Cindy had been sexually abused by her father for several years before his death. Nancy knew all about her husband’s abuse of his daughter but she couldn’t do any thing about it. She was terrified of her husband and tried to ease her daughter through the abuse by teaching her how to perform sex acts that would please him. She and her daughter had no secrets between them. With the help of her mother, Cindy was a very astute young woman who had learned to use sex to get anything she wanted. In the last year she got more and more brazen when it came to her older neighbor. Soon after his mother died, Cindy saw to it that she was in her back yard when ever he was in his. During the first year she didn’t do anything too risqué but she did begin to wear her skirts a lot shorter. There was a play-set in her back yard that had a slide and couple of swings, where she liked to swing in such a way that he could see her nice bare legs; and when she slid down the slide it always seemed that her skirt would slide up so he could see her little cotton panties. ********** During the second summer she liked to talk to him over the back-yard fence or visit him in his yard when he was working outside. Some times she would wear an oversize t-shirt that she’d cut off so it barely covered her small pert breasts. She’d also cut the neck of the shirt so that it scooped way down in front. When she bent over or squatted down he could look down the front of the shirt and see her nice young tits. Luckily there were a lot of trees in their yards so there were no curious neighbors to worry about. That wasn’t all she did to attract his attention. She started a sexy suntan regimen when he was around.

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   He saw her come out of the house the first time carrying a towel and wearing a thong bikini that left little to the imagination. The top consisted of a thin cord attached to two small patches of blue cloth that couldn’t completely cover her tits, and were so thin that the outline of her pert nipples showed through. The bottom of her suit was a thong with a narrow strap in the back that was completely hidden in the crease of her tight young ass. In the front was a tiny wisp of fabric, only slightly covering the slit of her pussy. It was held by another thin blue cord around her waist. She must have shaved her quim, because there was no pubic hair showing around the tiny bit of cloth. It was made of the same thin material as the bra, and the fabric actually pressed in between her cunt lips and outlined them for anyone to see. But she wasn’t showing herself off for just anyone; she wanted Marvin and only Marvin, to see her, and she wanted him to want her like he’d wanted nothing else in his life. When she spread her towel on the ground she bent over so her bare ass was pointed in his direction. Other than a tiny strip of blue cloth that covered her cunt she looked completely naked. Occasionally she found a reason to visit him in his yard while she was wearing the bikini under a short terrycloth robe. While they talked she nonchalantly let the robe open so he could what she was—or was not—wearing underneath. She caught him staring at her body and teased him about being a dirty old man, but she didn’t cover up. She let him look as much as he wanted. In fact, she even posed a bit so he could get a better look.

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  “Where in the world did you get that bikini?” he asked. “I know you couldn’t find anything that sexy in any store around here. ”“I didn’t buy it, silly. I made it myself. I’m quite good at house-wifey things you know. Actually I made it from a handkerchief and some string,” she said. “Looks like you had a lot of handkerchief left over. ”“You are so naughty,” she laughed. “Wait till you see the little dress I’m making. I’ll show it just to you. I know you’ll like it. ”**********Now that she’d started her campaign to win Marvin’s body and mind, she stepped up the process. One day, when she saw him outside, she showed up in the shortest of skirts, that barely covered the cheeks of her ass when she stood up, and when she bent over a bit the skirt rode up to show him she’d given up wearing panties. She was a little old to be using the slide, but she used it anyway. As she slid down, her skirt slid up, and when she reached the bottom the hem was up around her waist.

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  She sat at the bottom of the slide with her legs slightly apart and looked directly at Marvin. He was in the just the right position to see her naked pussy spread out in front of him. She took her time covering up and when she did, she turned her back to him, put one foot on the bottom of the slide, and bent way over to fool around with her shoe. Now he was staring at her bare ass and could get a perfect view of her sweet young cunt and tight little asshole. He could even see her inner lips peeking out from her cunt. He groaned to himself and felt his cock begin to harden. He knew it was wrong to desire anyone so young, but her slutty display overcame any pangs of conscience he might have had. When she stood back up, she turned around and waved at him. “Oh,” she said, “I didn’t know you were still there. I hope you didn’t see anything you weren’t supposed to. ” She was staring at his crotch. He could see that she was not inhibited in any way. He only laughed and said, “I’m sure I didn’t see anything I wasn’t supposed to. In fact I’m quite sure that anything I saw, I was supposed to see. ” He could feel his hard-on straining against his shorts and he was sure she could see it too.

