Computer Problems


I was walking towards the bathroom, wearing only my underpants as I intended to have a shower before getting dressed for the day.
The only other person home with me was my granddaughter Jessica.
My wife had already left for work ½ an hour ago.
I wasn’t worried that Jessica would see me in my underpants as she’d seen me dressed that way many times in the past.
“Granddad” Jess called out to me from the spare bedroom where I kept my computer.

“Yes sweetheart?” I answered as I pushed opened the door and walked in.
“This dam computer of yours keeps on freezing on me.” She said looking cross at my computer as if that’d make it work properly.
I looked at her sitting in my chair.
She was nearly 18 years of age, with longish blonde hair.
She was wearing a tight fitting top that clearly showed her small breasts and she was also wearing a dark blue short skirt.
She had long thin legs and when standing, was about 5ft 9ins tall.



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