Christmas night out


It had been 2 years since my husband died and left me alone with a 18 year old son Alan and his older 18 year old brother Jake, Jake was staying home and going to college locally. Being nearly christmas it was time for our works party I had decided not to go till Jake said he would come along with me.
ON the night of the party I had asked my neighbour Tom if he could keep his eye on Alan for me and promised I wouldn,t be late home, when Jake came downstairs he looked so like his dad that I felt  tear in my eye,he was driving he said so I coud enjoy myself if I wanted to.
Soon it was 11pm and we set off home half way down the road the car just stopped and Jake had no idea what was wrong, we called home to say we would be a little late as we were waiting for the breakdown  people being very cold we decided to go into the back seat and cuddle up for warmth,feeling a bit sad Jake put his arms round me and feeling a mans arms round me made me realise how lonely I had been since my husband had passed away.
Jake cuddled me closed and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek don,t be sad mom he said I will always be here for you and love you I looked up at him and soon his lips were on mine  hadn,t fels this needed for a long time and soon I was kissing him back he slipped his hand under the top of my dress and was soon rubbing my nipples beginning to groan Jake asked if he was hurting me, Noooooooo I said it is so good to feel a mans hand caressing me I reached down and placed my hand on his crotch to discover he had the biggest hardon I had ever felt even bigger than his dad,s.
Opening his zipper I discovered like me he had no underwear on and his cock was so hard I couldn,t stop myself from stroking him. Mom he said I can,t go on with this it,s wrong its incest soon I realised what  we were doing and stopped my cell phone rang and it was the breakdown people to say they would be a little while longer a there had been a bad accident and they were helping out.
Mom I.m sorry said Jake I didn,t mean to offend you it,s ok hun I just got carried away for a moment , the thing is mom I have dreamt of you and me being together many times but wasn,t sure how you would react. Ohhhhhhh god jake I have come into your bedroom every night for months just to look at you asleep watching you dream and your cock throb I have even hid in your closet when you have masturbated and how I wish you were fucking me.

Jake slid his hand up the bottom of my short dress and soon his fingers were rubbing against my cunt lips and making me really wet he moved me to make it more accessible for him and next thing is his cock head was rubbing against my opening please jake Fuck me its been ages since I felt cock inside me
Slowly Jake,s cock entered me and began to work up a slow rhythm Jake!!! Jake!!! please Fuck me faster harder I need to feel your cock pound my cunt getting faster Jakes cock began to throb I,m gonna cum soon mum what do yu want me to do?? I want you to shot your cum right up into my womb I want to feel it push me to the limit I began to feel my cunt lips grip his cock so strongly I was hoping I wasn,t hurtng him I,m cummmmmmmmmmmming Jake faster please jake plunged his cock in and out faster and soon we were both cumming at the same time feeling our cum mixing together it was one of the best orgasms I ever had looking up we saw the lights of the breakdown wagon coming towards us fixing our clothes we got out to greet them
Soon we were all fixed up and on our way home we reached home to find a note saying Tom had taken Alan over to his place and he would send him home in the morning when I showed it to Jake all he did was smile and said lets finish off what we started only this time we do it naked  he spent the night in my bed and we fucked most of the night but when Alan came home the next morning all was well sitting at breakfast I was wondering if that was it or if it was gonna happen again next chapter will let you know