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  “You are still a dirty old man, aren’t you?” she asked as she laughed with him. “Dirty is as dirty does. ” he said, “If I see something worth looking at, and it’s right there in front of me, you’re damn straight I’m gonna look. ”“You’re right, and I shouldn’t tease you. ”“Don’t worry about me,” he grinned, “I don’t mind a bit of teasing now and then. ”“You mean you like what you see?” she asked. “You didn’t see me turn my back did you?”“Naughty, naughty,” she laughed. “Well, the shows over for now. I have to get inside and change clothes before Mom gets home. I guess you know I wore these especially for you,” she said as she scampered to her back door. When she got there she bent way over and gave him another shot at her naked ass before she went inside. **********“So this is what you do while I’m at work,” her mother said as soon as the girl walked into the house. “Oh, shit,” gulped Cindy, “When did you get home?”“Never mind when. I’ve been here long enough to see you flashing your little naked ass in front of Marvin. ”“I’m sorry Mom; I didn’t mean to go behind your back.

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   I was going to tell you, I swear. ”“When I saw you out there with no panties on, showing off your pussy, I knew what you were up to. Don’t you know how dangerous that could be?”She took Cindy in her arms and hugged her to her breast. “You know I should be here to look out for you. ”“I know. Mom; It’s just that I get so lonely sometimes with Daddy gone. ”“My poor baby,” Nancy hugged her tighter, “I know how attached you were to your Daddy. ” She kissed Cindy on the cheek. “You were his kittle sex kitten weren’t you?”“Mmm, my Daddy loved me, didn’t he?”“Sure he did, in his own way. He loved us both, even when he treated us like sluts—like the sluts he made us into. ”“I liked being his slut, didn’t you Mommy?”“I guess I did, sometimes,” said Nancy, “At least he didn’t hurt us when we played his slutty slaves. It even got me real horny a lot of the time. I loved it when he made us go down on each other. ”“You taught me so much, Mommy. But sometimes I still need it so bad.

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   That’s why I’ve been going after Marvin. ”“Has he fucked you yet?”“No, he hasn’t touched me. I think he’s too shy. ”“That’s good,” said Nancy, “I have a plan that will get us both what we need. You have to do a bit of sewing, make a really sexy outfit, for my plan to work. ”“I can do that when you’re at work. Then you can be here when I wear it outside. ”“That’s great, Cindy. Just thinking about it is making my pussy wet. If you’re a good little girl you’ll take that naughty fucking skirt off and go into my bedroom. If you hurry, I promise to lick and suck that sweet little pussy till you cum. ”She hugged her daughter and bent down to kiss her on the lips. Cindy returned the kiss by probing her mother’s mouth with her tongue. As the Frenched each other Nancy reached down and cupped Cindy’s naked cunt. She slid her fingers back and forth in the pussy groove and rubbed her daughter’s clit.

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   Then she let go and pushed Cindy toward the bedroom with a pat on her bare ass. “Oh Mommy, I love you so much,” said Cindy at the bedroom door as she took off her skirt and pulled her t-shirt over her head. “We can lick each other off just like when Daddy was here—and I can dream about sucking Marvin’s big hard cock,” she said as she strutted, naked, into her mother’s bedroom. **********It was a Saturday afternoon and Marvin was cleaning up some limbs that had fallen in his yard during a storm. He had them piled up and was tying them into bundles before taking them to the street for pick-up. It was hot work and he had his shirt off. He had a nice tan and his slight torso was covered with a shiny coating of perspiration. He was squatting down tying up some limbs when he looked across the fence and spotted Cindy coming out of her house wearing the sexiest outfit he had ever seen. She had on a tiny plaid dress that was more like a little skirt, held up by a pair of straps that only barely cover her nipples. The skirt of the dress was just a narrow band of cloth that surrounded her hips. It was worn so low that whole mound of her tight little tummy was exposed, and just long enough to cover her pussy. She saw him staring at her and she did a little pirouette so he could take it all in. As she spun around he noted that the dress was so short that the bottom half of her ass cheeks were bared for all to see. Marvin stood up and put his hands on his hips as he watched her coming toward him. When she got closer he could see that the straps that crossed her tits were made of the same thin cloth as her bikini.

