Christmas with Mom


Topic: Part 1 My mom and I have been on our own for about 18 years. After she divorced my dad he took my sister and brother and left me behind. Well we just moved to a new city and my girlfriend didn't want to try a long distance relationship being we were only 18 So now I was all alone except for my mom and Christmas Eve was tomorrow. Still with boxes stacked everywhere mom set up a small tree in the front room and bought me a gift to go under it. Seeing the gift I wanted my mom to have a gift to so i went to the mall in hopes of seeing a few hotties at the lingerie outlets. When I got up on christmas eve I called to make sure the mall was open that morning. I knocked on my mom's door to tell her i was taking a walk but it was opened a crack.

I peaked in to see if she was sleeping and she was but she was naked on her stomache on the floor. I always thought my mom was beautiful but never in a sexual way but when I saw her nice ass and her pussy lips peaking at me my heart began to race and I felt my dick twitching. I was hoping she'd roll over so I could see her tits, which had to be DD's but she was out cold. So I just left a note and walked out. The whole walk all I could do was think of my moms perfect ass and how soft her skin looked. When I got to the mall I didnt even bother with checking for any girls there I only wanted to see more of my mom's body. Now I know that its wrong for a son to have those thoughts but my dick was in control not me. I passed by every store but nothing seemed to be what my mom would want so I went down to the XXX store I passed to see if there was a porno I could get for myself when I saw my mom leaving the place. But before I could hide she saw me.

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   " Hey honey are you heading home"?   Not yet I was just getting to know the neighborhood. Then I saw the bag she had and I couldn't help but  think out loud.
    " what did you get in the porn shop?" At first she just looked at me but then she smiled and said "I'm a lonely woman and sometimes a store like this has things that will make me feel better. At that momment the bag slipped out of her hand and I saw the box of a dildo and some oils. I made like I didnt look at it but I think she knew. " Well let me get going and cook dinner" In shock I didnt respond and she walked off. I couldnt help but look at her ass as she walked around the corner. Then I got an Idea Id buy her a porno too. After about 2 hours of searching I found a couple and headed home. When I got inside the apartment I heard moaning and screaming then I realized that that was a porno! I snuck down the hall and my mom's door had a crack in it. I peacked in and there was my mom spread eagle on the bead rubbing her dildo on her pussy lips. My dick began to rise again but in an akward position as I tried to adjust myself I dropped the bad and the door opened revealing me with my hand in my pants. At first I tried to explain but my mom got up and looked at the bad of pornos that had spilled on the floor then she looked me in the eyes and said " Are you Horny, to be continued. . .

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