comeing out to mom about crossdressing


Well mom was 37 and I was 18 at the time my day was never around always working overseas and took a 4 year job over just about a month before . We lived in very small town think dad did that on prepose because of mom is 5' 10" tall an 128 lbs and big breast and she always wore mini dress and mini skirts and high heels. I was tall and 147 lbs and 5' 11' tall and only had one friend in town my age who like to dress me up as a girl which i liked doing alot. She even talk me in to periceing my ears two times so when she dressed me I could were her earrings.
Summer had came and my friend Tina moved away with her family . I guess I was kinda of staying around home home when mom asked me when Igot my ear periced and told her when. She asked why I never told her I did them I said I dont know just because . She said you can tell me anything you know we are stuck here in this one horse town and only have each . I said I know that and She said well if I tell you something will you tell me ? I said ok but she had to tell me first and that if I told her she could get upset with me. Then she told me that when she went to get her nails done at Becky'shouse that they slept together I said wow . I looked at her said well mine going to floor you she said tell me I told her I wanted to be like her she said you are I said no mom you don't understand . She said I think I do now you wanna dress and be like me I said yes an she looked at and said well let get doing it she help me shave my whole body and waxed my eyebrows very thin and high arch like hers she even made me shave all my hair on my balls and ass . She then took me in her room and made but on full corset with built in bra and gartors straps and paited my toe nails saying you like this .

Then after my toe dried she slipped on some santan silky stockings on my legs and way she did it my foot she had my foot up under her dress and she didn't have any panties on she completely bald down there like me . She hooked the gartors straps then started to do all my make up
As she was doing my make up I crossed my legs do to I was getting hard when she was about to put my lipstick on me she srtatlied me uncrossing my legs and push my head back some and put it on my lips . Then she looked at me and gave me a kiss on my freshly paintied lips and said you look so good and rubbed her bare pussy on myhard cock and moaned a little she was dripping wet .

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   She looked at me said this is going to be our secert and easied her pussy down so my cock slide in her pussy she road me hard for a few mintues when i said I was going to cum when she grabbed me and said fill my pussy up Paula . started to cum in my own mom when she tensed up and kissed me hard . She quite kissing me and said she could help it it turn her on dressing me she got up and started to do my finsh getting me dressed . Pulling down shoulder strap of the gartor I had on she glued some flase silcon breast on me and pulled the straps back up I had d-cup size tits now. She keep putting her finger in pussy that I just cum in and make lick it off her fingers Well when she finally got all done dressing me in leather short black mini dress and 5 inch spike heels and g-string and long earrings a lite brown long wig and sluuty jewlery .
She had me look at myself in the full lenght mirror and I looked like a real woman and very slutty . When she said dam you look good . The phone rang and she started to talk I walked around the house then down to get the mail at the end of our road . she said your a natural in heels hun. Then surprised me when she said Becky was comeing over to do do my finger nails a full set . She showed up and did my nail and told my mom she had done a beautiful job on me and that when she got done with my nails she had something to tell her . Becky paintied my nails cherry red same color as my toes as they were drying mom told Becky to feel her pussy mom told her what happen between us .
Becky said nice and left and told mom she call later well things got crazy after that i was dressing 24/7 and fucking mom and Becky dressed alot. Then one nite Becky showed up and mom blind folded me and took my dress off me and told me to get down on my knees I felt a dildo rub my lips mom said lick it I and soon was sucking it deep thoarting it Becky said I was natural at it and it looked sex . All of sudden while I was suckingI felt some cool and wet on my ass the next thing in knew mom was playing and fingering my ass after few mintues of her doing that she aked do you like it ? I said yes thenI felt something press against my man-pussy and then a lot of pressure my slowly slide a dildo in me and stopped .

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   There was alot of perssure and a little pain after i relaxed mom soon was fucking me she took the blind as she fucked me the both had strap on dildos on . I begged my mom to fuck me hard she did as suck dildo do that nite the took turns fucking me . when they got done with me they licked and suck each others pussy .
After we were all done mom and Becky sat on the couch with me and mom said you like getting fucked to me don,t you I sad yea I did . Then becky said whats wrong and mom said yea there is something wrong . I said well I dont want to dress and wear boy cloths again mom said well you haven't in tree weeks and you aint got too . Mom an Becky got up and went up stairs with some boxes and packed all Pauls old cloth up and came back down stairs and said we are going shopping Paula for you tomorrow . Becky got dressed and soon left to go home . Mom and sat and talk kissed for a few mintues when she said whats wrong I said well I want to suck and be fucked a guy . Mom smiled and said ok and kissed me and sucked my cock hard and told me to fuck her as I fucked her wet pussy she keep talking me being fuck by a guy till I filled her pussy up with my cum . THen she she made me lay on my back and had lick and suck all my come out of her pussy.