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   They might cross the nipples, but they didn’t hide anything. Her pointed little nipples pushed out the cloth so they could be clearly seen. Marvin could feel his cock starting to push against his pants. He said bravely, “That’s quite a get-up. You look good enough to eat. ” He couldn’t believe he said that. It must have been his cock talking for him. “I’m glad you like it Marvin, I made it just for you. Do you think it looks too sluty?”“Hell yeah, it looks sluty. That’s the whole idea isn’t it?” He felt confident now, talking trash to a teenager. “I just want to look good for you, Marvin. I bet you fuck a lot of hot looking women so I have to try harder if I want to compete. ”“Not as many as I wish,” he stammered, feeling his confidence begin to ebb. This little girl clearly knew how to push his buttons. Trying to hide the fact that he had a raging erection that wanted to burst out of his pants, Marvin turned around and picked up a bundle of limbs and held them in front of himself as he headed for the street.

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   He started back for another bundle when he heard her call to him. His garage door was open and she’d come through the gate and was motioning him into the garage. He went in and found her sitting on the fender of his car. “Don’t be bashful, Marvin,” she said, “I don’t bite…much. ”Marvin moved up to her and she spread her legs so he could get closer. He moved close and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He bent over and kissed her on the lips. She made a little groaning noise in her throat and jammed her tongue into his mouth. She tasted clean and sweet as he sucked on her tongue. He slid his hand along her legs and under her skirt, and cupped and squeezed her ass cheeks. She moaned again and reached down to rub his hard cock through his pants. Then it was his turn to moan as she kneaded and rubbed his throbbing shaft. She undid his belt and zipper, and pushed his pants and shorts down at the same time. Still in the middle of a mind-boggling kiss, she grasped his cock in one hand and reached under to caress his balls with the other. “I love your big fat cock.

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   I can hardly get my fingers around it it’s so big. I can’t wait to get it in my mouth. ” She said. “I’m gonna give you the best fucking cock suck job you’ve ever had in your life. ”Cindy pushed him back so she could slide her ass off of the fender. She dropped to her knees in front of him a licked his cock head with her tiny pink tongue. She held his shaft with the tips of her fingers and licked it from end to end.
    Her soft tongue swirled around his balls, and she took one of his nuts into her mouth and gently sucked on it. Then she ran her tongue up the underside of his cock till she got to the head, which she took in her mouth. Holding just the head in her mouth, she probed his pee hole with the tip of her tongue. Then she quickly slid his whole cock into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She started noisily sucking and slurping on his erection as hard as she could, pistoning her lips rapidly up and down the hard shaft. Marvin let out a moan as he felt the tender young mouth trying to suck the cum out of his stiff cock. As she sucked him off, Cindy gently massaged his balls then moved her hand back so she could rub his asshole with her fingers. This was about all Marvin could take; he felt his cum starting to boil up his cock shaft.


      “Oh shit,” groaned Marvin, “Here it comes, Honey. I’m going to cum. ”Cindy pulled his cock out of her mouth just before he squirted and held it pointed at her open mouth. It began to spurt out in a gush of sperm, shooting the short distance into her mouth. Marvin watched his hot load shoot into her eager mouth and could hardly believe it as she swallowed his spunk as fast as she could. Some of it missed and splattered on her face and chin. He saw the strings of cum dripping off her face. Making sure she didn’t miss any, she caught the wayward spunk on her fingers then licked it up and swallowed it. All this time she had been looking Marvin straight in the eyes. As she licked up the last of his load, she smiled and said, “Wow, Marvin, you really shoot a load. I had a hard time keeping up. You gave me a hell of a mouthful; I could hardly swallow it all. ”Marvin managed a cockeyed grin and said, “Man, I’m totally drained. I’ve never had a blow job like that before. ”“I’m glad you liked it,” she said, “It tasted real good.

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       I’ll be glad to drink your cum anytime. ”“Damn, girl, you are something else. ”Just then they heard Cindy’s mom, Nancy, call out to her. “Cindy, you come home right now for dinner. If you see Marv, tell him he’s invited too. ”“Okay, Mom, we’ll be right there. ”“Come on Marvin, don’t just stand there with your cock hanging out—get dressed and come on. I’m sure you’re in for a treat. ”********** She held his hand as they went through the back door. “Is that you, Cindy?” Nancy called from the kitchen. “Hi Mom, it’s me and I’ve got Marvin with me. I want to show him my room. ”“Hi, Mrs. Clair,” Marvin says, “Is there anything I can do to help?”“Thanks Marve, but I have everything under control. You two go on upstairs.

