Christmas with my sister


Ever since I hit puberty, I have desired my sister in a physical way. My name is Chris, and I’m 20 now. This story is about the adventure my sister and I took one fateful evening. At the time, Jessica was 16, and I was 15.

Because the way that my parents’ work schedules overlapped, Jessica, my sister, and I were left alone on Thursday nights. Every week, I’d look forward to the absence of parental supervision. During this time, I would get my laptop and sneak away to my room to search for Internet porn.

My favorite porn topics included: lesbians, pov, armature, and especially Incest. I don’t know if it was the fact that Incest was so forbidden, or the idea of the emotional closeness that I had with family members, but incest always dominated my list of fantasies. When I would masturbate to videos of siblings having sex on the internet, I would always imagine Jessica and I entwined in these orgasmic positions.

I’d close my eyes and dream of her hips grinding on my dick as she rode me. I then would look up and see her D Cup breasts bouncing as she writhed in pleasure and desire. I could practically see her long brown hair draping over her shoulder. Also, I could just about hear her deep sensual groaning as she looked down upon me and smiled. Yet, to my despair, these were only dreams.

Over time, these fantasies began to consume more and more of my time.

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  I thought about my sister almost all the time. Whenever I saw Jessica in the hallway at school, I dreamed of us sneaking away to the auditorium for a quick bj behind the theater’s curtains. Jessica became all that I wanted.

One Thursday afternoon, after my mother had already left for work and my father was sleeping before he left at 7:30, I went downstairs from my room to get a drink. Because Christmas was only three weeks away, the entire house was decorated for the holidays. There were wreaths everywhere, the family Christmas tree was beaming beautifully in the living room, and the smell of gingerbread filled the home. While entering the kitchen, I heard Jessica call, “Chris, is that you?”

Her voice was coming from the living room. I retorted, “Yeah Jessica, it’s me. Did you need something?”“Could you bring me a drink, and would you make it ‘cold’?”Whenever my parents’ attention was elsewhere, Jessica and I would usually get into the liquor cabinet and add alcohol to our drinks. So our parents wouldn’t get suspicious, if our drinks had alcohol in them, Jessica and I would say they were “cold. ”I added a hearty amount of rum to Jessica’s Coke and took it to her.

When I walked into the living room, Jessica was lying on the couch in a very loose t-shirt and a pair of exceptionally short shorts. She was watching a Christmas classic on TV when I handed her the drink. The soft light of the Christmas tree, mixed with the dark lighting of the room, gave a warm color to her face. Never in my life had I seen her so beautiful.

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  She looked up at me and said, “Thank you little bro. ”She gave a cute smile, and her attention returned to her television show. I started to leave the room, but she stopped me with a question. “Would you like to join me Chris?” her voice had a smooth texture to it.

“Sure, I can stay” I reply. I sat on the end of the couch where her head was. She took a drink of her rum and Coke and laid her head upon my lap. I became very nervous. If I got an erection while she had her head on my lap, and this was a strong possibility, things could get awkward. Before I could react, Jessica turned off the TV. She looked in my eyes and asked, “So, what did you get me for Christmas Chris?”

I honestly hadn’t got a gift for Jessica yet, but instead of telling the truth, I told her, “It’s a surprise. ”She sat up as if she had been anticipating that response. “Well, I have your Christmas gift already Chris, and I know you’ll like it!”She started smiling largely, but from her eyes, I could tell she had a plan. Following up her statement, Jessica cutely proclaims, “Meet me in my room at 8:00. If you do, I’ll give you your present early.

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  ”Cautiously I said, “Okay,” and she giddily trotted upstairs.

I started thinking of what her present could be. Knowing that Jessica gets really overexcited, I figured her gift would be something mundane like socks. As I sat on the couch, I heard my father get up and leave for work. He called out a shallow “See ya Chris,” before vanishing out the doorway.

A half an hour later, I knock on the door of Jessica’s room. “Come in,” she chimes sweetly. I walk into her room, a space filled with anything bearing the colors purple or blue, and proceed to sit next to her on the bed. She’s wearing the exact same clothes as before, but something is different. I think I faintly smell some perfume. As I try to give reason to the smell, she begins to speak. “Chris, before I give you your gift, I need to talk about something important. ”

“Uh oh,” I think to myself. “A few weeks ago I was using your laptop to search for Christmas gifts for you, and then I got curious. I checked your history and saw that you visited a few sites that I’d never heard of.

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  I looked them up, and they all featured incest. ” Jessica puts her hand on my leg and looks me in the eyes. “Is there something you need to tell me?”Her voice radiates concern, but I’m too embarrassed to speak. I gather myself together and attempt to answer her question. “Jessica, you garner a lot of attention from guys, and I’m a guy too. I think you’re hot, and even though you’re my sister, sometimes I have sexual fantasies about you. ”Expecting a slap, I brace myself, but she remains still.

“Chris, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Some people have that fetish, and it’s only natural to explore it. Also, I have something to tell you. ” I turn to her and ask, “What do you need to tell me?”She stands up and begins to walk down the hall. “Follow me,” she calls. I do as she commands.

Back in the living room, she finally stops. I ask again, “So Jessica, what did you need to tell me?”My mind is racing with the possibilities.

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  She pulls down her shorts to reveal her completely shaven lower body. Then, she takes off her top and exposes the D Cup breasts that I’ve always dreamed about. Standing there in the light of the Christmas tree, she says, “Merry Christmas Chris. ”She quickly runs to me and starts to give me a French kiss. Not wasting time, I shoved my tongue in her mouth as we enjoyed the feelings of each other. After a moment, She laid down on the couch in a seductive pose and called to me. “Chris, show me everything you fantasized about. ”

Immediately, I pulled down my pants. My six and a half inch cock was fully erect and throbbing. Jessica smiled up at me and grabbed my stiff shaft. The warmth of her hand on my cock felt wonderful. She sat on the edge of the couch and slowly put my penis in her mouth. She licked the very end of my head and shoved it down across her tongue. I felt her taste buds brush across the underside of my, as she slowly started to stroke me. She closed her eyes and sucked with just the perfect amount of pressure.

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Jessica stoked me to the point of cumming, but right before I did, she stopped. Looking up at me, Jessica said, “We don’t want you to finish just yet do we?”She then leaned long ways on the couch and got into the doggy style position. She looked back at me, daring me to enter her. I kneeled on the couch and rubbed my hand against her pussy. Jessica was dripping with desire. Her pussy was as moist as possible. Knowing this, I grabbed her by the hips and pushed myself into her. Jessica pushed her ass against me as far as she could. Every inch of my penis was enveloped by her. After holding it there for a few moments and enjoying the connection between us, I started thrusting rhythmically.

I felt Jessica’s pussy gripping on my dick. She closed her eyes and started to bite her lip. I leaned forward and grabbed onto her breasts for support. Jessica started to make a soft moaning. Her eyes would flutter, and she started to call my name.

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  “Oh Chris…. Oh…I love you so much. Fuck me little brother!”I obediently followed those orders. I increased my pace and put more power into my strokes. Before too long, Jessica called out, “Chris! I’m about to cum!”“Me too!” I called back. I could feel Jessica’s body shuddering. She screamed out in a fit of pleasure!At that moment, my final stroke into her made me cum. Releasing my semen into my sister turned me on so much. I pulled out of Jessica, and we both sat there naked. She kissed me on the lips, and whispered into my ear, “You were great. ”

I kissed her back and lightly rubbed her back. That night was the beginning of many nights between Jessica and me. Our relationship still continues today. We go to the same college, and enjoy each other’s company rather frequently. Thank you for reading this story.



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