control of mom


Topic: how it happened  I was on my way home from school one day when i saw this ball on the side walk. I bent over and picked it up but it was hot and i droped it. it burnt my hand by the time i got home the burn pain had gone away and i felt pretty good.
 Mom was in the kitchen getting ready to cook dinner and i thought hope its meat loaf tonight. Mom told me she was going to make meat loaf for dinner. and go feed the dog before you start playing your video game. I thought i wish you would feed him so i don't have to. Mom spoke up all of a sudden go ahead and go do what you want I'll feed the dog honey. I walked to my room bewildered. mom always makes me feed the dog its like she read my mind or i put the thoughts in hers.
  this got me fantisizing about what it would be like to be able to control people with thoughts. sitting in my room looking at my bed i thought mom come make my bed its a mess. I laughed at that thought that would be something if it worked. A few min. later mom walked in made my bed and said supper will be ready in an hour and walked out. I was in shock no way.

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   it can't be. just then my hand trobed from when i picked up the hot ball. could of that shock from the heat gave me mind powers?
I decide to try a test i sneak back to the kitchen and see if i can try something else. mom was in front of the stove. Let me teel you about mom She is 38 years old 5 foot 1 inch tall about 105 pounds small b cup tits but she makes up for hat with her round but. she is very modest and always wears like clothes. today she had on a dress that went past her knees and button up the front.
I looked at mom and thought your head itches. she reached up and scratched her head. my god did i do that i thought to myself. i think touch your toes. mom bends over and touches her toes. and stands back up. she shackes her head like why did i do that whith a questioning look on her face.
I go back to my room all excited.

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   holy cow i can control mom!I looked at the clock and saw dad and my sister would not be home for an hour. what to do next. thats when it hit me i can do anything. i go the bath room and think mom you are home alone you have to pee. I stand there combing my hair i case it don't work and mom walkes in and pulls down her underwear and pees. I could not see much but she had on white panties and when she wiped i could see her bush. she leaves and i am red faced. my mom just peed in front of her 18 yr old son. i never thought of mom this way but it kinda turned me on. mom has pretty legs even if there short they are sexy.
I think fast go to the bathroom and undress to change your bra. and panties. mom walkes in with clean underwear and bra and starts unbuttoning her dress. she has a perfect body she romoves her bra and her tits stick out slope up slightly at the nipple. her bush is trimed but only a`little.

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  she starts to get dressed again and i stop her. look at yourself in the mirror. your horney play with yourself.
  Mom sit on the pot and starts rubing herself slowly. i'm excited`beyond belief. I prob moms mind to see what she thinking. she was fantisizing about dad. I changed it to old Joe the 70 yr old man next door. and had her riding on top of him. i watched her progress it from there. she was into it now and  itwas erotic. i thought old man Joe would snap her ot of it but she went on with it in her mind .
   What am i doing i changed her mind again and put me under her. her own son in my room . she slowed down and stoped for a minuite in her head she was sitting on me  my dick was buried in her and she froze.

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  I thought your to horney to stop fuck him its just a fantasy what will it hurt your going to cum. at that she thrust her hips and came in her mind she was rocking on top of me and saying fuck me mike fuck me. she said it almost out load. she came down off her orgasium and quickly got dressed and left the room. i sit down and cum all over myself . i wanted mom now she is hot who would of thought it under all those clothes.
 Dad and sis got home and we all sat down for dinner. Mom would not look at me she acted like she was ashame of herself. i thought its just a fantasy no one knows you fucked your son in your head don't worry about it what can it hurt. it gave you a good orgasium so it is your little secrete. at tha mom smiled to herself and went on eating dinner.
   My bitch of an older sister as to my left and i think to her. pick your nose. she does. this works on everyone.

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  dad your tired go take a nap in your den. When dinner was over my sis went to her room where she always does and won't be out till morning. me and mom are alone in the kitchen. i put this in moms head. when your son touches you its like electrcity you become horney and you want him you can't stop yourself you want to ride him like in your fantasy and you will take him back to his room and rape him.

      i walked up be hind mom and put my hand on her shoulder. she meltsin my arms and starts kissing my neck. and breathing very hard she pushes me away and tells me in a husky voice to go to my room. in my room she rips my shirt off and pulls down my pants and in one motion goes down on me takes my whole dick n her mouth sucking on it like she was starving and she took herr dress off. on one move and pined my hands down she lowered herself on me and started to fuckme hard and fast and she came over and over again she bit my chest so not to make noise. i came in her 2 times and finally she stoped and layed on top of me. Mom just rode me like a whore and the guilt set in i felt her tence up and she got up and ran out of the room. I'll let her feel that way for a while i wanted to be mean for some reason or it was because it was to much fun.
      mom went to her room and was on the bed naked so i shut the door and left her there. I think, wake up dad you are horney go fuck your wife.

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      dad go down the hall to moms and his room. i get in moms head to see what she thinks. she paniked inside she afraid he knows or can smell sex on her. she don't want to fuck him she sore but he takes her from behind. she just lays there and lets him fuck her it don'take long he pulls out and cums on her back. she gets up and goes take a shower.  
     I think,go have your daughter lick you off and suck you. sis when dad walks in don't say  a word keep still so mom don't hear and suck yor dad off so he don't hurt you. a few minuites later dad walkes in my sisters room and shuts the door. I think ,when he's done with you don't tell anyone just let him rape you anytime he wants and keep it quite.
      I know i'm cruell but she is a bitch she is 19 a year older than me and always treaed me like shit. she short like mom but chubby dad can fuck her all he wants i want mom. I here them next room over my sister bed is banging the wall. I think fuck her harder. and harder make her pussy raw its yours to fuck all the time because she won't stop you.

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      the bed slams harder i can hear her crying. You won't cum sis you just ly there and let him have his way.
       i walk to moms room she lying on the bed i crawl in beside her and smack her nice round butt and Think,you can fuck your son anytime and never tell anyone its yours and his secrete. at that she kisses me long and hard like a lover should . let me know wha you think if you like i will continue.



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