to move and jump away from him, bringing him to the heights of ecstasy through her pain. With several hard thrusts he let out a long guttural groan. Leaning into her, he reached up and pulled her head back by her hair, he held still for a moment, and his body went rigid. "Auuuggghhh! Fuck!" He yelled, shooting his load deep inside her bowels. Joe slipped the condom off of his cock and threw it into the trash can. Tucking himself back into his pants he quickly zipped up and glanced out the window. He couldn't believe his luck, he saw Cora getting into a car with some hot shot from the club. Joe quickly untied his belt from the woman's hands and threw her clothes at her. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a twenty and tossed it at her.

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   "This oughta cover it. Sorry babe, but that lose pussy of yours isn't worth fucking, and your ass really wasn't much better. " He told her, "Now, get the fuck out, I've got things to do. " He ordered opening the door and shoving her into the parking lot. He started the motor and pulled away, following Cora and the man who took her. He looked into the rear view mirror and saw that the woman was struggling to get dressed as she lay on the cold asphalt in the dark parking lot. He felt a smile creep across his face, the next whore I fuck like that will be the real thing. Cora's turn is coming soon, he thought to himself, as he followed them to the highway heading out of town. Chapter 5 - Billy's Private DanceBilly was surprised at the crowds reaction as he busied himself cleaning up the mess he'd made in his box. He was even more surprised at his reaction to Cora. He couldn't believe that the very moment she revealed her little pussy, he shot his load all over himself without even touching his cock. He'd seen so many pussies that he thought he was immune to that kind of thing. There was something about that girl, and he had to know who she was and he had to fuck her, but not necessarily in that order. After slipping into a robe, she collected her tips from the stage floor. Cora went back to the dressing room and as she counted money and prepared to change her clothes, she heard a light knock and called, "Come in.

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  " "Good job honey!" April said excitedly, running into the room to give her a big hug. "You did great out there! They're still calling your name!""Thanks April, I was a bit nervous at first. " Cora said sweetly feeling a bit uncomfortable having a woman touch her when she was almost naked. "I think the pill may have helped, what was that anyway?" She asked tightening the belt on her sating robe. "Aw, nothing honey, just a little herbal mixture that I make at home. I keep on hand for my girls. And don't you worry, it just helps to relax the mind so that you can have more fun with the body. " April said with a wink knowing full well that the "herbal mixture" could get her time in prison. "Now, come on, it's time to work the crowd. " She said looking down to see Cora unfolding the bills she'd collected. "You'll have time for that later, you have fans waiting for private dances, and the boss wants the first one!" April told her excitedly. "What?" Cora said in surprise. "Follow me. " April instructed. She led Cora down the hall to Billy's office.

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   She knocked lightly and opened the door, "Special delivery. " She said giving Cora a gentle nudge into the room before turning to leave. "Come in Cora. " Billy said in his deep husky voice as she surveyed Cora's face and body. "You did very well out there. I can't tell you how impressed I was at your, ‘dancing' ability. Are you sure you haven't danced before?" Billy asked with a chuckle. "I've taken dance classes and gymnastics since I was a little girl, but I've never done this before. " Cora told him, her face turned red with embarrassment at the thought of him watching what she did on stage. "You're still a little girl Cora. Way too young to know how to dance the way you do. " He said with a wink. "Maria better watch out, you'll soon take her place as our head liner. " Billy teased. Wrinkling his brow, he looked at her intently.


   "You look so familiar to me Cora Lee. " He shook his head with a quizzical look on his face. "Where did you come from, and don't say down south, I know that accent of yours is fake. " He warned with a smile. "Well, um, okay, I was born and raised right her in Vegas. " She admitted, dropping her fake southern drawl and hoping he didn't ask too many questions. "Tell me about yourself Cora. What did you do before you came here, and why are you dancing now?" He asked, still trying to figure out why she looked so familiar. "Um, well, I was in high school, and I want to go to college. I need to make enough money to put myself through college. So, that's why I am here. " She lied to him. "Okay, I understand, some things are personal I suppose. Mystery and intrigue, I like that. " He said with a sly grin, knowing full well that she was keeping something from him.

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       "I'll stop asking so many questions, if you give me something in return. " He said throwing his arm over her shoulder and guiding her to a chair in front of his big desk. Cora was relieved that he was satisfied for the time being. Covering herself demurely with her robe as she sank down into the big leather chair. She looked up at Billy and felt a bolt of electricity run through her core. He was the sexiest man she'd ever seen. His emerald green eyes burned into her flesh making her feel warm and flushed all over from his gaze. She saw short curly dark hair peeking over the top of his button down denim shirt and wondered what it would be like to feel his naked chest against hers. She quickly shook her head, trying to shake the lusty thoughts from her mind. She didn't know what had come over her, she kept wondering what it would be like to feel his embrace and his hard body against her. "Wh-what do you want?" She asked innocently trying to hide her nervousness. She was thankful that there was a desk between them and desperately hoping he couldn't tell what she was thinking as she waited to hear the answer. "I wanted to talk to you, get to know you, but since you don't want to share, how about a little dance instead?" Billy said as he walked behind his desk to his seat. "Um, okay, but, I'm not sure what I am supposed to do, . .

