Continuing saga with my niece Sara


Here I am just totally exhausted and at the same time confused by what has transpired within a matter of hours My little niece of 18 has grown up in a matter of months. Telling me that she has wanted me to be very close to her. Close, my goodness, I could have never imagined that she wanted her Uncle that way. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. I knew I wasn't when I looked down and she was sleeping on my lap. What a vision of beauty she was but it was time for me to get up and shower.
Slowly I got up not to disburb her and when I did I put a pillow from the couch under her head. She let out a little sigh and I just stared. Walking down the hall to my bedroom I had such a hard-on that I knew a cool shower would be the only way to calm that down. I gathered some clothes and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stripping down to my birthday suit I gathered enough courage to step into the cool water. Talk about shock, Wow.
I'm standing there letting the water run down my back thinking back to what just happened, massaging her neck and shoulders, feeling my hands going down to those breasts and watching her nipples grow, her putting her head down on my lap and putting my cock into her mouth, when I felt this cold air coming from outside the shower. I thought nothing of it and continued my thoughts when all of a sudden the shower drapes were pulled to the side. There stood Sara in the long shirt I gave her. She had this smile on her face that you just couldn't help but melt over.

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   She wanted to know if she could join me. At that time I started to feel the excitement I just felt a little while ago. Sara looked down at me and said it looks like it would be okay. She pulled her shirt over her head and stepped into the shower. I am now looking at my 18 year old niece like she is someone who is my lover not a relative. She comes up to me and presses those 34C breasts into me giving me a hug while my cock is now pressed into her stomach. We hold each other for a minute then she brings my head down to her and kisses me, playing with my lips with her tongue and then puts her tongue inside my mouth and we both do a very exciting and sensuous tongue dance. My cock is throbbing now and I want her bad. We break apart and she hugs me again and tells me she loves me. We part a little and I tell Sara what we have done is wrong and we should never do that but she says not to worry that it will be our little secret. She told me that she has wanted me ever since she was 18 but was afraid that I would reject her. I let her know I wish she would have told me. Dam, all those times she would sit on my lap and accidently touch my crotch. Tha way she would wiggle around and back up against me when she could. I wish I would have known.

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The water is running over our bodies and I tell Sara that we should clean each other up. I take the washcloth and soap it up and start rubbing her back as she has her hands on the back wall, bracing herself. I start at the top of her shoulders and slowly move down going over her entire back then moving down to the back of her legs. As I'm doing this she starts to part her legs slowly. My god what an ass this girl has. As I go down the back of her calves and up I take the washcloth and go inside her thighs. I feel the crack of her pussy and I then let the cloth drop. Now my hands have soap all over them so I take my right hand and start rubbing her pussy from behind. My left hand is now massaging her left breast and nipple. Sara is now opening her legs more. I insert one then two fingers into her pussy and she backs more into me. I move closer and now my cock is resting between her ass cheeks. I have to have her but I don't want to hurt her. She is moaning now and she puts her shoulders against the wall and brings her hands back to feel my cock and then she opens up her ass cheeks more. Her pussy is really wet and it's not from the shower.

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   I put more soap on my cock to make access easier for her and I start to insert my cock into her from behind very slowly. She was so tight that I hesitated and she just looked around and said " please". I started to push more and she accepted my cock a little at a time. God, was she sweet. I could feel the muscles contracting on my cock as I tried to go all the way. She just started moaning out load and leaned forward more so that she could get more. I just kept going in and out for what seemed like an eternity until I was ready to explode. She knew it and all of a sudden she pulled me out and told me she would like to take care of it in her own way. She turned around and got on her knees in front of me and took my cock with her hands. Looking down at her with those breasts and nipples and her holding my cock was almost too much. She looks up at me and just gives me that smlie and then starts to lick my cock all over and then puts it into her mouth. A little at first then she opens her mouth all the way and takes all of me where I am down her throat. She does this for what seems like forever and then I just explode. She literally is swallowing everything that is coming out with a little on the side of her mouth. She looks up with that sheepist grin and smiles.

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   She then stands and holds me pressing her breasts into me and tells me she loves me. We both then decide to finish our shower and soap each other up. This time I turned a little warm water on us. We let the water rinse us off as we continue to stare at each other.
I get out of the shower first andgot Sara a towel and some clothes from my closet. Her uncle has to take her home in a little while but in the meantime I wanted to make her comfortable. She got a pair of my boxer shorts and one of my jerseys. You couldn't believe how sexy she looked. I know what is under those clothes.
We sat on the bed and just started to talk about everything. One thing she mentioned to me that caught me by surprise though was that she knew that I thought she looked a little like that girl on 7th Heaven, Lucy. I told her she did but a lot better. She then told me that she fantasized about her and that character pressing their breasts together and kissing. That at school after gym class in the shower she would stare at the girls and their bodies and has accidentally touched another ones breasts by rubbing up against her or standing behind one real close where the other girls ass would be rubbing against her front and she wouldn't move. She also told me that a couple of girls have told her what a great body she has but was embarrased.

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   She wanted to know how I felt about that. Needless to say she looked at my crotch and told me nevermind.
I have a friend that has wanted to experiment. I called her.
Any feedback on this story would be appreciated because there is more. Every guys dream could? come true.  



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