Conditional response


I have an adult step daughter with DD-tits and physically fit body. Accidentally, when I was too sleepy, I turned left instead of ritght to eat out my wife. As a result, I slowly moved the covers on my daughter. My warm hand caused her to spread her legs. I licked my fingers and primed her shaved pussy. Once her labia and pussy became sopping wet, I moved over her underwear and shorts to eat out her pussy while milking her g-spots with my fingers. Because she tastes like her mom, I did not realize my error until she moaned.

To minimize the impact of my error, I suggested to her how much she liked Daddy fingering and tounging her pussy.

Now, I can suggest her into a deep REM sleep and, without touching her at all, have her cum like crazy. In the morning, her cum is a bunch of dried up white stuff on her g-string panties. Add that dried cum to water and it smells of a juicy pussy.

That pussy juice concentrate can aid in being an orgasmic trigger. However, to make it work best, there needs to be a calming, than an arousal, then an orgasm. By going through those three stages, a person does not start associating an orgasm with a bad emotion.

Oh, I accidentally gave her an orgasm when I massaged her thighs. It happened when I massaged the spot where an extra nipple can grow.

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  There are 8 or more such spots on the abdomen and two on the legs. When a person is asleep, it is easy to massage those non-obvious erogenous zones that cause an orgasm. Combining those massages with positive reinforcement and the recipient becomes more sexually responsive as time goes on. Conditional responses are an interesting way to make a person cum without touching them in any private zone.

Have a happy fuck.