Coming Home Early


My boss called me after arriving at work and told me that I needed to take some time off because I was close to loosing it if I didn't. I asked him when he would like me to do this and he told me that I could have the rest of the day off if I wanted and I smiled to myself, knowing my wife was home today as well. I told him that would be great, picked up my brief case and headed out the door.

I thought about calling my wife and telling her I was on the way home and to get ready for a day of hot sex but decided to just arrive and surprise her. Little did I know that I would be the one surprised when I got home.

As I drove I thought about my wife's hot wet pussy and her plea's to get me to stay home today but I told her I had a major project that I was working on and the boss wanted it done. My mind recalled her laying on the bed, naked, rubbing her wet clit and sucking on one of her 46DDD tits as she whimpered, trying to get me excited. Her eyes even roamed to my stiff cock and she said, well at least part of you wants to stay home. I groaned telling her all of me did, but it just couldn't be today. The visions of her sexy body laying there as I drove made my cock stir in my slacks and my heart started beating faster, knowing that I was going to satisfy my wife's needs today after all.

I drove through the residential area we lived in and noticed that there was a strange car in front of our house. I parked in my regular spot on the side of the garage and then walked into the side door of the garage. I opened the laundry room door and heard music playing and slowly walked into the kitchen area.

I looked over the bar and noticed movement on the floor of the living room and saw my wife's naked back towards me. I moved a little closer and noticed legs coming from under her and then looked as she was bouncing her nice big round ass up and down on a very long cock. My cock was hard as a bar of steel standing there watching my wife ride that cock.

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   I quietly sat my brief case down and unzipped my slacks, reaching in and freeing my hard cock. My hand felt good on the hot flesh but I knew it would feel even better if my wife was riding me like she was that other mans cock.

As I stood there I noticed movement from the hallway area and saw our 19 yr old son Brian moving toward the living room. He did not see me yet and I quickly stepped behind the refrigerator and watched him walk naked into the living room and join the other man and his mom. Brian moved in front of his mom and grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her open mouth. My mind now reeled as I watched my wife, the mother of our children sucking our sons cock deep into her throat while she was fucking another mans cock. I could not stand it any longer so I moved from behind the refrigerator and into the dining area. Brian saw me and smiled as he continued to slide his hard cock deep into his mothers throat. I moved closer and saw the face of the man on the floor and noticed that it was our son Adam. Now my mind went into over drive as I knelt down and moved closer to my wife's ass.

Brian knew what I was planning on doing and moved back, pulling his mom with him. She was now leaning forward and gave me a perfect shot of her tight little asshole. I moved closer and spit on my cock and shoved it into her tight anal opening. I knew she was screaming around Brian's cock as my cock sliced deep into her tight bowels. I fucked into her like a man possessed burying my cock all the way into my balls.

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   As my balls touched our son Adams I pulled out and shoved into her again and again. Soon my cock swelled and I knew I was going to cum. I said, "OK boys, fill your slut mom with your cum. "It was at that time that Sonya knew that it was me who was fucking her ass so violently. My cock swelled more as I felt Adam's cock spewing into his mothers wet cunt and I watched Brian moan through his orgasm. My beautiful wife sucked every drop of Brians cum, swallowing it down into her belly. I could not hold back any longer as my cock now burst loose, filling her tight anal passage with my potent seed. My cock finally softened and I moved off my wife and she fell, panting to the side, laying next to our son Adam. I lookeddown at her as she looked at me in fear. I smiled saying, "my boss wanted me to come home early because I had too much time so I think I will call him and tell him I want this day off every week. "My wife smiled up at me as I said, "Just so you know, I plan on you performing much more for me with our son's too and in fact, you will also be required to get our daughters to join us very very soon so that we can increase the size of our family. '

My wife blushed as she said, "I have been meaning to tell you something darling, our family is already going to increase in size, I am carrying Brian's baby now and want to have one by Adam as well. "I smiled knowing that this was only the start to a new family saga. .


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