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      " Cora trailed off looking down to avoid eye contact with him. She didn't understand why she resisted when she felt the juices flowing from her pussy at the thought of dancing for him. "Make the boss happy, Cora Lee. " He told her with a mischievous grin on his face as he flipped a switch on the wall to turn on the club stereo system. "Give me a private dance. " He coaxed, placing a folded fifty dollar bill between his teeth leaning back in his big leather chair with his arms crossed over his chest. Cora stood and walked to the center of the room. She closed her eyes and swayed to the music still uncertain about what she was doing. It turned Billy on even more when he saw that she was nervous. He liked the inexperienced ones, they were easier to train he thought to himself. "That's it, loosen up and dance for me. " He said rubbing his cock through his pants. Cora opened her eyes and saw what he was doing. She knew it was wrong but for some reason she didn't mind. She watched as he unzipped his pants, almost wishing she could touch him down there.

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       She saw the head of his cock jutting out above his desk as he stroked it in his hand. She stared at the red bulbous head, her heart beating faster as she thought about impaling herself on him. "Come closer Cora. " Billy ordered huskily. "There's something here I want to show you. " Cora danced her way over to him, standing beside him she continued to wave her arms and sway her hips. She let her robe fall off one shoulder and turned away to wriggle her ass at him. She turned around and saw that his cock was fully exposed. It stuck straight up in the air and was as big around as her forearm. She didn't even realize she did it when she gasped out loud at the sight of him. "What's the matter?" Billy asked, "You act as though you've never seen a cock before. " He added teasingly. Cora just smiled and continued dancing. She dropped the robe off of her other shoulder and turned away to let it slide down her back teasingly. In a flash, Billy reached up and took her by the waist.

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       He pulled her down to him, forcing her to sit on his lap. He pushed his cock up at the thin satin robe covering her naked bottom, wedging his cock deeply between her warm thighs. He savored the feeling of her hot pussy against him, separated only by a thin layer of satin. Cora gasped again, unsure of what she should do. Before she could respond he pushed her back, holding her in his arms, she felt his lips descend onto hers. He kissed her passionately exploring her small pouty lips with his tongue and teeth. Cora struggled for a second, but was soon lost in the moment and her own desire. She unconsciously responded to his kiss, slowly lifting her arm around his broad shoulders and holding him tightly. She explored the recesses of his warm mouth with her tongue and pushed her small breasts against his hard chest. She felt a deep desperate need for Billy, she didn't know why, but she couldn't stop herself. It was as if from the moment she saw him, she knew it was going to happen and she wanted it to happen. She couldn't control herself any more than he could. Pulling away from the kiss, Billy looked deeply into her soft brown eyes. "I know you, I don't know how, but I do. " He said almost breathless from their first kiss.

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       He pushed his cock up at her bottom in desperation. He felt the heat of her pussy on his cock as he tugged the robe from her shoulders exposing her small breasts to the cool air. Cora closed her eyes and felt weak as he cupped her breast in his large hand, he lowered his head and flicked his tongue across her nipple. She pushed herself at his hot mouth and without realizing it, she let out a long moan as his mouth encircle her entire breast. Cora gasped when Billy sucked it into his mouth and gently squeezed her other nipple with his free hand. She threw her head back and savored the delicious feelings that overwhelmed her mind and body. Feeling for the first time in her life that this is where she belonged, with him making love to her, something about him felt so right. "We need to stop. " Billy said, lifting his head and pulling away abruptly. "Not like this, not with you. " He groaned struggling to lift her to her feet. He forced his cock back into his pants and zipped them. Cora felt the tears well up in her eyes. She was so ashamed at her behavior, throwing herself at a complete stranger, ‘No wonder he rejected me, he thinks I'm a slut!' She thought to herself as she pulled her robe up to cover herself. "I'm s-sorry.

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      " She said through her tears. Turning to leave the room, Billy grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. "Don't be Cora. I want you, I want to make love to you, but, not here, not like this. " He told her putting his hand under her chin and lifted cherubic face to look at him. "Come home with me tonight, I'm having a small party at my house and I'd like for you to help entertain the guests. " Seeing her hesitation, he added, "I'll pay you well for your time Cora, I imagine you need the money, for college, don't you?" Billy more told her than asked. Cora looked up at the handsome man towering at least a foot over her head. His desperate need for her shone brightly in his green eyes, and bulged from his crotch. She searched for a reason to say ‘no,' but her need also had grown and she wanted nothing more than to feel his touch again. Unable to speak, Cora nodded in agreement. "But, what will I have to do?" "You'll dance of course. " He said with a wink. "Okay. " She said with a small smile, still embarrassed by her earlier behavior.

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       "Good," Billy stated, "change back into your costume and we'll get going. " Billy left his brother in charge of the club, waited for Cora to dress and retrieve her belongings and then he escorted her to his car. Like a gentleman, he opened her door and helped her into her seat before closing the door for her. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please don't forget to leave feedback and scroll up to vote. Your comments and suggestions are very important to me as I strive to become a better writer, and I need your assistance to achieve my goal. Thank you again!~W~.


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    Διστάζετε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια πόρνη να επιλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν τεράστιο κατάλογο με εκπληκτικές τσούλες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα ζουμερά σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Ζουμερές ξανθές, βρώμικες μελαχρινές, καυτές κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να εντοπίσετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι έμπειρες καυτές γκόμενες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους συναρπαστικούς οργασμούς τους και την απερίγραπτη δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε ανακαλύψτε την.
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