Comiing home drunk to a tiny mini


My sister had always been a tease and as we grew up i had always sneaked a look at her fantastic trained and toned body. Shelly was a knock out brunette and due to her triathlon training her body was always so trim taught and terrific.

The down side to being such a fit little thing is that her ability to hold her liquor was terrible 3 drinks and she would pass out. This story starts one night when i was heading out with some mates, I had been 18 for about 2 months and my sis was 22 but rearly went out. As I walked to the shower my mind wondered, hoping to pick up that night out on the town nd with out thinking I walked right in on my sister who had just stepped out of the shower. IMy draw dropped as i caught her full frontal seeing her perfect hips and the smallest tuft of pubic hair at the top of her pussy. She quickly turned away and bent down to pick up her towel quickly giving me the most amazing view of my life. Her ass in the air and her pussy hanging sweetly between her slightly parted legs had an instant reaation to my cock and as she pushed passed me with the towel around her I'm sure I caught her staring at it threw my shorts.
I quickly closed the door behind her and jumped in the shower. My cock was achingly hard as I could not erase the rear view of my big sister. I kept thinking about how she never really even yelled at me and infact had said nothing. he whole thing happend really quickly but she didnt even call me a perv like she usually did when she caught me out. I wanked hard until i came in the shower then go out and prepared my self for he big night ahead. I put on my fav jeans and a tee and walked down stairs to see my sis in a tiny mini skirt and a top that made her tits look great. I tried my hardest not to stare but really couldnt help it. I wlked passed her and said goodbye and she casually winked at me and told me to have a good night.

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My night was boring, there were some cute girls about but I just couldnt get the vision of my sis out of my head. At around 1am i headed home no girl in arm but over, spending money too much beer and on girls that just didnt seem to do it for me. I grabbed some takeaway and jumped in a cab and headed off. I wlaked into my house trying to be quiet hoping not to wake anyone and cut through the lounge to get to the kitchen to get some water. AS i entered the lounge there on the couch was my sis sprawled out her lil mini skirt riding so high that i could see all of her panties and practically falling out of her top. I froze and admired the view for a while and again my cock instantly reacted to the site.
    First I whispered her name then i said it a lil louder but she didnt respond.
    I walked over to her and gave her a lil shake and lent down close to her ear and said her name again this time she murmured but didnt wake. She was laying on her side with her lower leg straight and the other bent up and leanign against the couch. I sat down at the end were her feet were firstly lifting her bottom leg so it was on my lap. Still no movment from her. From this position I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through her white cotton nikkers and whether it was the alcohol or just pure sexual drive my hand reached out and cupped her pussy. I left it there for a few seconds and closed my eyes thinking that if she woke I could pretend to be asleep and didnt know i was doing it. I left my eyes closed and started to rub. My other hand quickly free'd my cock and i began to wank too.

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       I let my hand slide under her panties and on to her hot and now quite wet pussy and continued rubbing. My fingers caressing her clit and occasionally entering up inside her. My cock was rigid as i continued to rub myself. Suddenly i felt her starting to move her hips in time with my hand and as i opened my eyes expecting to see hers still closed and sleeping i was shocked to see her eyes wide open staring at my cock. Bot my hands froze but she quickly sat up and cupped one hand overmy hand on her pussy and grabbed the other one around my shaft and started them moving again. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and her mouth was open wide with a look of pure sexual hunger all across it. i freed my hand from my cock as she kept rubbing and with my own hunger pulled her top up over her tits and instantly started to fondle and caress them. Shelly's hips were now bucking and one of my fingers was being pushed in and out of her pussy by two of her fingers. "Oh this is so hot Shel" i said between gasps as she replied "I need your cock in my mouth now" simultaniously dropping her head down to the head of my cock and taking it all in her mouth. Three long sucks and I was over I started pumping cum into her mouth and I couldnt the amount especially after the early evenings efforts in the shower. She did not resist at all just swallowed for all she was worth.
    I layed back on the couch and closed my eyes momentarily, i opened them again to see her get up and scamper up the stairs leaving me alone on the couch with my spent cock still protuding from my jeans. . . .

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