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       I’ll let you know when supper’s ready. ”Cindy dragged him upstairs to a room with a large Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Inside it looked exactly like he thought a young girl’s room should look. Tacked to the wall was an unframed poster of some guy playing an electric guitar, there was a pile of teddy bears on a small table, and an open closet full of clothes. She slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and then pushed the skirt down her hips and onto the floor. When she stepped out of it she was completely naked, and Marvin’s cock immediately jumped to attention. She put her hands on his thighs and leaned over to kiss him hotly on the mouth, her tongue going to work swirling around in his mouth, and he tasted the sweetness of her young breath. She took one of his hands and placed it on one of her small breasts. He massaged her tit and pulled and tweaked her nipple until it was as hard as a little pebble. With his other hand he reached around and cupped one of her ass cheeks. As he squeezed her ass, he let his fingers explore the crease until one of them was pressed against her tight little asshole. She gave a moan and pressed her mouth tighter against his while he pushed his finger tip into tiny sphincter. She wiggled her ass and pushed back against the intruding finger until it went in to the first knuckle. He could feel when she clenched his finger with the muscles of her ass. Cindy reached between his legs and rubbed the shaft his stiff cock.

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       She quickly undid his pants and pushed them down, and then she slid her hand inside his shorts to grasp his erection. She kept a solid grip on it as she worked to get his pants and shorts out of her way. He had to lift his ass off the bed so she could get him stripped the way she wanted him. “Oh God, Marvin,” she moaned, “I’ve got to get this big rod into my pussy. I need to get fucked. Keep that finger up my ass while I sit on your big fucking cock. ”Marvin was confused and a little skeptical. “What if your mother comes in and sees us. I could go to jail. ”“Don’t worry about it, Marvin. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing except you’re going to fuck the shit out of me, right now. ”With that she mounted Marvin’s shaft and eased the head of his pulsating cock into her cunt. Her pussy juices were already flowing, so the fat shaft slid right into her tight little fuck-hole. She had her knees on either side of his hips so she could line her cunt up with his cock.

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       By sitting down slowly she was able to impale herself to the hilt on his hard shaft. When she got it all in she just sat there for a minute and enjoyed the feeling of her cunt being packed full of this big man-meat, then she began to slide her twat up the shaft until it was almost out, then quickly sit back down on it until she is filled again. Now she was fucking herself in earnest, kissing him hard on the mouth and probing him with her tongue at the same time. Marvin felt her ass loosen up, and he pushed his finger in to the second knuckle and began to finger-fuck her asshole. As his finger plunged in and out, her asshole began to lubricate itself and he was able to get a second finger inside her. She was moaning into his mouth now, and fucking as fast as she could. Marvin knew he was going to cum in a second if she kept up this pace. That’s when the bedroom door opened and Nancy stuck her head in, and looked Marvin directly in the eye. “Marvin,” she said, “are you fucking my daughter?”Marvin’s cock began to shrink and he started to babble without being able to say a word. Cindy never missed a beat. Still bouncing on his rod, she panted, “Mom, he’s not fucking me—I’m fucking him. ”Marvin noticed that Nancy was wearing a long terry-cloth bathrobe. “Well that’s different,” she said, “Maybe I can be a little help. ”She opened up robe and shrugged it off her shoulders. Now she was naked and Marvin could see her beautiful body with its large tits and the small dark patch of pubic hair on her tummy.

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       The rest of her pussy was shaved clean. "Wha……. . what’s going on?” stammered Marvin as his cock starts to heat up again. Nancy walked over and kissed him on the lips. As she slid her tongue into his mouth, she reached under Cindy’s ass and gently squeezed Marvin’s balls. “I hope this explains it for you,” she murmured as she broke the lip-lock for a second. “We want you Marv—both of us do; we need you. I hope you want us too. ”“Oh yeah,” groaned Marvin, marveling at his luck. His cock was at full raise again and Cindy was fucking it for all she was worth. “Oh, fuck Daddy…I’m cumming,” she groaned, “Oh fuck…fuck…fuck…I love you, Daddy,” she screamed as she ground down on his cock and wrapped her arms around him, “Fuck me…I’m cumming…I love you. ” # # # # #.



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