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All kinds of thoughts were running through Bob's mind, He and his sister Kim were staying at his uncles house while their parents were in the hospital after an auto accident. Connie was 18 and Bob was 17, his sister Kim was 18 On this day Bob and Connie were alone in the house since Connie's parents were at work and Kim was at the hospital with Mom and Dad, she had more of a stomach for it than he did. Connie moaned with pleasure as he patted her warm, wet body with the towel and soon turned her body slightly to face him at an angle, she gently stroked his cheek with her fingers then as before slipped them into her snatch and began to slowly stroke her swelling clit. She moaned and moved her hips a few times then removed her fingers from her sweet gash and began to raise her hand until the tips of her fingers rested gently against Bob's lips, Bob slipped his tongue from his lips and began to savor the taste of his cousin's cunt. As he began to lick the bittersweet juices from her fingers she slid her other hand into her steaming gash and returned to finger fucking her now well-swollen and erect clit. Bob lost his concentration and stopped drying her letting the towel slip from his fingers and drop to the ground beside them. He moved close and embraced Connie and began to passionately kiss his horny cousin, Connie had taken the hand she was feeding him her juices with and edged it ever so close to his crotch. She was not surprised at the fact that she could feel his erection through his jeans; she was surprised at the size of the bulge in his jeans. She used her free hand to free him of his belt and jeans then peeled down his boxers, as the boxers slid down his legs and he stepped out of them she clasped his erection in her hand. She was a little surprised that it was not as long as she had thought from feeling the bulge in his drawers but it was massively thick, she tried but could not reach her thumb and forefinger around it. Connie had had several lovers since she had lost her cherry to a neighborhood boy at 18 in the bushes at a pool party, the guy was hung well for 18 but he came so fast in her that about all he managed to do was pop her cherry and come, before the pain of her cherry subsided he was up and gone to brag about getting some. Most of the other guys in school had small, puny dicks and she had only had an orgasm once from penetration so she had most of her orgasms from a vibrating dong she kept in a special place in her bedroom. She slowly stroked from the large head to the hard shaft with the her fingers and was pleased that she could feel the warm rush of blood pulsing in the enlarged shaft of her cousins dick.

She knew that she would not be able to blow him but she wanted that meat plug stuffed in her crevice. As she moved to stroke him again he moaned loudly and said,"I want you""You can have me, now" she purred to him then she sat on a lounger by the pool. Laid back and spread her long sexy legs waiting for him to enter her now steaming hot pussy.

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  Bob quickly moved to the lounger and wasted no time at all getting down to business with Connie, he put his hand on his dick to guide it into position but it was easy to find his target, the heat from her snatch sent a twinge of pleasure to his crotch as the tip of his throbbing cock found the sweet spot and rested at the warm opening for an instant before he took a deep breath and proceeded to ram his dock into her tight young cunt, he grunted and she gasped as he buried about half of the shaft into her and then drew back to pump into her again. With the second stroke he went a little further end could feel the walls begin to submit to the intruder, with his third stroke he buried himself all the way to the hilt and they both groaned with pleasure. As soon as he was all the way in her he sped up the pace and began to pump her harder and harder with each stroke, she was not able to speak words only grunts and groans as waves of pleasure and pain ran through the walls of her tight twat that was stretched as far as it could be. She was in heaven as she pumped her pussy driven by her hips at his short but large shaft. She was already nearing a real orgasm from a dick inside her and she was amazed at the intensity of the sensation, it was as good as any she had ever had when masturbating. Connie groaned and screamed "I'm Cumming, fuck me harder"Bob grunted and pumped even harder into her sopping wet cunt and felt his balls begin to tighten as the cum started up his shaft, he tried to slow it but since Connie was thrashing about and screaming so much he went for broke and pumped her until he came inside of his sexy cousin, the feeling of the warm sticky cum bathing the walls of her cunt finished her orgasm. As they slowed and he softened and slipped out of her they both sighed and then giggled to each other. Connie pushed him aside and ran to the pool and jumped in, Bob was right behind her and within seconds they were playing in the pool together naked, the water washed away the juices from their fucking session and they were kissing and playing in the pool as Kim walked up to the edge of the pool and stood there for a second watching them before she spoke. "Having fun?" she quizzedRather startled at her voice they stopped what they were doing and Bob looked up at his sister Kim and smiled a sheepish grin. "Oh hi sis, you are home early"As they spoke Connie turned to face Kim and said, "you were right about his dick Kim, it was awesome""I told you it was a dream," giggled Kim, "you should feel it in your ass next""I don't think my ass could take it" Connie replied apprehensively," Can you do it?""Yes, I love to have my ass stretched by him, you should try it,"Kim then dropped her shorts and panties and pulled off her top and within seconds was naked and then she sat on the side of the pool in front of Connie and gently put her hands on the back of her cousin's head and pulled it close to her snatch.
    "Her you can chew on me to take your mind off of the pain" she chuckled,Connie looked her in the eyes then dove into the snatch of her young cousin, Kim moaned and rolled her head back as Connie began to work her clit into a frenzy, Kim looked down to Bob and grinned, he got the hint and moved himself behind Connie's small ass and pushed his dick partially into her asshole. "Ouch, that hurts," protested Connie but Kim comforted her with,"Shhh, it will be okay in a minute, just keep eating my snatch"Connie began to protest but Kim pulled her mouth back to her twat and thrust her pelvis into Connie's face muffling the next scream as Bob rammed his hard dick harder into Connie's tight asshole. There the three of them were moving in unison as a teenage fucking machine. Connie could feel the searing pain of dry anal sex lubed only by the water Bob was driving into her tight bowels as he pumped in and out of her in the pool and she ate her cousins now sopping wet snatch. All Bob could hear were muffled screams of pain and moans of passion mixed with the squishing and slurping sounds of pussy munching and the slapping sounds of Bob's legs slapping against Connie's butt cheeks as he pumped her asshole brutally.

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      When Connie felt as if she could not stand it much longer Bob began to finger fuck her clit as he butt fucked her, she let out a scream and felt a brutally delightful orgasm rip through her body, as she slowed to rest Bob continued to pump her ass until he cane in her bowels. Seeing this sent Kim the rest of the way to her own orgasm and she pushed Connie's face hard into her cunt glazing it like a glazed doughnut in the process. Within seconds Bob and Connie were fucked out and as they rose to leave the pool and go to the house Kim asked,"Where are you two going?""Inside to rest" said Connie as she walked bowlegged towards the door,"But what about me, I still want to fuck""Oh, alright, come on to my room, you can use my dong on yourself"Bob turned and smiled at Connie, "Thanks cuz, I could not have helped her right now""It's okay Bob" Connie replied and they walked into the house. --The End--Comments and story suggestions are welcomed, Contact me at rounder@comcast. netMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.


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